Book 4 Chapter 26.3

Book 4 Chapter 26.3 - Armed Rebellion

Su was still pondering over the sensation he experienced just now, engraving everything that happened from start to finish in his memory. He was full of vigilance towards this unknown individual. Now that he remembered this individual’s distinctive traits, he wouldn’t be caught unprepared in the future. This type of spiritual level of information was the most real, unaffected by the changes in the other party’s external appearance. However, in the brief interaction just now, Su used a new skill, through this connection of minds to deliver killing intent to the other party. His hidden instincts told him that doing this would deliver mental damage to the other party, just like piercing them with an invisible needle. Su never knew there was this type of method, but in that moment just now, it automatically surfaced in his consciousness and was used in a natural manner, proficient to the extent where it felt as if he had already used it countless times in battle. Only, there was no way to prove the effectiveness of this attack. 

Several thousand kilometers away, Eileen suddenly felt an indescribable palpitation, and then her heart seemed to have stopped beating, her chest feeling empty, giving her an indescribable type of discomfort. Even though the irregularity passed in an instant, this strange feeling left her with great fear. She had no idea what was wrong. 

Three days later, three figures slowly walked on the main street outside Steel Gate. They all had heavy cloaks wrapped around their bodies, completely hiding their faces from view. The one walking at the very front was Su, with Madeline who was nearly the same height close behind. Meanwhile, Cirvanas, with the smallest frame, walked at the very back. 

The massive Steel Gate was like a giant, a silent beast as it stretched before these three individuals’ eyes. 

Su suddenly raised his head. Under the cloak cap’s shadow, his green-colored left eye reflected this city of great industrialization. He already sensed that a few things were off. 

Steel Gate was too quiet. 

In the past, Steel Gate’s massive steel mills and electricity generators would continuously release strands of white smoke that could be seen from several dozen kilometers away. However, now, not only could they not see any sign of factories working, even the sounds of machinery they knew well disappeared. Su knew that once the steelworks’ furnace stopped, that signified great damage. What was even more terrible was that Steel Gate’s current level of industry couldn’t produce a furnace on the scale of the olden era’s. Those furnaces of over a hundred tons in volume were all enormous monsters that represented the highest level of heavy equipment technology of the great industrialization era. Both of the furnaces Steel Gate had came from the olden era, so they were already long dated. Once they stopped, it was very likely that they would never start up again and would be completely scrapped off. This meant that from there on out, they could only rely on the four newly constructed small-scale furnaces to provide them with steel, resulting in a heavy blow to the entire great lakes western region’s economy. 

Before leaving, Su handed Steel Gate over to his three subordinates, as well as allocated them with several hundred fully armed soldiers. Even though this amount of manpower was a bit lacking when compared to Steel Gate’s several tens of thousands, the ability users who originally ruled Steel Gate were practically cleaned out. With Li Gaolei and Li who was basically a tactician master overseeing this place, Su believed that they could control the situation. Moreover, aside from the people who remained before, there was Sinking Blade led by Victor as well. At least in name, Sinking Blade had already become dependent on Su, and with their support, Steel Gate’s surviving members shouldn’t be able to stir up much chaos. 

So why did Steel Gate’s steel mills stop working?

The sentinels on Steel Gate’s walls already noticed the three of them, and they immediately moved over the muzzle. Su immediately sensed the feeling of being aimed at by a sniper rifle. However, since he was prepared, in a distance greater than a few hundred meters, it was simply impossible for a firepower sniper rifle to hit Su. 

An off-road vehicle drove out from Steel Gate, stopping before Su’s face. Two fully armed soldiers leapt off the vehicle, and there was even an officer who did so as well. 

The pitch-black muzzle of the anti-aircraft machine gun at the top of the off-road vehicle aimed at Su, and the shooter’s dead, fish-like eyes were full of ruthlessness and bloodthirsty radiance. Cirvanas’ body couldn’t help but tremble slightly; this was an instinctive fear. Anti-aircraft machine guns were a fatal threat to him, and with his current abilities, there was no way of avoiding the fire of this type of weapon under such close distance. In the officer’s eyes, this was a signal of fear, a reaction that he was extremely satisfied with. However, Su knew that the youth wasn’t trembling because of fear, but instead to preheat his body in preparation for the possible battle. The nucleus would feel fear, but it definitely wouldn’t produce any unnecessary movements because of it. 

“Who are you? Remove your hoods!” The officer placed his hand by the pistol at his waist and shouted. 

Su’s eyebrows locked together tightly. He removed his hood, revealing his trademark face, and coldly said, “I am Su. Who is your senior officer? What about Li Gaolei? Where is he?” 

“Su?” When he heard Su’s tone of speaking, the officer’s face was immediately covered in dark clouds. He was about to act out, but he suddenly remembered something. After carefully giving Su’s face a look, his complexion immediately became pale. 

With a pa sound, he carried out an extremely standard military salute and loudly said, “Turns out to be your distinguished self Su! Please wait for a bit, I will immediately ask the senior officer. Commander Li Gaolei’s whereabouts is not something I have the authority of knowing.” 

Su nodded, allowing that officer to walk to the off-road vehicle several meters out. Following a signal from the officer, the anti-aircraft machine gun on the off-road vehicle turned to a different direction, no longer aiming at the three of them. The weapons in the infantry units’ hands all pointed downwards, only, their expressions became a bit strange. They were all veterans who exuded bloodthirsty auras. They looked relaxed, but if anything unexpected happened, the muzzles pointed at the ground would immediately bounce up and aim at those three individuals’ vital points. 

The officer squeezed into the off-road vehicle, and shouted towards general headquarters from inside. It was unknown if he intentionally or accidentally closed the vehicle’s door, and as a result, the thick isolating armor made it so that not even the soldiers standing at the side of the vehicle could clearly hear what he was saying. 

Su stood there quietly, waiting for the result of the officer’s call. He was extremely patient. 

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