Book 4 Chapter 24.5

Book 4 Chapter 24.5 - Beautiful New World

The shorter muscular man at the leader's right side with white hair also agreed, saying, “Leader, I’ve never seen her before. She should be unrelated to our people.” 

The one on the left then said, “Right, leader! Stop hesitating already! Wouldn’t it be the same if Bevulas’ people saw her? These days, all of our lives are being toyed with. Who knows if we can even live until tomorrow?!” 

Helen who was struggling through the cold wind raised her head, and only then did she see the three individuals more than ten meters out. Meanwhile, her appearance immediately made the hesitating leader set his resolution. With a move of the leader’s left hand, the three instantly appeared around Helen, surrounding her. 

“Beauty, where are you going? Have any spare time?” The one on the left laughed nastily.

“Even if you don’t have time, it isn’t a big deal. Either way, your time now belongs to us. Don’t worry, we won’t use up too much of your time, but it won’t be that short either, just a few hours.” The male on the right spoke directly. 

Even when faced with this impending bad luck, Helen’s face still maintained its complete expressionless, to the extent where it was worse than ice-cold. Her face looked like that of a biochemical android, full of a mechanical feeling. She looked at each of these individuals one after another and then said, “I understand, however, this place wouldn’t be comfortable.” 

When they heard Helen’s reply, the three men were clearly a bit surprised. They didn’t fear the cold, but that didn’t mean that they were willing to do things in this small alley full of cold wind. Helen’s gaze immediately gave the leader an extremely uncomfortable feeling, as if there was something wrong. However, the other two under him already brought her to a house not too far away, their flourishing desires temporarily lowering his misgivings and making him follow along. A top level woman like Helen, even with his identity, was not someone he had a chance to touch. Only in this type of chaotic times where one might die tomorrow would they indulge themselves like this. 

The short robust male kicked open the door with a loud noise, and then roared, “All of you, get out! This place is now being used by us! You all can have it back tomorrow around this time!” 

The room wasn’t that large, but it was neat and warm. Two young men with low level abilities lived within, looking like some low level dragonrider’s subordinates. When they saw the spider symbol the short robust man intentionally revealed, the anger in their eyes immediately turned into fear. Without making another sound, they left, not even bothering to clean up what they were doing. 

The short robust male gave the room a look, feeling quite satisfied. That large couch looked especially comfortable, allowing him to have quite a bit of variety during his fun. 

The leader was the last one in. He closed the door behind him, blocking the roaring cold wind. The raging fireplace immediately raised the temperature of the room, as well as sharply increased these men’s hormone production. The short robust male couldn’t hold himself back any longer, throwing Helen onto the couch, one hand already reaching into her bosom and forcefully roaming about. While groping her, he shouted, “This girl is fucking good! Leader, why don’t you let me go first? I’m begging you! … huh? What is this?”

The short robust man’s hand suddenly twitched fiercely, that hand just reaching into Helen’s shirt. The three men’s eyes were immediately concentrated on the thing that the short robust male’s hand was holding. This was a piece of flesh similar to an olive with a dark greenish black color, its size around that of a muskmelon. It was extremely tough, the surface secreting a shining grease. The short robust man was clearly quite forceful, yet he wasn’t able to pinch it flat, instead moving over its slippery surface. 

No one would have expected that Helen with her refined exterior would have this type of thing under her clothes. When they saw this thing that resembled a large bug cocoon, even though all three of them were long accustomed to slaughter, they still couldn’t help but subconsciously tremble. This was a fear towards the unknown! 

The short robust male subconsciously tightened his five fingers, the five levels of power that was already enough to distort steel unable to change the shape of this dark green flesh cocoon in the slightest. As if in pain from being in his grasp, the flesh cocoon suddenly distorted. Under its smooth slippery exterior, it instantly freed itself. Then, its body’s two sides produced eight little pores, eight jointed limbs reaching out from each of them, every single one of them with exceedingly sharp blades at their ends! Then, several sharp stingers emerged from its back, as well as a tail that was covered in scale armor. 

Finally, an enormous mouth that was completely disproportionate with its body emerged from its head area, every single sharp teeth inside flickering with a bit of weak radiance! 

These transformation were extremely fast, to the extent where these three men couldn’t react in time at all. Meanwhile, that strange creature’s eight jointed limbs easily tore through the short robust man’s wrist. With a sudden exertion of strength, its body already shot out like a sword, landing on the short robust male’s neck, its enormous mouth fiercely biting down on the side of the neck! 

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