Book 4 Chapter 24.4

Book 4 Chapter 24.4 - Beautiful New World

Dragon City was quite windy these past few days, a bit more so than in winter even though it was supposed to be warmer now. The temperature was dropping as well, to the extent where it had even snowed. The thick radiation was difficult for even Dragon City that was equipped with a large scale purifying force field to completely erase, so those with relatively lower levels of ability had no choice but to take radiation resistance medications. Dragonriders and subordinates naturally didn’t need to do so, however, the attendants, cleaning personnel, chefs, special service providers, and everyone else with low levels or even no abilities at all that were inseparably linked to luxury needed to do so. If they no longer existed, it was hard to say how greatly Dragon City would be changed. It could even be said that Dragon City’s comfortable standard of living was precisely created through them. 

That was why Black Dragonrider general headquarters was always extremely generous towards them, of course, relative to the wilderness. A good chef required a long time to train, and as such, the dragonriders did not wish for them to die so easily. 

For anyone that was skilled in specialized areas, Dragon City was simply a utopia. Here, one could achieve their dreams with their own two hands, including wealth, safety, and health, but of course, not equality. From an olden era’s point of view, Dragon City was made precisely by this lowest rung of society, and so they ought to be the masters of the city. However, in the new era, no one would be so naive as to believe this or do anything to seize the qualifications of becoming this ‘master’. The Black Dragonriders didn’t even have to kill those who didn’t obey them. If they just banished them to the wilderness, soon after, they would become nutrients for the wilderness. After surviving in a greenhouse for a long time, even the strongest plant would become weak and powerless. 

A biting cold gust of wind swept through the streets, the temperature of any place it passed dropping several degrees. It quickly reached Helen’s face, and fiercely smashed into her body, tearing apart the bag of bread she was carrying and ruthlessly seizing the bit of warmth it carried. Her blonde hair was toyed with in a completely unrestrained manner. 

The wind was extremely cold. It seemed like Helen didn’t expect the weather to be so cold, not wearing too many clothes as a result, after all, right now, it could still be considered summer. She tightened her arms around the bread, lowered her head, and wrapped her jacket tighter around herself. As she walked through the wind, her complexion also turned pale from the cold. Next to her was a construction site. Within Dragon City’s plans, a new high level residential housing district was being built for the new dragonriders to live in. In recent years, the number of dragonriders had substantially increased, to the extent where the original apartment complex wasn’t enough to house them all. However, this project was only halfway complete. Following Bevulas and the Spider Empress’ clear opposition, Dragon City also entered a state of chaos. Many ongoing construction projects had no choice but to come to a standstill. 

Even though in the parliament, Bevulas and the Spider Empress both had their powers exercise restraint and unanimously aiming their military force at external forces, within Dragon City, fights of varying scales still broke out between the powers and families belonging to these two sides. They all believed that even though the Spider Empress was at a disadvantage in numbers, her terrifying individual strength was an overwhelming advantage, making it a crucial point in the conclusion to this war. Meanwhile, people from both sides were doing their best to expand their battlefield superiority and balance out this disparity in strength.

The era of turmoil, is an era that worships powerful individuals, as well as an era where power decides everything. 

Within Dragon City, regardless of whether it was Bevulas or the Spider Empress, they both possessed tremendous strength. However, they both restricted the actions of those under their power, maintaining conflicts at a level tolerated by Black Dragonrider general headquarters. However, ability users’ privileges were far greater than that of ordinary people, and their tempers were proportionate to their level of abilities, so conflict was pretty much unavoidable. However, General Morgan who normally didn’t pay much attention to Black Dragonrider affairs, during these critical times, once again grasped his great authority as a dragonrider general to govern Dragon City with an iron fist. Those from both the parliament and empress who publicly violated Dragon City’s law of prohibiting battles within the city were arrested, but what was different from normal was that those who initiated conflict were executed on the spot. Meanwhile, both Bevulas and the Spider Empress maintained silence on this matter, meaning that they tacitly approved of Morgan’s way of dealing with the situation. This event hit the threatening attitude from both sides greatly. Even though battles of conflict still broke out privately, both sides knew not to test General Morgan’s bottom line. Private battles were allowed, and even deaths were fine, but don’t let it reach my ears; this was the bottom line General Morgan never directly spoke about. 

Helen was walking through a long, narrow, and lonely alley. To her left was an unmanned construction site, and to her right was a tall wall. From the other end of the alley, three people walked over. Even in this type of cold weather, they still wore thin clothing, their ability to resist the cold immediately giving away the fact that they were ability users. They also saw Helen. They immediately stared blankly for a moment, their casual conversation cut short. 

The three of them stared at Helen in a completely unbridled manner. The one on the left suddenly said, “Leader, this little girl really is fucking fine!”

The leader standing at the center was a man around thirty who looked like he was in some type of special forces. His exposed chest had a glaring spider diagram. This was the insignia of someone in the Spider Empress’ guards. His eyes that were staring at Helen were quite passionate as well, but he still maintained a level of cool-headedness. With an irresolute voice, he said, “Maybe she is that dragonrider’s person…” 

The one on the left immediately said, “What is the importance of an abilityless woman? If she is someone from Bevulas’ side, then isn’t that even better? Even if she’s related to someone under General Morgan, it’ll be fine if we just offer compensation later. Aren’t we just playing around? What is the big deal?”

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