Book 4 Chapter 24.6

Book 4 Chapter 24.6 - Beautiful New World

The robust male’s four levels of defense made his skin as tough as rhinoceros skin, but in front of this small abnormal creature’s mouth, it was as weak as glass. His two companions could only watch helplessly as the strange creature’s jaws moved up and down without any difficulty. Then, with a ferocious swing of its head, a large piece of flesh was removed. To stay on, the strange creature’s eight limbs pierced deeply into the short robust male’s chest, the male’s tough skin, once again not able to put up the slightest bit of defense. 

The intense pain made the male cry out loudly, however, as soon as the pain entered his brain, it quickly changed into a feeling of numbness. This made this short robust male even more fearful, because he understood that he was already paralyzed from toxins. The increase of defensive strength similarly raised one’s resistances towards poison, and he even had two levels of Mysterious Fields’ Natural Resistance. Even if he was bitten by a cobra king snake, he would still be able to last about thirty minutes. This type of poison defense strength couldn’t be considered outstanding, but it was definitely enough to use. Thirty minutes of time was enough time to receive life saving antibodies or serums. Any higher levels of poison resistance would only be a waste of precious evolutionary points. However, even with this poison resistance, he was actually poisoned in around one second of time? 

The robust male reached out his hand and grabbed towards the small creature on his shoulders. He feared that this little thing would spit out the flesh in its mouth and bite down again. Meanwhile, at this time, his two companions finally recovered from their shock. The team member rushed over, while the leader stood in his original place without moving. The spider diagram on his chest began to shine, and the temperature around his body began to quickly climb. He possessed ample experience, understanding that when dealing with unknown creatures, flames were the best choice. Any organisms without force field defenses had no way of resisting temperatures around a thousand degrees. 

The small abnormal creature seemed especially interested in flesh, not willing to spit out the flesh jammed in its mouth even with impending danger. The sharp blade-like stingers on its back suddenly extended outwards, and then with soft pu pu pu sounds, those sharp stingers shot out like bullets, fired towards the empress’ guard member! Then, its eight jointed limbs exerted force, leaping out like a bullet onto the ground, the tremendous momentum smashing open a hole in the hardwood floor! Meanwhile, the chest of the short robust male whose body was used to produce this power was badly mangled, almost as if a large hole was scooped out!

The great force made the little abnormal creature’s body a bit flatter. However, when it bounced up, the six rear limbs became thicker and more forceful, while the pair of front limbs’ blades were significantly enlarged. 

Following a crash sound, wood fragments flew everywhere. It bounced up like lightning, rushing towards the empress’ guard member, heavily smashing into his forehead! The power of the collision was great, making that guard member’s head immediately move backwards. His neck immediately released crack crack sounds, his vine like muscles continuously wriggling about. 

The guard member had just waved his hand to block the incoming spikes, but the blade stingers were too numerous and too fast, so one still made it through the alloy arm guard and shot into his upper arm, nailing itself deeply into his arm bone, almost splitting apart this bone that had been strengthened! Before a roar of pain was even released from his throat, his head felt as if it was smashed by a heavy hammer. Everything before his eyes was immediately crammed by all types of lights, as well as chaotic and meaningless scenes. His ears could only perceive a shrill screaming sound. 

The abnormal creatures’ six rear jointed limbs quickly extended outwards, nailing itself into the approaching guard member’s head, and then its two forelimbs that had become clearly thicker dug into his sturdy skull, and only then did it stabilize its body. Then, its long tail that flickered with faint metallic radiance flashed by this guard member’s face. 

The team member’s sight was miraculously recovered in an instant. Not only did he see that quickly approaching tail end, he could even see the sharp edges of the plates covering it! Then, his field of view was completely covered by scarlet. He could only see a rich, greasy, slow moving redness! 

The strange creature bounced up again, this time smashing into the ceiling, and then towards the leader. Then, when it reached about a meter from the leader, a faint film appeared before his face. This energy film that looked so thin that it might be broken by just a poke actually contained tremendous amounts of energy. It heavily slammed itself over, but it only managed to produce a circle of ripples on this energy film. However, it was clearly not willing to accept this kind of result, so its two forelimbs once again slammed down with the strength to tear through steel! 

However, those ten centimeter limbs seemed to have entered a thick layer of butter, not showing any signs of tearing through this energy film. The film continued to flicker with radiance. Right when it was at its wits end, the leader released a cold laugh and reached out his left hand. When he unfolded his fingers, a faint green colored flame began to burn. 

The strange creature was grasped in the leader’s hand, the green flame quickly setting its body on fire. Its four limbs that could still move about fiercely stabbed into the leader’s hand, but the leader didn’t seem to mind it at all. The power of his flesh wasn’t all that outstanding, but his bones were exceptionally sturdy, as well as being protected by a force field. The limbs fiercely scrapped at the leader’s bones, but it was only able to remove an insignificant amount of bone fragments. Meanwhile, most of its body’s surface, while surrounded by those green flames, after just less than half a second of burning, was already melted. 

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