Book 4 Chapter 23.3

Book 4 Chapter 23.3 - Price

The crystal eye in Su’s chest was instinctively formed. Not only could it release many types of energy attacks similar to magic, it even had a basic level of intelligence itself. It didn’t only have offensive abilities, it was also the backbone that controlled his body’s biological energy. As for why this type of crystal eye appeared, not even Su knew himself, and there was even more so a lack of information inside the dragonriders’ records. The most important function of the crystal eye was to  ‘reset’ the intruder cells’ genes. This meant that Su, who had the ability to turn virtually any cell in his body into intruder cells, in theory, could divide them into countless pieces. 

In other words, as long as the crystal eye existed, Su possessed eternal life. 

Madeline sensed an even more exuberant vitality from Su’s body, but it no longer gave off a feeling of growing and multiplying without end. The answer Madeline’s intuition gave her was already quite close to the truth. 

The exit out from the underground base was originally heavily protected by the Greyhawks, but currently, the Greyhawks’ camp was in chaos. Gunshots sounded continuously, and it was unknown who was shooting. 

Su’s instinctive throbbing gradually calmed down, gradually recovering his reasoning. Even though he gave up eternal life, his body’s current combat state wasn’t that bad. His lost right arm, over time, would grow back as well. Even though he only had a single arm, Su and the Greyhawk soldiers were not at the same fundamental level. 

Su instantly locked onto a group of Greyhawk soldiers who were holding a defensive position, and then he immediately silently crept towards them. Su’s figure flickered between bright and dark, and with a few flashes, he already covered twenty meters of distance, now standing in front of the defensive fort’s gate. The entrance of the concrete fort was sealed by a steel door. Su grabbed the handle of the steel door, and with a fierce eruption of strength, the lock released an ear splitting groan, forcefully pried open. When the door opened, Su already disappeared into the fort like a wisp of smoke. The five soldiers inside didn’t even have any time to react before they lost their lives. 

There were two machine guns arranged in the fort at elevated positions, as well as large amounts of bullets. The caliber of these vicious weapons could tear through light armor, so against humans, there was even less of a need to describe their strength. Not even Black Dragonriders that were proficient in defense would be willing to be hit by this head on. Much of this enclosed area of the camp was stored and stopped at the olden era’s level of technology, of course, outside of biochemical technology. As such, the Greyhawks who possessed artillery and anti-aircraft machine guns were able to stay as the overlords of this place. 

Even though he was already used to using the Black Dragonriders’ new era weapons, Su still liked using olden era weapons with these types of caliber. They possessed a tactile quality of pure metal, simple and crude, perfectly matching muscular men. Everything about the dragonriders’ new era weapons was great, it was just that they were too refined and quiet. In environments that were a bit more complex, the gunshots of dragonriders assault rifles were almost inaudible. What Su liked more right now were machine cannons with calibers of 14 or even 20. These fellas were what he truly got a kick out of. Against ordinary soldiers, weapons like machine guns and machine cannons were far more effective than high level skills like Extreme Assault. 

Su removed a machine gun from its rack and lifted it rather casually. The anti-aircraft machine gun that weighed over 20 kilograms seemed like nothing in his hands. Su then grabbed two cases of bullets each with 500 rounds each, hanging them around his waist. The anti-aircraft machine gun wasn’t one with a rotating barrel, so a thousand rounds were already more than enough. 

What was rather unexpected was that Madeline and Cirvanas both followed Su into the fort as well. The clothes Madeline wore still vaguely gave off a simple and fashionable young lady look, only, there was now a hole opened up in her upper garment, exposing the white cloth wrapped around her body. Just like that, the young lady had a bit of punk style added to her beauty. Meanwhile, Cirvanas changed into a set of olden era federation army uniform. Even though this set of military clothes were formidable and full of killing intent, on his weak and fragile body, together with his graceful and pretty face, it still gave off a bit of a gentle and beautiful feeling. 

Cirvanas struggled to put on a taut face, and his pupils were releasing flames of anger as well, but all of the killing intent was ruined by those vermilion lips. In reality, he really was angry, not because of his clothes, but because of humiliation: he couldn’t refuse Su’s orders. Cirvanas could have his own will, and he could think unfavorable thoughts about Su, even if those thoughts were to tear Su’s corpse into ten thousand pieces. However, as long as the nucleus existed, those thoughts would never be put into practice. 

The nucleus possessed simple intelligence, but this ‘simple’ was relative to the heart of darkness that he previously possessed. It was still at least three to four levels higher than Cirvanas. After being sealed up underground for all those years, even though Cirvanas’ true age was already close to a hundred, his body’s age still stopped at that of his youth, and his intelligence more or less stopped there as well. This kind of Cirvanas, even if ten of them were added together, could still forget about deceiving the nucleus. 

Madeline gave the surrounding fort a look. Suddenly, she picked up the remaining anti-aircraft machine gun as well, and copying Su, she also wanted to remove it from the rack. She was clearly an amateur when using weaponry, unable to remove it even after trying twice. In her sixteen years of memories, she rarely encountered such an embarrassing event. As such, she smiled sweetly, and then her beautiful long and slender left arm released some force, crushed the metal rack like dough, and then forcibly tore it off the machine gun. Even after being treated so roughly, the gun’s body and barrel were still perfectly fine. Its military quality truly was something to admire. 

Madeline copied Su and put a belt of bullets around herself as well. Then, her eyes landed on the two infantry guided missiles in the corner of the fort, and then she asked Cirvanas, “Do you know how to use them?” 

Cirvanas shook his head. He knew nothing about firearms that were even a bit more complex, let alone this olden era cutting edge infantry equipment. However, this didn’t mean that he would display respect to Madeline, Just from how that young lady removed the machine gun, he knew that her knowledge of firearms was only a bit greater than his own. However, Cirvanas obviously didn’t know about the grudges Madeline like to carry beneath her incomparably lucid and elegant appearance. None of his changes in expression escaped Madeline’s eyes, so as to prevent them from running out of bullets, she hung all eight cases of bullets on Cirvanas’ back! These were already all the ammunition they could find in the fort. 

Either way, this young man could carry over two hundred kilograms of weight, so with these cases of bullets, even though it would be a bit more strenuous, it still wouldn’t slow down his speed. Cirvanas who had become a transport tool began to hold a grudge against Madeline as well, but he had to obey her orders. 

The nucleus never gave discounts on its principles. 

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