Book 4 Chapter 25.7

Book 4 Chapter 25.7 - To Pay

This mountain area was located deep north, already entering the Holy Crusaders’ territory. Their battle would sometimes erupt right by the Holy Crusaders’ base, to the extent where they had even fought inside the base. However, for the Holy Crusaders, the lesson they were taught in these past three months truly left a deep enough impression, to the extent where the higher levels even temporarily issued a strange battlefield command, which was that if they saw some unknown bonfires in the night, they were to immediately withdraw, strictly prohibiting them from approaching the fiery lights. 

Meanwhile, the knights holding the front line all understood clearly what the consequences of attempting to interfere with their battle were. 

Wild beasts of the olden era feared fire, while the many mutated creatures of the new era weren’t scared of flames. However, the...

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