Book 4 Chapter 24.2

Book 4 Chapter 24.2 - Beautiful New World

The elevator headed all the way to the very top, the central control area. The doctor walked out from the elevator, had his identity scanned at the entrance, and then walked into an imposing and vast central control room. He arrived before the main computer’s control desk. 

Before Dr. Conor was the main computer’s terminal. Even though it was just a terminal, it was formed from a metal column close to ten meters in diameter. Several tens of light screens appeared before the doctor. The spacious control desk allowed for six individuals to use it at the same time, and there had to be at least six people to allow for its operation. 

The beautiful female assistant had already walked over. She handed the document in her hands to the doctor, these files having several neat spreadsheets wedged between them. The doctor gave them a look, asked a few questions, and then signed his name on it with lightning speed. The doctor’s signature was smooth and powerful, just like a beautiful work of art. This signature was designed by a well-known painter, and the doctor practiced this for an entire month. Ever since then, the doctor altered the system his subordinates operated under, changing a few documents that required electronic signatures to be hand signed instead. 

These documents, in several hundred years, might become precious historical relics and be preserved in a museum… each time he signed his name, the doctor couldn’t help but think this thought.

“How many first batch mature subjects do we have?” Connor asked as his hands flew across the touch screen. Along with his movements, the tens of screens began to quickly switch over. 

The cameramen were all deeply shocked at Dr. Connor’s mental processing speed, but of course, this was already something they felt several weeks ago. No matter how shocking something is, if it happened day after day, one would no longer reveal as much surprise. These cameramen had already been filming Dr. Connor for an entire month, witnessing these scenes day after day. 

The young, beautiful, and well mannered female assistant quickly flipped through the tables and forms in her hands, and then with a sweet-sounding voice, said, “The first batch has a total of seven mature subjects who will be completed today. The concrete time is an hour and fifteen minutes.” 

“En, alright.” The doctor’s current style was one of simple words but profound meaning. After all, there were people recording him from the side.

An hour and fifteen minutes later, the doctor promptly pressed down on the switch. 

Through the central control room’s glass, one could see that seven cultivation units were being pushed out by mechanical arms and delivered into the sealed laboratory. Following a series of complex serious of resuscitation methods, the thick doors of the cultivation units slowly opened. Culture fluid poured outwards, flowing into the gutters on the ground. When all of the culture fluid emptied, five males and two females emerged from the cultivation units. After receiving orders, they walked to the other side of the laboratory, the seven respectively laying down on their own experimental platform. Then, an orange light shone, covering them within. 

Data began to flicker about at lightning speed on the seven screens in front of the doctor’s face. The data obtained from the scan of these mature subject’s bodies continuously transmitted over. Each screen had one individual, and around them were five diagrams, each representing abilities in each of the five great ability domains. As the scan penetrated deeper, several tens of beams of light, each representing mature abilities, continuously rose, moreover climbing higher and higher. The red lines that marked critical thresholds were continuously surpassed by the beams of light. Each time one of them passed a red line, a trace of an insuppressible smile would appear on the doctor’s face. Each time it passed a red line, that meant that one of these mature subjects’ abilities increased another level. 

After ten minutes had passed, the final blue beam of light made it past the seventh red line with difficulty before finally stopping. 

“Report the results.” Dr. Connor’s voice was calm and profound, even though he had already witnessed the results himself. 

The female assistant's statistical report took three minutes to complete. After all, aside from her outstanding appearance and body, her abilities in other fields were nothing to write home about. However, her voice was still a delightful thing to listen to. “The results of the mature subjects’ scans are one seventh level ability user, one sixth level ability user, and the rest are fifth level ability users. The distribution of abilities fall within a 20% deviation from what we expected. Their body compositions are stable, and their estimated lifespans are five years. All indicators have already reached the preset objectives.” 

Dr. Connor turned around, and with a smile, said, “Then that means that the experiment has already succeeded! I, Connor, have produced new chosen!”

At this moment, lights flashed continuously from cameras, capturing Dr. Connor’s image. 

It had already been a long time since Connor returned to the central laboratory. During this period of time where they nurtured the first batch of chosen, his life revolved around two points, the cultivation factory and his home. For the sake of better rest, he hadn't returned to the central laboratory’s dormitory. That place was too simple and crude. Not only did it affect his quality of rest, it would affect the doctor’s historical image. 

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