Book 4 Chapter 25.5

Book 4 Chapter 25.5 - To Pay

The spear made purely of energy had black streaks of lightning curling about it as it pierced towards Eileen’s neck. Every strand of energy the spear contained was intimately related to Persephone, and they could move along with her will. Persephone understood quite clearly that even though Eileen didn’t excel in the Combat Domain, this spear still wouldn’t pierce her. However, she understood even more clearly that even though it couldn’t pierce through, it would at least brush past Eileen’s neck, and at that time, the black-colored electricity on the speartip would blast apart Eileen’s tender skin, tearing apart at least a third of her long and slender neck. Not even someone with nine levels of ability could endure such serious damage. 

However, the energy spear suddenly exploded into disorderly and scattering lumps of berserk energy. Only a small amount was absorbed into Persephone’s hands, while she lost control over most of it. This energy rushed in all directions, to the extent where injuries now covered Persephone’s arms. 

Persephone’s arms moved down like lightning, using the bit of energy she reabsorbed to form a vortex and take on Eileen’s energy stream! 

A strange black light that seemed to defy common sense took form within the interweaving energy, and then it flew in all directions like thick smoke. In addition, there were countless fine powerful streaks of light that fired out from the black light! The blast wave that immediately erupted flung Persephone’s body backwards, while Eileen, who was similarly caught at the heart of the explosion, only took two steps back. 

Her two large and beautiful eyes narrowed slightly. She looked at Persephone who was sent flying and revealed a hint of a complicated expression, not immediately pursuing her opponent. 

A faint cyan flame was suddenly produced beneath Eileen’s feet, and it quickly expanded until it became a flame circle with a ten meter radius. A nearly invisible flame suddenly ignited within this circle, and then pillars of flames with the width of fists surged, shattering the ice spears that flew over from the air.

Ice spears that could penetrate the armor of main battle tanks flew over one after another, but they were all destroyed by the pillars of flame without exception, blasted apart in midair. Waves of energy mixed with large blasts of milky white water vapors engulfed all directions, messing up Eileen’s blonde hair. She, who was standing within the circle of flame smiled charmingly. She reached out her hand to brush away the messy hair in front of her forehead, and then she moved her lips, blowing out a near transparent flame from between those captivating lips. 

The flame Eileen spat out from between her lips was only a few centimeters long, but a groan suddenly sounded from several dozen meters out. O’Brien’s body appeared in the air, and then he fell down headfirst. His body was protected by a light colored layer of ice, but this defense unexpectedly had an extremely fine layer of flames over it. The near pure white flames were extremely weak, but they were like maggots crawling on bones, not willing to be easily put out. Under their combustion, O’Brien’s defense seemed to have its energy exhausted instantly. It continuously flickered, as if it would shatter at any time. 

O’Brien immediately bounced up from the ground. With a grunt, the protection over his body suddenly exploded! Fragments of the cold force field that still carried the endlessly burning flames flew in all directions. Even though O’Brien himself was also covered with cuts and bruises by the crazy energy, the dangerous situation was still temporarily neutralized. 

The moment O’Brien detonated his defensive force field, Eileen placed her forefinger on her lips and blew O’Brien a kiss. Her lips were undoubtedly extremely captivating, soft and moist to the extent where others couldn’t help but wish to bite down on them. However, this was a kiss of death. Following this kiss, another colorless flame flew out from her lips! 

The moment the defensive cover shattered, O’Brien’s hands moved about, continuously condensing six ice spears. The ice spears didn’t shoot towards Eileen, but instead collided together in front of his own face, producing a world-shaking explosion!

In the middle of the berserk explosion of cold mist, a strand of nearly invisible flame finally took form. However, under the cold energy’s corrosion and impact, it immediately deviated from its original trajectory, moreover continuously changing shape before ultimately scattering into sparks. However, wherever these sparks landed on, regardless of whether it was grass, trees, or rock, they were immediately covered in a layer of flames that burned fiercely. 

Eileen looked at O’Brien, not concealing her shock at all. Her kiss of death was neutralized just like that? O’Brien didn’t even have the time to even give her direction a single look! 

The fiery area she stood in was the ninth level magic ability Blazing Domain, an ability that contained both offensive and defensive properties. As long as one was within this domain’s encirclement, all actions that directed hostility towards the domain’s owner would automatically suffer an automatic attack of ultra high temperature flames. It was obviously not a problem for a ninth level area defensive ability to stop O’Brien’s seventh level Hail Spears. However, her Death Kiss was also a rare eighth level ability, widely known for its secretiveness and high single target damage. The two Death Kisses were unexpectedly blocked by two seventh level magic abilities! Even though they were blocked with great difficulty, as well as containing a bit of luck, the powerful energy control and near instinctive reaction ability he displayed was sufficiently shocking, to the extent where Eileen even believed herself to be a bit weaker than him in these two fields. 

Eileen’s small mouth pouted cutely, just like that of a little girl who felt wronged. She truly felt a bit wronged, because the eighth level ability Death Kiss’ power was not something O’Brien should be able to block at all, yet it was blocked twice through outrageous methods. Even though she wasn’t injured, the consumption of two Death Kisses definitely wasn’t small. 

"Two freaks!" Eileen cursed hatefully as she looked at O’Brien who was currently crawling to his feet. She stepped out from her Blazing Domain with a single step, and then she released a new Death Kiss. 

“Sis!” O’Brien suddenly roared, his body leaning forward, shooting out at an angle that was nearly identical to the ground. In a flash, he was already in-between Persephone and Eileen, his arms crossed in front of his chest, an icy blue mist emerging from them! 

The third kiss of death was actually cast towards Persephone. 

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