Book 4 Chapter 26.5

Book 4 Chapter 26.5 - Armed Rebellion

The soldier driving the vehicle obediently listened to Madeline’s orders, driving towards the command division. The megaphone outside the speaker repeated the officer’s dry and rough voice, ordering the revelling soldiers to surrender to avoid a fate of destruction. He even claimed Spike to be a useless swindler who couldn’t stop Su’s fury in the slightest. 

At first, the officer’s advice to surrender didn’t possess any persuasiveness, and not many soldiers in the city truly understood how frightening Su was. That was why Su, who was standing on the roof, was quite busy, often needing to deal with more than ten firing points at once, the weapons he faced ranging from sniper rifles to rocket launchers, pretty much every type of infantry weapon. 

Regardless of who it was, regardless of what type of weapon they used, and regardless of how many levels of ability they had, Su used the anti-aircraft machine gun in his hands to give his reply. With a single burst fire, seven or eight bullets would complete any mission. The firing points and street forts were collapsed. Meanwhile, when Su used deadly precise burst fires to tear two snipers a thousand meters away to pieces, it finally completely toppled everything they knew about anti-aircraft machine guns. In Su’s hands, it was omnipotent. 

The off-road vehicle didn’t move too quickly, and Su stood arrogantly on the roof, blasting apart all enemies who dared enter his line of sight. 

The road leading up to the command division was extremely long, and the off-road vehicle drove extremely slowly. However, when close to a hundred soldiers were ripped apart by the anti-aircraft machine gun, the command division finally appeared in Su’s field of view. Under the shadow of his cowl, Su’s green eye burned like a flame, staring coldly at this command division that was now deathly still. 

The final part of this journey was extremely calm. Su’s bloody and mechanical slaughter finally destroyed the rebel army’s confidence, with no one daring to appear in Su’s field of view again, and some now starting to surrender. Su’s anti-aircraft machine gun finally taught these veterans that no matter how much battlefield experience and numbers they had, it would never be enough to make up for the enormous chasm of abilities. 

At the top floor of the command division, Spike watched the gradually approaching off-road vehicle with despair, as well as the fiend-like Su who stood on the roof. He also had five levels of ability, as well as limited foresight ability from the Mysterious Fields. It was precisely this ability that told him that Su, who left Steel Gate, would never return. After waiting for an entire month, he finally finished his preparations and moved out the armed rebellion. He wasn’t without help, instead receiving large amounts of weapons and equipment through secret channels, relying on their superiority in numbers and firepower to defeat the leftover army and once again occupy Steel Gate. 

However, what he never expected was Su’s return, moreover so quickly. What left Spike in even more despair were those soldiers who began to surrender, to the extent where he could now guess that there already weren’t that many people left in the entire command division. The officers who had solemnly vowed loyalty and devotion to him had long scattered in terror. Meanwhile, Su, that devil-like Su, used a single weapon to tear through all of the soldiers. No soldiers could get close to him, no weapons able to injure him, to the extent where even guided missiles and heavy artillery shells aimed at him were blasted out of the air one after another!

In front of a high level ability user, numbers, courage, intelligence, experience, none of it was useful. Everything was an illusion, only abilities could defeat abilities. A true separation of class had already appeared between humans, between those with different levels of abilities now no longer possessing any equality to speak of. Just like how on the grassland, a lion would never consider what a zebra was thinking, in the new era, high level ability users wouldn’t care about ordinary people or even low level ability users’ rights or feelings. Human rights, peace, these were things that only existed between those of same or close levels of abilities. Otherwise, they were nothing more than the angry and empty cries of the weak. 

Abilities, abilities were the devil. 

Spike knew that even if his allies did everything they could to provide assistance, it would only decorate Su’s fine white hands with a bit more blood. 

That was why rights, ambitions, and dreams, were all shattered the closer Su got. 

Spike fiercely grabbed a golden desert eagle, and then with a jump, he smashed through the glass window and quickly fell. He continuously spun a few times in the air before landing heavily on the ground. This several dozen meter drop didn’t make him collapse. Spike stood up, aimed the desert eagle at Su, and then with a near hysterical laughter, he shouted, “Steel Gate is mine, me, Spike’s! No one can steal it from my hands! Everyone here are my slaves and must obey my orders!”

Spike fiercely pulled on the trigger, and the bullet left the barrel with fatal power, shooting towards the space between Su’s brows who was several dozen meters out. Meanwhile, Su only moved after the bullet left the barrel. His body suddenly dragged out an after image, and with just a slight shift to the side, the bullet brushed past. 

In the final moment, Spike unexpectedly saw Su’s blonde hair float upwards from the air around the bullet.

The anti-aircraft machine gun roared once again, the four bullets almost sticking together as they blasted through Spike’s four limbs. Then, the fifth bullet blasted apart his heart. 

Spike’s body flew backwards, slamming heavily into the ground. He stared into the dusky sky, his eyes slowly dimming, his mouth still muttering, “... Steel Gate… is… mine…”

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