Book 4 Chapter 24.8

Book 4 Chapter 24.8 - Beautiful New World

At this moment, the leader seemed to have heard a light crack sound from his lower backbone. Then, the entire lower half of his body lost feeling. His legs went soft, and his body helplessly fell. Terrifying crack crack sounds continuously sounded along his spinal column. The numb feeling was already climbing upwards, quickly extending to his chest. 

“How could you have an Energy Field Special Bullet? The second round… what…” The leader asked while breathing heavily, but before he could complete his sentence, his tongue already went numb, unable to speak another word. 

Helen walked over, kneeling down on one knee. She looked at the leader’s eyes that were full of shock, fear, and hope. However, she only spoke with her indifferent and mechanical voice. “The Energy Field Special Bullet was made by me, so of course I would have some. As for the second bullet, because its design had just been finalized, I haven’t properly thought of a name yet. I’ll just call it Destroyer of Abilities for now. If my mood is good one day, I might sell a few.”

“... you…” The leader’s body suddenly surged with a wave of vitality, managing to spit out this single word. However, Helen was already no longer listening to what he was saying. She already stood up, and with a wave of her hand, the strange creature that was cowering in the corner licking its wounded body, jumped up, immediately landing on the leader’s face. 

From the outside, this small house seemed extremely peaceful. 

The two young subordinates that had been chased out looked in this direction with complicated expressions. Even though they were standing in a corner that blocked most of the wind, from time to time, the cold wind that blew over would still make them tremble. Their eyes carried jealousy and envy. The woman that was brought into the house was definitely a rare good. They were both detesting how unfair their fate was, why this type of opportunity didn’t open up to themselves. However, they seemed to have forgotten their own abilities and identities. The subordinates of low level dragonriders had the lowest level of privileges in Dragon City, to the extent where the beautiful women who served as the toys of higher level dragonriders had higher statuses than them. Even if they encountered a woman like Helen during this period of chaos, they only dared to think these thoughts inside, and then instead choose to find other women to vent out their desires. However, the minds of nobodies were quite strange. They dared to think about things they didn’t dare do, but if they saw someone else do it, they would suddenly rise with boldness that they usually didn’t have. While regretting their cowardliness at the start, they would feel a powerful urge to get a piece of the pie, even if it was a tiny bit of leftovers, getting just a single bite, it was still good. 

The small house was extremely, extremely quiet, quiet to the point of making one go mad, quiet as if time began to flow slower. From the two youngsters’ angle, they didn't see the blood that was flowing out from below the door. More and more seeped out, to the extent where it eventually gathered into a stream, as if there was an entire pool of blood behind that door! 

There was too much blood.

And the surroundings was too quiet. 

Even the air seemed to have frozen. The two young subordinates suddenly felt as if breathing was incomparably difficult. They frantically exerted force, but they couldn’t inhale any oxygen. The unseeable blood and silence formed an invisible web, one that was gradually dragging them into the abyss! 

Right when the two of them were choked to the point where their faces were entirely red, following a creak sound, the small house’s door slowly opened. This sound broke the suffocating silence, restoring everything to normal. There was sound again in this alley, allowing these two young subordinates to finally inhale the life-saving breath of air. 

Only, the blood continued to silently flow out, but the young subordinates didn’t see it.

The one that appeared after the door was opened was Helen’s figure. Her hair and clothes were clearly a bit messy, and her face was extremely pale. She continued to carry a large sack of bread, not a single loaf missing. Helen organized her hair, slightly fixed her clothes, and then she went down the flight of stairs towards her original destination. 

When they saw that the one who came out was actually Helen, the two young subordinates were left shocked. They expected the ones that emerged to be those three men, and if Helen even had a single breath left in her, her body was already quite strong. In addition, Helen seemed to have come out a bit too early. 

The two subordinates gave each other a look, seemingly understanding what the other was thinking. It seemed like only half an hour had passed, so how could she have come out? Could it be that those three fellas were faster than fast? While carrying curiosity, one of the subordinates raised his hand to look at his watch, and then he suddenly released a low cry, “How could it have been less than five minutes?!” 

If it was just half an hour, it might have produced some suspicions, but how could it have just been five minutes? Why did they feel like such a long time had already passed? 

The small house’s door wasn’t closed, left halfway open. As they looked at that eerie entrance, the two subordinates suddenly lost the interest and courage to go inside to take a look. They only wanted to leave this place as soon as possible, the further, the faster, the better. 

Helen continued walking neither quickly nor slowly. From the rear, her long, moving ponytail made one’s heart rate quicken. 

In the gloomy skies, the low hanging clouds of radiation were suddenly blown about chaotically by the strong winds. Through the thin crack of blue sky, golden sunlight scattered down from between the clouds. From the distance, it was as if several rich golden beams connected heaven and earth, as if heaven accidentally released a bit of holy splendor. 

One beam perfectly landed on Helen’s body. She raised her head, feeling the blazing warmth of the sunlight on her body. She couldn’t help but narrow her eyes, revealing a smile.

This was a rare smile, and she never smiled so brilliantly before, not holding herself back in the slightest. In that instant, Helen’s beautiful face seemed to have blossomed with incomparable radiance and even more resplendent brilliance, making the golden pillar that landed on her appear even more dazzling. In her surroundings, every inch of space was covered with beautiful, blazing sunlight, completely scattering the gloomy coldness of the new age! 

It was just like a brand new, beautiful world. 

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