Book 4 Chapter 24.7

Book 4 Chapter 24.7 - Beautiful New World

Intense pain and the fear of death made it fiercely spit out the flesh in its mouth and release a cry of anguish. All of its limbs exerted force, doing everything it could to struggle. It freed itself from the leader’s left hand, and then scuttled into a corner. It continuously sprayed out a sour liquid from its mouth to put out the burning flames on its body, at the same time whimpering with a low voice towards Helen, as if it was a crying puppy. 

Helen already sat up. She produced an exquisite watery blue pistol. She quickly inserted a few bullets into the barrel, pulled back the bolt, and aimed at the leader. 

This pistol’s overall size didn’t reach ten centimeters, its graceful lines perfectly displaying its aesthetics and refined workmanship, but this all naturally came at a considerable cost. Only, this exquisite pistol’s power was definitely inversely proportional to its construction cost. Even if it was aimed at an ordinary person from the olden era, if it didn’t hit a vital part, it still wouldn’t deliver a fatal injury. 

The leader had long seen Helen’s movements. Being aimed at by this small pistol, forget about the fact that it didn’t pose him any threat, he instead wanted to laugh. The six levels of defensive force field could defend against a close range bombardment from a sniper rifle, and even if he didn’t have a force field, this pistol would only be able to produce some slight flesh injury. However, the flowing motions of adding bullets and raising it to aim was full of a sense of beauty, something that made him feel a sense of admiration for. In addition, Helens’ face that forever carried a mechanic expression even more so made his mind produce many unique emotions. 

Perhaps after dealing with that dangerous little thing, he should spend a bit more time to properly accompany her… this thought fluttered past the leader’s mind. 

Then, he saw Helen’s pistol release a faint flame. The bullet, with an intolerably slow speed, shot out from the pistol, landing on the defensive force field. 

With the leader’s eyesight and reaction speed, he could even barely make out the bullet’s trajectory. After getting accustomed to seeing the dragonriders’ various non mass-produced firearms that possessed freakish initial firing speeds and terrifying power, and now seeing this little pistol, it truly gave one the feeling that only this type of pistol would match Helen’s beauty, delicateness, and weakness. It could only serve as the toy of a woman. 

The first bullet entered the defensive force field. As its pitiful momentum was being exhausted, the second bullet already left the chamber, perfectly landing in the same location the first bullet traveled through. The leader was a bit surprised at Helen’s marksmanship, but this only made him even more interested in her. After all, a beauty with skills would only make one feel a stronger urge to dominate her. 

At this time, the first bullet suddenly split apart, releasing sparkling electrical arcs like a waterfall. The electricity spread outwards, instantly neutralizing the defensive force field, making it disappear! Meanwhile, the second bullet perfectly moved through the defensive force field’s hole, shooting towards the leader’s waist, its weak power indeed only producing a fingernail sized injury. However, the bullet didn’t bounce off, instead sticking tightly to the injury, quickly softening. In the blink of an eye, it drilled its way into the leader’s body! 

The moment the force field disappeared, a terrifying name immediately flashed through the leader’s heart: Energy Field Special Bullet! 

This was an extremely terrifying special bullet that could neutralize and eliminate all force fields under eight levels, it could even be said to be the bane of magic ability users. These types of bullets were extraordinarily expensive, with a single bullet equivalent to a sixth level ability formulation, moreover being an item with a price but no sellers. As a guard leader of the empress, he knew that there were less than ten rounds of Energy Field Special Bullets within the guards, and they were all stored for strategic uses. With his status, he didn’t even have the qualifications to apply for a single round to use. After all, these freakish things were equivalent to grasping the life of a magic ability user under eight levels.” 

How could this completely abilityless woman have an Energy Field Special Bullet? Could it be that she was related to some type of great figure? This horrifying thought suddenly passed over this leader’s mind. However, he immediately refuted it. If she truly was related to some important figure, why would she be traveling alone? There should be at least a few ability users with five levels to serve as her bodyguards, right? After all, Dragon City could be said to be in quite the disorder right now. 

However, another thought quickly flashed past the leader’s mind. The first bullet was an Energy Field Special Bullet, so what was the second round?!

He suddenly lowered his head, tearing apart the clothes at his waist, but he couldn’t see the bullet, only seeing a fingernail sized hole! The wounded flesh was badly mutilated, but not a single drop of blood seeped out! 

“How could this be?!” The leader couldn’t help but speak this useless line. From what he felt, this second bullet only barely scraped his skin, so how did such a deep hole suddenly appear, moreover, he couldn’t even feel how deep it was! 

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