Book 4 Chapter 25.3

Book 4 Chapter 25.3 - To Pay

An elder appeared on the light screen, his hair appearing to be rather casually kempt. However, the sharp edges and corners of his face, as well as those hawk-like eyes gave away his true nature. In Dragon City, there was pretty much no one who didn’t recognize this old man, the one who controlled great authority within the Black Dragonriders, General Josh Morgan. 

“Is this important?” Helen asked. 

She sat on a couch on the other side of the light screen. Then, she pulled open the front of her jacket, exposing her entire upper body. Her skin was covered with fine beads of sweat, and the feeling of weakness was still extending through her body. This was a weakness that came from the anesthesialess surgery, as well as the residual effects of an overdose of ovum acceleration drugs. After taking some time to feel out her body’s current situation, Helen decided that she would use a vial of genetic restoration fluid. It could substantially increase her heart’s functions, as well as increase a bit of ability potential, but Helen had always been unwilling to use it before. Even though until now, there were no side effects discovered with its use, Helen was always skeptical on whether or not it was one of the main culprits of human genetic collapse. 

However, at this time, Helen still decided to use it once. After experiencing repeated extraction of ovums, her body had already entered an extremely dangerous and unstable state. She produced a special syringe and then stuck it into her chest. The needle entered between her ribs, inserting the recovery liquid into the vicinity of her heart. 

Helen continued to treat herself just like that in front of the light screen, because the video transmission was one-directional. She could see General Morgan, but Morgan could only hear her voice. 

When he heard Helen’s reply, General Morgan displayed a rare moment of silence before setting his resolution and asking, “Helen, did those three end up doing something to you?” 

“Impossible. They are still far too inferior.” Helen bluntly replied. 

The general on the light screen produced a cigar, but it wasn’t cut all that orderly, proving that not much thought was given to this process. After the cigar was lit, only then did Morgan say, “I’ll still send out two people for you. I know you are quite smart, but intelligence can’t solve all problems. Even though Lynch isn’t bad either, his strength is still a bit too weak. As for those three…” 

General took a deep breath of the cigar, the flickering embers making his face change between bright and dark. After pausing for a moment, only then did General Morgan say nonchalantly, “... we’ll just leave this matter at that. I will have Lanaxis give me a satisfactory explanation.” 

“You wish to go to war with the Spider Empress?” Helen asked in a somewhat mocking manner. 

Right now, the recovery liquid was slowly moving into Helen’s chest. Then, it moved rather fiercely towards her heart. This would cause quite a considerable amount of pain, as well as make her face even more pale. However, Morgan couldn’t see these things. 

“It’s not like we can’t. The core interest of all cannot be violated.” The general said calmly, as if his opponent was just a nobody. 

“Then after you join hands to wipe out the empress, what will you use to fend off Bevulas?”

Old Morgan laughed and said, “Bevulas? He isn’t someone with crazy ambitions. For him, there are many things more important than authority. However, right now, he is but without a choice. Even if he doesn’t have interest in certain areas, those that have attached themselves to him will urge him to acquire them.”

“Bevulas or the Spider Empress… I don’t like either one of them, nor am I interested in the battle between them,” Helen said, “However, I want to remind you that soon, Bevulas will obtain many high level ability users, their numbers enough to tip over the balance of war.” 

“Oh? Then that is to say, some kind of breakthrough should have been made in Project ‘Apostle’. Could it be that Connor has already produced an ‘apostle’?” General Morgan clearly didn’t care much about this, and he didn’t seem to have all that much confidence in Connor either. 

“What he has produced should be ‘chosen’, and experimental subjects that are still quite lacking. Forget about apostles, he can’t even produce complete chosen. The creation of life requires sufficient imagination, while that is something Connor clearly lacks.” Helen didn’t seem to hold back at all in her criticism. 

Morgan nodded his head in agreement. He put out the finished cigar, and then he raised a cup of coffee before casually asking, “What have you been busy with recently? Need anything from me?”

“Thank you, but that’s not necessary.” Helen coldly rejected the general’s good intentions. Then, with her cold tone of dealing with official business, she said, “However, if the Black Dragonriders can afford the cost, I can provide for you all a new model of biological weapons in a few months. However, there might only be two, and it definitely won’t be cheap.”

Morgan was clearly interested. “Oh? What kind of weapon? Why don’t you explain a bit further.”

“A biological weapon similar to the chosen Connor has created, with the difference being that what I have produced, is a reduced apostle.”

“Apostle?” The general was still as steady as a mountain, but the coffee splashed outwards. 

However, Morgan quickly recollected himself. He wiped at the stain on his military uniform while saying, “Then it seems like there’s even more reason for me to send some people over.” 

“Whatever, I won’t be in charge of their safety.” After saying this, Helen cut off communications. 

She removed the syringe from her chest, organized her clothes, and then walked towards another laboratory. 

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