Book 4 Chapter 27.4

Book 4 Chapter 27.4 - Motherhood

“Li, don’t worry, I am just controlling its speed of growth. It will still be born after three months instead of a single month. If it’s not controlled, you’ll lose your life.” Su reached out his hand towards Li as he said gently.

After some hesitation, Li asked, “My child will be okay?” Only when Su nodded did she grab Su’s hand and support herself up. 

Su took Li into his embrace. He sensed her body’s weakness and said, “Li, for me, you are much more important than the child.” Li was a powerful individual who had five levels of ability, but right now, she was even weaker than an ordinary person. Her vitality had been substantially concentrated in the infant inside her stomach.

When she heard Su’s words, Li immediately shook her head. With a soft but resolute tone,...

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