Book 4 Chapter 24.3

Book 4 Chapter 24.3 - Beautiful New World

Compared to the bright and neat doctor, the middle-aged assistant was more like an abandoned beggar, holed up in the chaotic office frantically conducting his research. Normally, he was always the one seen next to Dr. Connor’s side, but now, the cameramen only captured those young, supermodel assistants. This middle-aged assistant had a solid background in biochemical research, and he even more so had all of the potential to become a crazy research workaholic, providing Dr. Connor with indispensable assistance. However, his faults were quite clear as well, for example, his ordinary appearance, honest but untalkative personality, and his lack of attention to his appearance. None of these mattered in the course of research, but at this point in history, it was especially unsightly. That was why Dr. Connor did not keep him at his side. 

Perhaps the doctor had a few other thoughts as well, not wishing for his assistant to steal his limelight. Even though everyone knew that Dr. Connor was the one in charge of the laboratory, if it was written ‘Connor and XXX’ on a historical document, there was no way it would look as good as if it was just the Dr. Connor’s name alone. 

The male assistant was already in his middle years. If it was in the past, he would have definitely felt some resentment, but now, he only felt gratitude towards Dr. Connor. He had already remained holed up in his office for more than ten days, and only when he truly couldn’t hold on any longer would he sleep a bit. Afterwards, he would get up and continue to stare at the light screens with his bloodshot eyes, his hands frantically moving along the touch screen keyboard. 

From the light screen, he could already see that a small part of the gene lock was unraveled, and it was slowly being unlocked. Tens of thousands of gene fragments were released, moving about like stars. From time to time, they would gather again to form a brand new genetic segment. However, when the newly formed genetic fragments collapsed, they would form several tens of completely new genetic fragments. Genetic fragment recombinations were happening every moment, and if one considered the potential combinations possible through these genetic fragments, it would reach a number so great it would make one collapse. Meanwhile, the locked genes still looked endless! 

In front of this light screen’s countless light specks, he felt extremely insignificant. Every single speck of light signified quite a bit of calculation work, let alone the countless specks of light there were. When faced with this sea of data, not even ten of himself added together could complete this work even if they were given several lifespans each. This brought him a feeling of tremendous happiness! 

Those countless genetic fragments, those drifting stars, constructed a beautiful new world before his eyes. He knew that hidden in that world was a large gate. The path behind the gate didn’t lead to chosen, but rather the apostle! 

A bit of gloss had already appeared on the assistant’s balding head, and the bloody wisps covering his eyes even more so obstructed his line of sight. However, before this world that possessed fatal temptation, he wasn’t willing to rest. Heavens, even if he rested for a single second, he would be missing out on the recombinations of hundreds to thousands of genetic fragments. How was he supposed to sleep? 

The assistant produced a vial of stimulant and fiercely injected it into his arm. A moment later, an unnatural flush of color emerged on his face, and then he began to frantically work in front of the light screen.

He wasn’t like Dr. Connor who wished to leave his name behind in human history. Right now, he was researching so frantically that he had to think a long time just to remember his own name. However, he had his own ambitions and ideals. 

He wanted to touch the apostle, wishing to make contact with that divine world. 

He firmly believed that behind those countless stars rested the country of deities!

Every person had dreams, or they used to. Most people become indifferent to their dreams as time goes on, but a few would pursue their dreams from start to finish. Most of them were destined for disappointment, and only a fortunate few geniuses with both luck and intellect would acquire success. In the age of turmoil, the rate at which people headed towards tragedy was still continuously increasing. 

In the eyes of most people, Helen was undoubtedly someone who had her own dreams, even though her dreams might not be as large as Dr. Connor’s or the middle-aged assistant’s. However, even though they were under the same sky, right now, Helen didn’t seem like someone with a dream. She wore casual clothes, her blonde hair tied behind her head. She carried a large bag of bread in her arms while strolling through Dragon City’s dusky sky. 

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