Book 4 Chapter 23.2

Book 4 Chapter 23.2 - Price

In a society of democracy, unless they were in a state of war, this type of political unanimity was almost unheard of. All political powers had a few individuals who were there to raise opposition. Regardless of what those they were against were doing, as long as they did it, they would oppose it. Even if the party in power didn’t do anything, they would still insist on opposing them. And when these types of people opposed a policy, there was no way any resolved proposals would be produced. However, this still wouldn’t stop them from standing in opposition. 

The research journal briefly illustrated the reasoning for the smooth implementation of the project. The several thousand experiments carried out on those ‘materials’ provided many, many by-products, including several tens of special medications for treating chronic diseases, as well as several complete treatment programs for cancer. These things were only secondary to something else. By using the heart of darkness’ genes and biological composition as a reference, after a large number of experiments were carried out, in the second year of this project’s implementation, Dr. Rochester manufactured X-215, a drug that founded a new age. X-215 treated illnesses and improved one’s constitution through an optimization of one’s body at the genetic level. Its original intent was to open up all types of latent superpowers hidden within the human race, but it had a decisive additional affect: the prolonging of the human life. Even if it was a dying person, after receiving X-215, they would still have their lives extended by 3-5 years. As for how long one’s life was extended for, that would depend on their individual bodies’ rate of genetic collapse. 

X-215, with its ability to prolong life, earned Project Frozen Throne decisive support. Since it could extend one’s life by three years, when the X series new era medications were perfected, who could say for sure whether or not it would extend one’s life by ten, twenty, or even fifty to a hundred years? From east to west, prolongation of life was always the most effective enticement, and for those who wielded power at the very top of the pyramid, this was even more true. As for those who were used to opposing everything, most of them didn’t have access to these secrets, and the few who did chose to keep quiet as well. Everything was politics, even their opposition was because of benefits. Those idiots who opposed would never climb up the system of any society. 

From Project Frozen Throne, it was clear that Dr. Rochester was not only a scientific genius, but also an outstanding politician. 

Su quickly finished skimming the journal, and then he opened a new document without paying much attention. This file was originally classified as top secret, but due to many malfunctions in the main control computer’s hardware after the endless passage of time, a gap in security was opened up. The document contained a series of experimental photos, and from what was recorded, they were all of the most important research objectives. The first half of these photographs of experimental bodies were the repeated process of dissection, organ transplants, nurturing, and then further dissection, all the way until a final complete dismembering. As the pictures continued, the procedures these experimental bodies went through became more numerous, as well as more complex. This signified the maturation of experimental technology. 

In the final parts of this photograph series appeared Cirvanas and Ansuna. From the photographs, what was used on their bodies was already the matured technology. The last two photographs were the naked bodies of the young man and woman, both of their bodies cut open at the center. Most of their internal organs had been removed, and many tissues and organs that did not belong to humans were growing within their abdominal cavities. Meanwhile, their faces had expressions, meaning that when the photographs were taken, Cirvanas and Ansuna both had clear consciousness! 

Su suddenly thought of something, and thus asked, “Conier is the father of both Ansuna and yourself?”

“... correct.” When he heard the name Conier, Cirvanas’ face once again displayed and expression of internal struggling and anger. 

When he saw these two photographs, Su couldn’t help but feel a bit of speechlessness as well. He thought for a bit, and then he clicked delete. 

When Su reemerged on the surface, he couldn’t help but take a deep breath. His mind suddenly cleared up. 

His journey to the underground research base finally ended, and he had unearthed quite a bit of Frozen Throne’s secrets, at the same time learning many things about the truth behind the history of the world before the war erupted. As Su’s footsteps covered more of the continent, the one who had left the heaviest mark in all of human history, Rochester, seemed to appear more and more frequently. Su still didn’t know how much of a relationship Rochester and himself had exactly, but what he was sure of was that each time he heard this name, he would feel a faint throbbing. 

The heart of darkness and nucleus were both obtained, and at the same time, he now had Cirvanas under him, so it could be said that their trip this time was quite rich with rewards. After merging with the nucleus, Madeline’s ability to control energy was increased substantially, and the upper limits of her potential were increased a step further. The speed at which she obtained evolutionary points in the Combat Domain doubled, though the increase in advancement of other ability domains was comparatively much less. After undergoing the third transformation, Madeline had always invested all of her evolutionary points into the Combat Domain, so there might really be some hidden fate between the nucleus and herself. 

After merging with the nucleus, Madeline discovered that her genes truly had some innate deficiencies, while the nucleus just happened to fill up a portion of the blank space, moreover perfectly! Based on the remaining blank space, the nucleus filled in roughly a seventh of the genetic deficiency. Towards the completion of her genes, Madeline didn’t seem to care that much. Even without the nucleus, given time, she would still become an existence like the Spider Empress or Bevulas. Becoming more powerful than that didn’t seem to carry too much meaning. That was why she was extremely unhappy, and she didn’t conceal her mood at all. 

It was because she vaguely guessed what kind of price Su paid for the sake of obtaining the heart of darkness and nucleus. 

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