Book 4 Chapter 27.2

Book 4 Chapter 27.2 - Motherhood

Su quickly ran a few battle simulations through his mind, but the results he came to didn’t seem to match up with reality. Li Gaolei and Li’s combat prowess were far greater than those of ordinary fifth level ability users, and Li was a master of tactics. With the rebel army’s combat strength, Li Gaolei and Li shouldn’t have been defeated. 

Su frowned. While in deep thought, the off-road vehicle already entered the steel mill’s factory region. The several dozen meter tall spherical tower, factory building, as well as the enormous interweaving gas and oxygen transport tubes here quietly spoke of the great industrial era’s glory. Only, from the trees with strange appearances all around, one would then see the ever present influence of radiation. 

The off-road vehicle stopped as soon as it entered the factory region. From what the staff officer said, if they headed any closer, they would enter the other party’s range of fire. If any friendly fire happened, then it would be bad. 

Without paying any attention to this clearly fearful staff officer, Su jumped off the off-road vehicle. He opened up his panoramic view, instantly enlarging it to its largest range. The dozen or so firing points couldn’t hide from the panoramic view. 

Su gave the enormous and imposing steel mill a look, and then indifferently said, “Li Gaolei, I have returned.”

Su’s voice wasn’t all that loud, and the staff officer on the side felt as if he was speaking like he was casually chatting. However, what they didn’t know was that no matter which point it was within the panoramic view, they could similarly hear Su’s voice. As the ability improved by the day, the panoramic view was now not only a passive scouting method, but also something capable of displaying limited amounts of power. 

Su removed his hood, revealing his trademark blonde hair, as well as the eyepatch covering his right eye, and then he walked into the depths of the steel mill. 

In that instant, Su sensed at least seven or eight pairs of eyes simultaneously land on his body, and accompanying these eyes were equivalent or even more muzzles. As he sensed the firing points’ positions, Su unexpectedly felt a bit of admiration and pride. The temporary firing points were set up in an ingenious fashion, with almost no blind spots, displaying an extremely high level of tactical skill. No wonder Spike suffered great losses again and again. 

A large and tall figure suddenly emerged from behind a high tower and quickly ran towards Su, stopping only when he reached before him. Then, his large mouth cracked open, chuckling a few times before crying out loudly, “Leader! You finally returned!”

Li Gaolei who was standing in front of Su already changed quite a bit. He was noticeably thinner, but his massive frame still made him look like a large lion. The needle-like stubble on his face was jagged and uneven, the result of not being trimmed by a razor but a military blade. His tanned face, short hair and beard were still of the same style. Great fatigue could be seen through his sunken eye sockets, but they still displayed a vigorous vitality. They had already defended the steel mill region for close to ten days, this difficult and extreme battle tempering this wilderness male once again. 

Li Gaolei gave the somewhat cowering staff officers in the distance a look, and then asked, “Could it be, Spike…”

“He is already dead.” Su said. “What about Li and Kane? Why aren’t they with you?” 

Li Gaolei’s smile became a bit bitter. “Recently, Kane’s body hasn’t been that well, so I rarely have him fight in the front lines. As for Li, what should I say, her situation… isn’t all that great either. You’ll know once you see her.” 

Under Li Gaolei’s guidance, Su headed into the depths of the steel mill’s maze like factory building. Following behind him was Cirvanas, while Madeline stayed behind to watch over the staff officers and soldiers who had surrendered. Li Gaolei gave the young man a look, and even though he was quite curious towards his origins, it was clear that right now, Li and Kane were much more important. 

Within the depths of a storehouse, the goods were shifted to the side, and a hidden camp was set up. More than ten soldiers were currently sitting around a few tents, carrying out maintenance on their weapons, inspecting ammunition, and occasionally chatting with low voices. Kane was included among them as well, currently sitting on a pile of dismantled gun parts, using simple and crude tools to manually work on a few components. Kane didn’t look all that different from the outside, but Su could sense a clear weakness from his body. 

“Leader!” When he saw Su suddenly appear, Kane was both shocked and overjoyed. He immediately threw aside the half processed component in his hands to welcome him. 

Su gave Kane a careful look, using transparent surveillance to inspect his body’s situation. After a while, he released a breath of air and said, “It’s still alright, the speed of genetic collapse isn’t too fast and can still be controlled. I brought back a bit of genetic repair liquid, so it can at least bring some relief.” 

“Leader, I am already someone who lived over forty! Two more or two less years isn’t important. You should take a look at Li first, her situation isn’t all that great.”

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