Book 4 Chapter 25.4

Book 4 Chapter 25.4 - To Pay

There were four three meter tall cultivation cylinders in the laboratory, a piece of flesh floating within each of them. These flesh chunks grew without any patterns, surviving completely based on instinct within the nutrient fluid. At the center of the cultivation cylinder was a round platform. Following Helen’s activation, the edges of the platform released beams of light. Under the force field, those lights began to distort, forming what completely appeared to be a female body’s outline. By her abdomen region was a fist-sized dazzling sphere of light, and it was moving about as if it had life. 

Beside this image was an annotation, as well as a series of indicators. From the annotation, this seemed to be Persephone’s image, and those digits represented all of her body’s crucial indicators. 

When she saw the swirling sphere of light in Persephone’s abdomen, Helens’ ice cold face finally revealed a slight smile. However, her smile carried gratitude, as well as worry. With just a glance over the digits next to the figure, Helen knew that the current state of Persephone’s body, as well as her various abilities, were declining ever so slowly. She understood Persephone’s current situation quite well, knowing that there were intense battles that happened almost every day. In addition, as long as there weren’t any heavy injuries, this would similarly signify a large influx of evolutionary points. However, after obtaining over a hundred evolutionary points, the main reason why Persephone’s strength didn’t increase but instead decreased was due to the new life within her stomach. 

This little thing was growing by the day, and the amount of energy it sucked away from its mother was becoming greater and greater as well. It was simply a bottomless pit! In addition, Helen didn’t know when it was going to be born either. 

Within another temperature controlled cupboard in this laboratory was a small row of cultivation containers that mimicked a human physiological environment, with each of them carrying a few sperm cells. These were sperm cells from Su, and added up altogether, there were less than twenty. These were also one of Helen’s greatest treasures. 

While she was carrying out a surgery for Su, Helen didn’t act without private interest. She preserved samples of almost every organ from his body. From time to time, she also obtained a bit of sperm, but the sperm cells extracted from Su’s body never had any vitality. They were just like creatures without consciousness, silently waiting for death to arrive. 

However, the sperm cells in those cultivation containers were different; those possessed sufficient vitality. These precious specimen were all extracted from Persephone’s stomach. Only Su’s cells would have such vigorous vitality, able to survive for so long in an environment outside his body. 

The pieces of flesh within the four cultivation cylinder in this laboratory were all created from genetic technology through Su’s sperm. They didn’t have any consciousness, nor did they possess any complete living forms, their only use was for sensing the state of the new life within Persephone’s belly and reflecting it in this special apparatus. Helen had discovered a long time ago that Su’s body’s cells had a mysterious connection between them, and through this connection formed this system. As such, she was able to grasp Persephone and the fetus’ current situation. 

Only, if Persephone truly encountered danger, what could Helen even do about it?

Helen released a light sigh, a feeling that was difficult to describe welling up within her. She turned off the three dimensional imaging instrument and left this laboratory, watching as the doors slowly closed. 

Persephone didn’t know about this, nor did she have the time to sense this. The glasses she was used to wearing already had several cracks on one side, and her upper garment had long become cloth strips that she used to bind her chest. Her flying gray hair had already lost its luster and was bit between her teeth. In her hands was an energy spear that continuously produced wave after wave of energy storms to fend off Eileen’s attacks that surged over like raging tides! 

Even though she was at a disadvantage, Persephone would occasionally counterattack viciously, forcing Eileen to retreat in a panic. Even with her nine levels of magic defense force field, it still wasn’t without weaknesses. In addition, Eileen didn’t want to use the force field’s weak area to stop Persephone’s energy spear, as that wasn’t much different from suicide. 

Persephone’s eyes suddenly lit up. The energy spear suddenly rose, and with inconceivable speed, stabbed at Eileen’s throat! As soon as the spear was thrusted outwards, the edge of the spear produced streaks of fine black electricity! If this spear landed, even if it didn’t kill Eileen, it would still leave her powerless for a month. 

Eileen instantly noticed the change in situation. She had to avoid this spear, but if she dodged, she would lose the overwhelming advantage she worked so hard to establish, and even allow Persephone to seize this opportunity to escape. That might signify another few days of playing cat and mouse. 

Eileen’s large eyes suddenly closed dangerously. Within her pupils that continuously fluctuated with color, Persephone’s figure was clearly reflected, and within Persephone’s lower abdomen was a faintly discernible speck of light. 

Eileen suddenly released a chuckle. She decided not to avoid this energy spear. Her hands closed, and then ten fingers spread like an orchid, sending a wave of destructive energy directly towards Persephone’s lower abdomen!

If the energy stream landed, then Persephone would be seriously hurt, while Eileen’s injuries would be much greater. The difference in strength between the two would then be flattened, to the extent where Persephone might even have an edge. 

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