Book 4 Chapter 25.2

Book 4 Chapter 25.2 - To Pay

The injection required five whole minutes. During this process, Helen gave the memory units piled up like a small mountain around them a look and casually asked, “What have you even been studying all this time?” 

Sally struggled to recall the information. “Quite a bit, including all of mathematics’ fundamental theories, as well as construction, engineering mechanics, genetics, basic biochemistry, industrial application, all types of agriculture… many of them I still don’t really understand and can only record them for now. Luckily, I was able to record all of the cases in the memory units, so I can slowly use them as references in the future.”

Helen frowned ever so slightly and said, “You are overdrafting your mental capacity after just receiving the injections, which will cause your genetic stability to decline. You have to understand that with your constitution, from today forward, you cannot take any more genetic strengthening. In other words, from today on, you are paying your life as the cost for learning these things.” 

"Older sis Helen, you know I don't want it to be this way either, but you also know that I don’t have time left. I wish to learn a bit more before leaving.” Sally said with a gentle voice.

At this moment, Sally who was much younger was the one that seemed to be the truly mature one. 

Helen didn’t try to convince her further, instead patiently waiting for the injection to finish. At this moment, that little strange creature suddenly squirmed out from her chest, sticking out its head. It already recovered its flesh cocoon appearance. The tip that looked like its head moved about. It turned in Sally’s direction, and then it opened its mouth, spitting out a dark colored tongue, continuously moving it about towards Sally. Sally reached out her hand, allowing it to lick her a few times, not fearing it in the slightest, as if she was long aware of its existence. 

“It grew up quite a bit!” Sally said. When she saw this strange creature shrink back, she looked quite reluctant to part with it.

Helen revealed a rare smile. “En, but it’s becoming more and more disobedient.” 

While chatting, the injection was already completed. Helen left behind the entire bag of bread, and she herself didn’t stay for too long either. When she was about to leave this slum area, Helen suddenly stopped, turning her head around and looking towards that four storey building almost drowned within a messy clump of buildings. Tomorrow at this time, it would be time for Sally to leave. She wouldn’t leave alone, as a few people from this slum would follow her. Perhaps over a hundred, perhaps only a few. 

Regardless of how many people followed, this unique and staunch girl insisted on pursuing her own dream. In Dragon City, there were too many with more power, more talent than her, but Sally’s dedication was still rarely seen. Helen actually didn’t care much about what she did, as persistence was definitely not something that could move the cold and indifferent Helen. 

Helen had witnessed all types of of rare geniuses, lunatics, and freaks. No matter how special Sally was, in her eyes, she was nothing more than an ordinary wilderness girl.

In reality, Helen understood clearly why she took care of Sally like this. It was because in all of Dragon City, Sally was the only one left who had a special connection with Su. If she went to see Sally, she would sometimes think of Su, even though this type of possibility was extremely, extremely small. 

The process of returning to the hospital went quite smoothly. No one looked for trouble, and so the special bullets for her exquisite pistol didn’t have any opportunities to be used either. 

Helen directly arrived in the biochemistry region only she herself could enter. As soon as the security doors opened, the little strange creature jumped out from her chest, spread out its body, and then glided a short distance. It then pulled its body together, silently jumping into the largest cultivation container without producing the slightest splash. 

When it entered the nutrient fluid, it unfolded its body momentarily, and then curled up into a ball, slowly sinking into the bottom of the container, as if it already peacefully slept. 

Aside from the cultivation container it occupied, all of the other cultivation containers in the biochemistry region numbering over a hundred were completely empty. An enormous light screen floated on the wall, recorded on it the situation within each of the cultivation containers. Every single creature that was being cultivated had its own number as well. Right now, aside from a single indicator that was lit up, the other cultivation containers were all dim, the numbering below labeled with striking ‘Xs’. 

Meanwhile, the biological body in the only bright cultivation container was no longer a code name, instead having a real name: Snow. 

After giving the sleeping Snow a look, Helen closed the protective doors and activated the security measures. She pulled over a light screen, looking over the sea of digits related to Snow while reaching her own arm towards a sensor. As a result, the right side of the light screen then began to display all types of data regarding her own body. In reality, even without the instruments’ test, Helen was quite clear on her own body’s state. However, on this matter, she would rather be a bit more careful. 

Her body’s state was just like she had anticipated. Then Helen returned to the central laboratory, removed her clothes, and laid down naked on the completely automatic operating table before activating the prearranged procedure. 

Powerful disinfecting light shone on her belly, and half a minute later, the light withdrew. The multi-functional treatment mechanical arm moved over. When it completely stopped moving, two long needles entered Helen’s belly. She released a light sound, her face instantly becoming a bit pale. Helen didn’t use any anesthesia during the entire surgical process. 

The syringe quickly reached the preset position, and then mature ovums were sucked up along the hollow syringe one after another, then sealed up for storage. 

After several minutes had passed, Helen finally got off the surgical platform and put on her clothes. Her movements were extremely slow, her pale face even more so continuously releasing fine beads of sweat. 

A light screen suddenly floated over, and then a deep and resounding voice sounded. “Helen, I hope I’m not bothering you. My people discovered three corpses this afternoon. If I’m not wrong, this has something to do with you.” 

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