Book 4 Chapter 28.2

Book 4 Chapter 28.2 - Ambition

“If I can sense it, then I can sense it. Does there have to be a reason?” Madeline didn’t seem to mind the blood-colored gaze that shot over at all. She even added, “I could already sense it more than ten years ago.” 

Cirvanas seemed to have chewed through his thin and tender lips, his eyes even more so red to the point of being full of blood as he shouted, “For what reason?! Shouldn’t I be the only one who can sense master’s spiritual world? Why can you…” 

“Alright!” Su interrupted Cirvanas with a frown. He gave the window a look and said, “It’s time to leave.” 

Cirvanas followed Su downstairs. What left him extremely angry was that even without Su’s orders, Madeline still followed over as if it was to be expected, as if Su should bring her with him no matter where she went. 

As she looked at the furious red-haired youth, Madeline raised her head, walking past his side in a relaxed manner. Even though the youth couldn’t suppress the fury within him anymore, he still couldn’t do anything to her. Even without the nucleus’ control, he knew that with his current first level of magic abilities, it wouldn’t produce the slightest threat to Madeline. It was entirely possible that he would be slapped unconscious before he even displayed a single ability. All those who have seen Madeline brandish her heavy sword definitely wouldn’t doubt this point. 

The flames in the youth’s eyes gradually dimmed. He hung his head heavily as he followed Madeline downstairs. 

At this moment, his badly damaged consciousness became completely blank, as if he was witnessing the moment of Ansuna’s death again. For Cirvanas, Su’s spiritual world wasn’t something he greedily monopolized, but his entire spiritual pillar. Back then, the young man who had been completely controlled by the nucleus already had his consciousness and memories torn to countless fragments. However, when he unexpectedly connected to Su’s spiritual world, he unexpectedly saw a beautiful figure within the boundless world, Ansuna. 

Ansuna? Ansuna was still alive?!

The young man’s image allowed Cirvanas’ muddleheaded memories to gather once more, recreating his consciousness. 

When the young man threw himself over within Su’s spiritual world, running towards Ansuna, she unexpectedly turned around, and then revealed a look of great shock and disbelief. She then returned to the young man’s embrace!

What followed was an endless kissing, touching, support, and recounting of the past. With each intimate action, Cirvanas’ shattered consciousness would recover a bit. After who knew how much time had passed, when the shattered memories recovered to a certain critical point, only then did Cirvanas suddenly awaken, realizing that everything that happened was just like a dream.

He discovered that Ansuna was truly alive, living in Su’s spiritual world. Her every movement, every frown and smile, was extremely familiar. Su could imitate Ansuna’s appearance, but he couldn’t imitate her heart. That was why the young man knew that this was indeed Ansuna, even though he didn’t know why Ansuna would appear in Su’s spiritual world. 

When Cirvanas understood this point, he was forced out from Su’s spiritual world. 

After careful and timid observation, Cirvanas discovered that at the edge of Su’s boundless spiritual world, Ansuna was just an insignificant existence, someone who wouldn’t catch Su’s attention at all. Only, when he was sensing Su’s spiritual world, he was sufficiently patient and careful, all for the hope that he could sense Ansuna’s existence without alerting Su. Even though it wouldn’t feel like they met in the real world like the first time, even if they looked at each other from afar, Cirvanas would already be quite satisfied. 

This discovery left Cirvanas pleasantly surprised, but made him tremble inwardly as well. He knew that from here on forth, he could be together with Ansuna again, even though it was through a different method. However, what made him scared was if Su discovered this secret, and then truly destroyed Ansuna. 

Ansuna was his younger sister, as well as his lover. After close to a hundred long years had passed, she was the sole pillar supporting this young man. The protection and dependence they shared had long been engraved within Cirvanas’ heart. 

That was why the young man began to follow behind Su quietly, worrying for Su’s safety, as well as do everything he could to increase his abilities. He needed to protect Su, because that was also protecting Ansuna. The young man knew that right now, this sentence sounded like a joke, but he still set his resolution. 

He was always doing everything he could, and he knew that he definitely wouldn’t slack off. This was a true resolution that didn’t need a vow, nor did it need to be shouted out. 

Because of the nucleus’ existence, Cirvanas always thought that he was the only one who could contact Su’s spiritual world, but he never expected that not only Madeline, but even Li Gaolei could also sense Su’s spiritual world! This made the young man’s heart surge with endless waves out of fear that they would detect Ansuna’s existence, as well as stirring up an emotions he didn’t understand clearly. This type of feeling felt as if someone was touching his most beloved thing. 

While thinking numerous and disorderly thoughts, unknowingly when, Cirvanas had already followed Su into the distance. 

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