Book 4 Chapter 25.1

Book 4 Chapter 25.1 - To Pay

Sunlight in the new era was always extremely momentary. In the blink of an eye, the gap between the clouds full of radiation was closed, and the dreamlike sunlight and the warmth it brought simultaneously disappeared. 

The winds became strong again. 

Helen tightened her chinese jacket again, lowered her head, and walked towards the cold winds. The brilliant smile of a goddess disappeared from her face, in its place a mechanical coldness, as if that smile had never appeared in the first place. 

Just like that, she walked through two blocks alone in the frigid wind, passing some ruins that were purposely left untouched before standing in front of a rather disorderly street. The main theme of this street was still ruins, but it was full of all types of shacks and simplistic housing. The four or five storey buildings at the corner of the street clearly had over a hundred years of history, belonging to the ‘big shots’ of this slum area. Only, the men that were laying about in twos of three, as well as the sewage and trash everywhere made one completely forget about the precious historical significance of this area. 

This was already the edge of Dragon City. In Dragon City’s official map, this area actually didn’t belong to Dragon City. Those that lived here mostly did work at the very lowest levels of society, including cleaning up trash, transporting corpses, and other things. They attached themselves to the influential officials of Dragon City for survival. In the eyes of pure-blooded nobles, they undoubtedly lived in hell, but in the eyes of those from the wilderness, this was a hundred percent heaven. 

Helen fixed her hair slightly, and then she walked into this slum area, passing many wolf-like vicious men’s faces as she headed towards the depths of this region. Even though she was dressed quite simply, her appearance was neat and clean, and neatness was the most fundamental difference from the things in this region. When faced with this type of outsider woman, those men who were idling their time away and filled with energy surprisingly didn’t reveal any greed or desires, nor would they be overwhelmed with fear after learning of her true identity. Instead, as soon as they saw her appear, they would automatically move to the sides, opening up the best path. Only when her rear figure disappeared into the distance would their perfectly straight bodies relax a bit. 

Helen walked to a four floored apartment building, made her way past an entrance that only had half of its remaining structure left, and then headed up a narrow and pitch-black set of stairs. Two strong, obese black males were currently heading down those stairs, and when they saw Helen, they were first shocked, and then they immediately stuck their bodies close to the walls, doing their best to provide Helen with room to ascend the narrow wooden staircase. They smiled towards Helen, not minding that she didn’t show any reaction, as if their belief that she saw their smiles alone was enough. 

What overflowed from these two’s eyes, was respect. 

Helen knocked on the fourth floor door, and then she pushed it open, walking inside. This was a small apartment with two bedrooms, inside of which was an old-fashioned intelligence system, as well as large amounts of books and memory units. Within this sea of books and memory units, a delicate young lady was currently working frantically in front of the intelligence system’s light screen. The speed at which the data on the light screen refreshed definitely couldn’t be considered fast, but for ordinary people, it was already not something they could handle. The young lady’s expression was tense and concentrated. Due to the excessive consumption of mental strength, the veins on both sides of her neck were quickly throbbing. 

Helen gave the young lady’s current state a look, immediately understanding that her stamina was close to beyond what she could handle. As such, she said, “You can get some rest now.”

The young lady suddenly relaxed, her body immediately being covered with sweat. She turned around, and then with a somewhat weak smile, she greeted, “Older sis Helen, you came!”

Helen gave the data on the light screen a look and said, “Sally, it seems like you’ve already prepared everything.”

This young lady was precisely Sally. 

When Su and Madeline fled, Sally didn’t leave Dragon City, insteads choosing to stay behind. This young lady who lost her income and protector knew how difficult life would be from here on out, but she still had a dream that hadn't been achieved. Before her dream was realized, she definitely couldn’t leave Dragon City. Sally had long set her resolution to pay with her body, because when she first arrived in Dragon City, it was always her body that she used to exchange for her dream. 

The day after Su left Dragon City, Helen found Sally and prepared this place for her, as well as offered her work. The work couldn’t be considered too exhausting, and the income was quite decent as well. The young lady who lived frugally used all of her savings on books that recorded knowledge and memory units. Meanwhile, Helen would come see her once every weekend, as well as inject some genetic modification medications. These medications could only slightly increase the body’s functions, but it substantially increased the mind’s activity. Sally didn’t have talent in battle, but she was quite smart, and she had a rarely seen perseverance, and that was why the medications Helen offered were exceedingly effective. After several injections, Sally went from being a normal smart girl to an ability user with ten times the IQ and data processing speed of an ordinary person. Even though her brain was far from being comparable to a high level ability user who truly opened up their intelligence, for her, it was already an opportunity she couldn’t even dream of. 

Helen produced a small syringe that was less than ten centimeters long, removed the seal on the needle, and then said, “This is the final injection.” 

Sally sat in front of Helen, reached out her weak arm, and allowed Helen to inject it into her skin. 

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