Book 4 Chapter 26.4

Book 4 Chapter 26.4 - Armed Rebellion

Madeline stood calmly and quietly behind him without moving in the slightest, as if she was a statue. Cirvanas, however, began to release a bit of impatience and uneasiness from his body. What he couldn’t understand was that since even he himself could hear the officer ask general headquarters if he should lead Su into the trap, there was no way Su and Madeline couldn’t, yet they didn’t show any reaction. 

The officer finally finished the conversation and made his way out from the off-road vehicle. His face was all smiles, and with a respectful bearing, he said, “I’ve made your distinguished self wait for a long time! His distinguished self Li Gaolei is currently inspecting the steel mill, so we are temporarily unable to contact him. As such, please return to the city for some rest. Please enter the vehicle!” 

Su nodded, following the officer into the off-road vehicle. The vehicle cabin wasn’t all that large, and with the four of them, it was already a bit crammed. The soldiers originally in this vehicle, including the shooter, got off the vehicle and walked on the side.

Then, the off-road vehicle turned around, slowly driving into Steel Gate. 

In the northern part of Steel Gate towered a six story building that already had over a hundred years of history. This old-fashioned construct that didn’t look all that eye-catching from the outside was where the former Steel Gate’s command headquarters was located. And at this moment, General Spike Lee was standing on the command platform within the combat room, staring at the large screen that occupied an entire wall in front of him. On this screen, Su’s group of people were slowly entering the city’s main entrance and turning into the main street. It simultaneously entered the targeting indicator at the center of the screen. 

The four parts of the targeting frame flickered, instantly turning green, locking onto this off-road vehicle. 

Spike pressed down on the firing button without any hesitation, and then from the small screen to the right that captured this view from a different angle, three guided missiles could be seen rising into the air. They nimbly turned in the air, and the while dragging out long tails, flew towards the targeted off-road vehicle! 

Three battlefield superior guided missiles, every single one of them able to raze an area of several dozen meters to the ground, this was the greatest power General Spike could currently produce. As for the officer that promptly informed him of Su’s return due to the sudden change, those soldiers that followed behind, and even the soldiers and civilians within the guided missiles’ blast range, in his heart, were all bait used to eliminate Su. The moment he received news of Su’s return, Spike already made this decision. Those lower level officers and soldiers might not understand how terrifying Su was, but he understood it clearly. 

Several months ago, the current General Spike Lee was only a Lieutenant Commander Spike Lee, and he also participated in Steel Gate’s decisive battle in Base N69, moreover becoming a captive after the war. Even now, he remembered Su’s figure that looked like he was just going for a stroll. However, the special rifle in his hands was instead like the scythe of a death god, blasting apart those mobile suits that were originally the symbol of supreme power one after another. Forget about a few dozen people, even if he needed to sacrifice over a thousand people to bury Su, Spike still wouldn’t show any hesitation. 

Su, whose eyes were closed in rest suddenly opened them. He suddenly said indifferently, “Battlefield superior guided missiles? You all are quite the spenders.” 

When the officer on the other side of Su heard this, he immediately turned around. As the tails of guided missiles and small specks of light continuously closed, gradually becoming larger and larger, the officer’s face immediately became pale as well. 

Su already straightened his body, standing in the firing position of the anti-aircraft machine gun. His hands exerted force, removing the anti-aircraft machine gun from the gun rack in one go. This weapon that originally needed the support of a steel rack seemed weightless as it aimed at the sky. Then, the muzzle began to spit out flames unendingly!

Three orange-colored spheres of flame continuously appeared in the air, the furthest 150 meters from the off-road vehicle and the closest 135 meters. In that instant, the three battlefield superior guided missiles were already blown apart in midair by the anti-aircraft machine gun in Su’s hands!

Scorching streams of energy roared past the off-road vehicle, and several pieces of shrapnel seemed to brush past the off-road vehicle as they fell, carving out deep gorges on the surface of the ground. One of the soldiers following behind wasn’t as lucky, his head struck by a piece of shrapnel, and immediately collapsing into a pool of blood. 

Su gave the pale faced, stupefied officer a look and coldly said, “Inform everyone that I have returned. Have the rebel army immediately surrender, or else they will be killed on the spot.” 

After saying this, without even waiting for the officer’s reply, while holding the anti-aircraft machine gun in his hands, he jumped onto the roof of the off-road vehicle, as if he didn’t care in the slightest that he had already become the most glaring target. 

The off-road vehicle made an S shape turn. As soon as the driver wanted to make another movement, he suddenly heard the sound of metal tearing. An ice cold wrist gripped his neck, and then Madeline’s cold and clear voice sounded by his ears. “Drive forward.” 

Cold sweat immediately poured down the driver’s forehead. The off-road vehicle was made from light bulletproof thin steel plates, yet it was torn as easily as paper. He definitely didn’t believe his own neck to be sturdier than steel. From the rearview mirror, he saw that the soldiers who were originally following behind the vehicle, as soon as they were about to raise their guns to fire, began to grip their own necks. Thick blood sprung out from the gaps between their fingers like fountains, and then their bodies quickly lost power, falling weakly onto the ground. When these soldiers fell, and their hands powerlessly slid down from their necks, only then could one see an extremely smooth and neat cut that seemed to completely sever their necks!

Cirvanas’ face was similarly pale, his stomach violently turning to pour out everything inside of it. This was the first time he killed people under such close distance. Under his control, those sheets of force fields that seemed to possess almost no width, even though they didn’t possess that much power, when used on ordinary people’s bodies, produced shocking efficiency. Meanwhile, the young man’s incomparable control over energy allowed him to send the three force fields over the exact location of all three soldiers’ necks. 

However, he never expected that what followed would be such a bloody scene! As he watched the blood roiling with heat, the young man’s lips completely lost color, and the rolling of his stomach became even more ferocious. However, the nucleus didn’t allow him to vomit anything out.

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