Book 4 Chapter 24.1

Book 4 Chapter 24.1 - Beautiful New World 

The momentary hallucination passed in an instant. 

Su, who had previously stood on a snowy peak that stretched beyond the clouds of radiation, knew that an endless starry sky hung in the sky, that there weren’t any  enormous pairs of eyes several thousand kilometers up above. His mental and perception powers were both powerful, and few people could communicate over the hindrance of time and space; at the very least, from those Su currently knew, there wasn’t anyone who could do such a thing. This wasn’t something that could be accomplished purely by overwhelming Su’s mental power. 

However, a voice that originated from the depths of his instincts reminded Su that what happened just now might all be real. 

Su took a deep breath of the ice cold air. He tightened his mountain cloak, and then walked through this snow earth slowly but steadily. The crook of his arm wrapped around Cirvanas, almost carrying him while walking. The youth couldn’t survive alone within the clouds full of radiation yet, all of his stamina was used to protect himself. Madeline followed closely behind him, tightly hugging his hand. Su could feel a heaviness from his arm, knowing that Madeline was also borrowing his strength to trek through this place. This gave him a strange sense of peace. 

If one looked down from the sky, they would see that on the boundless snowy peak, three figures that were almost sticking together were slowly walking forward, the footprints they left behind them immediately erased by the endless wind and snow.


In the Blood Parliament’s central biological, Dr. Connor’s clothes were still neat and orderly, appearing just as punctually as before. He got inside the floating air transport vehicle already waiting outside his building. The five air transport vehicles rose one after another, and then after traveling a kilometer out via a predesignated path, they then descended, silently entering the underground tunnel. 

Dr. Connor sat in the central levitating vehicle. When the doors closed, the lights in the vehicle dimmed, and then relaxing music began to play in the background. He sat comfortably on the soft, spacious couch, his head slightly leaned back, already entering a deep state of sleep. The trip took twenty minutes to complete, so for the doctor who only slept two hours each day, this was an extremely precious time for rest. Even while sleeping, even though he was the only one inside the vehicle, the doctor still sat perfectly straight. This way, when he got off the vehicle, he could still maintain a perfect image. 

For Dr. Connor, this was the peak of his career. He didn’t wish for there to be any blemishes in his own image during this time or leave those after him with something to talk about. During this type of historical moment, he was always under the spotlight, with every movement he made possibly being recorded as precious historical material. 

Dr. Connor had already maintained this type of work state for more than a month. Even though his body had already undergone many genetic optimizations and had strengthened up to two levels of stamina and four levels of perception, a lack of sleep over a prolonged period of time was still a rigorous test. However, compared to the glory he was about to acquire, this bit of suffering was truly negligible. 

The air transport vehicles slowly came to a stop, the precise sequence not bringing the slightest bit of discomfort to those riding within. Regardless of whether it was inside or outside, this vehicle exhibited both luxury and comfort to the strictest meaning. Purely from a standpoint of luxury, in the Blood Parliament, it was second to none. Only the Spider Empress’ old-fashioned imperial chariot could compare. Dr. Connor was known for his attention to comfort. He had no interest in authority or power, so he could focus on indulgence and enjoyment. After all, he always believed that innovation came from inspiration, and the feeling of joy naturally brought more inspiration. 

A gentle alarm sounded, waking the sleeping doctor. However, the doctor himself didn’t move. The door silently opened, and a beautiful woman wearing a complete outfit got into the vehicle, using a warm towel to wipe the doctor’s face clean. She then tidied up his clothes before quietly withdrawing. On then did Dr. Connor open his eyes and walk out from the vehicle. 

The air transport vehicles stopped in a spacious underground space. Behind the enormous powered gate at the end of the long corridor was a magnificent underground factory, as well as the starting point of all of Dr. Connor’s glory.

The doctor walked through the powered gate with a tall and straight posture. When there were still thirty meters left before he would reach this entrance, the ten meter tall powered gate released a slight mechanical sound, and then under the powerful force of hydraulic pressure arms, they slid into both sides. Behind the doctor, apart from a dozen or so retinue and six fully armed bodyguards, there were three cameramen. With video cameras in hand, they filmed every movement the doctor made. 

Only after walking for more than ten minutes did the doctor reach a row of elevators. He then directly walked into the elevator at the center. Those accompanying him split up into the two elevators on the side, and most of them stayed behind. Only the three cameramen entered the doctor’s elevator. 

The elevator quickly ascended. Through the enormous transparent glass that reached the floor on the other side, one could see that behind it rested an enormous space over a hundred meters in size, embedded within the walls were rows after rows of cultivation chambers like a beehive. As the elevator quickly ascended, countless cultivation chambers disappeared below them. It was an extremely shocking sight! 

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