Book 4 Chapter 26.1

Book 4 Chapter 26.1 - Armed Rebellion

Within the continuous and endless mountain region, two bonfires stood side by side, as if they were one. 

Eileen already finished roasting her meat, currently using a silver knife and fork to dice up the meat and eat the chunks. She ate in a charming and graceful manner, but her speed and amount wasn’t inferior to Persephone’s in the slightest. As large amounts of meat entered her stomach, Eileen’s energy levels slowly climbed up as well. 

After a short period of rest, Persephone sat up again, starting to chat casually with O’Brien next to the bonfire as if they were on a field trip. Meanwhile, Eileen listened to everything that they talked about as well. Persephone and O’Brien naturally talked about the child in her stomach the most, and so the topic of the conversation naturally shifted from the child to the father, Su. 

That night, both sides took precautions against the other, even though both of them knew that nothing would happen. Both sides’ stamina levels were at rock bottom, but their equipment and basic flesh defensive strength were still there. Lowered offensive power meant that injuring the other party was extremely difficult, and it was even more difficult to inflict any fatal injuries. That was why only when their energy levels recovered to a certain level would the battle continue. However, this didn’t mean that they could relax. Relaxing meant mistakes, and so far, neither sides had made any mistakes in this battle, aside from Persephone’s mistake today. Mistakes, signified serious injuries or even death. 

Eileen sat next to the fire while hugging her knees, staring at O’Brien without any restraint. Her mind continuously calculated his age, constitution, level of skill in using energy, and advancement speed. 

The gray-haired O’Brien still had the face of a big child, but his bearing and temperament exuded an aura of maturity and great changes that did not match this external appearance. During these three months of battle, even though O’Brien’s abilities weren’t worth of Eileen’s attention at all, his exquisite mastery over energy manipulation and combat sense allowed him to display unimaginable combat strength, often altering the situation at the most critical moments. In addition, he would always have the most shocking follow up methods, using them to avoid Eileen’s murderous attacks again and again. As an enemy, Eileen was already extremely clear on O’Brien’s strength, and as such, she knew that in the past three months, O’Brien already developed two seventh level abilities, a sixth level ability, and a fifth level ability. There were no ability formulations here, so all of these abilities were developed on his own! The amount of evolutionary points was already enough for O’Brien to produce a new eighth level ability, yet he chose to increase many lower level abilities. By doing this, however, O’Brien’s true combat strength increased far more than it would had he produced a normal eighth level ability, and was at least equivalent to that of a rare ability. His speed of improvement was even a bit faster than that of Eileen herself. 

This young man possessed an intelligent, decisive, persistent, graceful, and calm temperament, as well as extraordinary potential and tremendous influence. Apart from this, in today’s battle, he also made it clear that he definitely didn’t lack courage. 

O’Brien had a pair of enchanting grayish-green eyes, and upon closer inspection, his appearance was quite similar to Persephone’s, both of them more interesting the more one continued to stare at them. It could be said that in this era, he was a young lady’s most ideal lover. 

There was only one thing, which was that O’Brien was too young. However, age wasn’t too important of an issue. The crucial point was that the potential Eileen saw from O’Brien’s body  was even greater than Haydn’s. 

As she stared at the three individuals who sat around the bonfire, Eileen sank into a state of contemplation. For Persephone’s sake, O’Brien didn’t seem to even fear death, so he would definitely agree to other things. Perhap she should raise a few conditions when the time came, this was what she thought as she narrowed her eyes. Even if it was for the child in Persephone’s stomach, O’Brien should still agree, right? Could it be that she herself wasn’t good enough for him? She was clearly the one that had to compromise!

“Regardless, it seems like I should be able to marry myself off this time.” Eileen thought. She released a long breath of air. 

Just as Eileen was almost completely immersed in her own thoughts, a name that had come up again and again caught her attention: Su.


Eileen’s consciousness immediately concentrated on this name, and then all information she had on him flooded into her brain. Su was the target both her and Claudia received orders to kill, but she chose to chase after Persephone while Claudia pursued Su herself. From the dragonriders’ data, Claudia and Su were on completely different levels. However, after Claudia left, no news came back. Even though Eileen secretly placed a curse on her, no one knew if it was effective or not. However, thinking back, Claudia should have already died under Su’s hands. 

Eileen understood Claudia’s strength clearly, and as such she could deduce Su’s strength. Now, from O’Brien and Persephone’s conversation, she received a confirmation. 

“Su huh…” Su’s figure continuously appeared in Eileen’s mind. In that instant, her mind’s habit of continuously jumping about seemed to have lost its direction as well.

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