Book 4 Chapter 22.4

Book 4 Chapter 22.4 - Heart of Darkness

Countless blood colored symbols appeared on Ruler’s body. He cried out in pain, doing everything he could to tear his chest to the limit. The black heart struggled to fly out, almost entirely leaving Ruler’s chest. If it wasn’t for the many blood vessels wrapped around it, the heart would have long freed itself from Ruler’s body. 

Blood filled with energy surged through the blood vessels, pouring madly into the heart. After receiving the blood’s nourishment and stimulation, the heart became significantly crazier and more powerful. It seemed like Ruler not only wanted to release this devil, he wanted this devil to go crazy as well. Meanwhile, a flesh wall quickly sprouted from the ground, dividing Su and Ruler to stop Su from interrupting this inciting process. 

As he watched the heart that was beating faster and faster, Su knew that he had to stop Ruler. He opened his mouth, and then a silent roar that carried his mental command immediately filled this space! 

The flesh floor seemed to have received some type of irritation, suddenly distorting about frantically. Due to the sudden rising and falling of the flesh covering the ground, the mound of flesh began to move about like a large ship on an ocean surface, swaying about along with these waves. The thick and sturdy surface of the flesh mound that was supporting Ruler suddenly split apart, and from the opening surged large amounts of foam. These bubbles were both large and small, and right now, they frantically gushed out. Through the surface membrane that had already become semi-transparent from the swelling, one could see that there were blue and brown liquids inside that were currently moving about crazily as if it was boiling. 

Originally, large amounts of bodily fluids were gathering at the top of the flesh mound, and through the purification of the enormous mound of flesh, it would then become a refined stream of energy, entering Ruler’s body and then traveling to the heart through his blood vessels. After these sudden changes took place, it was as if the flesh mound was corroded by a ferocious poison. Large amounts of necrosis began to take place within the system inside, and the stream of energy supply into Ruler’s body quickly declined, as well as becoming muddled and turbid. Without any chance to guard against these sudden changes, there was even some impurity that entered the heart!

The heart released a sharp scream of pain, and then its size suddenly swelled up several times, completely tearing apart Ruler’s chest. The blood vessels wrapped around it seemed as if they were devoured by flames, quickly becoming burnt and withering away before falling off. 

Following a loud sound, the heart finally separated from Ruler’s body. It shot out over ten meters in the air, and while in midair, its size quickly shrunk, ultimately becoming a fixed sized dark black sphere. Faint dark flames continuously spurted out from its surface. 

Ruler looked at this heart with shock. This heart of darkness had accompanied him for several decades, so he was extremely clear on the fact that this heart had already entered a completely defensive state. What exactly was it that was infused into the heart of darkness, for this devil’s heart that had the potential to destroy the human race to feel such restraining fear? 

Only now did the hundreds of weak sensations break through the restrictions of the already numbing flesh mound, entering Ruler’s consciousness. The sea of data quickly gathered, and a three-dimensional figure produced by countless small scenes was formed. Including the flesh mound, every part the flesh base extended to was a part of Ruler’s body. What these diagrams displayed was precisely the situation within Ruler’s body. The diagrams should originally be a dark blue base color, as this was the representative color of Ruler’s blood and life energy. However, right now, this sea of blue was already scattered and smashed, the flood of yellow formed from intruder cells already tearing this sea to shreds, separating it into small pieces before quickly devouring it and converting it into its own. During this short period of time, the intruder cells had already destroyed a large half of Ruler’s body, as well as cutting off Ruler’s main energy supply in one go, to the extent where a bit of the intruder cells even entered the heart of darkness through his blood!

From the moment he entered this space, Su had continuously poured intruder cells into this flesh base padding. When Ruler appeared, the intruder cells’ numbers already surpassed a critical threshold, beginning to enter an explosive expansion stage. The intruder cells possessed paralysis and numbing properties on biological nervous and immune systems, and as such, by the time Ruler noticed that something was wrong, more than half of that enormous body had already been infected with Su’s intruder cells. 

The diagrams couldn’t persist for even a second before even the power to operate it was lost. The numbing sensation climbed up the flesh mound, and it quickly eroded everything up to his legs. During the most critical moment, Ruler couldn’t help but cry out, and then spare no effort to jump upwards! Under a terrifying sound of flesh tearing, Ruler’s legs were rigidly pulled out from the flesh mound, revealing a pair of feet that were covered with hanging, broken blood vessels. 

Following a plop sound, Ruler who had lost all energy and power fell onto the flesh mound. He then began to tumble down the slope, all the way until he reached Su before stopping. He laid on the ground while facing upwards, his eyes already starting to lose luster, but those pupils that seemed to be burning with black flames were still staring deathly at Su. He raised his right hand with great difficulty, wishing to grab Su’s throat, but his rapidly fading life force reminded him that this was a mission that was destined for failure.

The scene of the intruder cells invading and occupying his body suddenly replayed in Ruler’s brain. He suddenly understood something. While staring deathly at Su, he said with difficulty, “It turns out you… are also…”

As for what he realized Su was, in the end, Ruler was unable to say it. 

Ruler’s consciousness faded way, and then even the few most powerful irregular humanoids collapsed as well. Their bodies had long been completely destroyed, and the only reason they were able to stand was because of Ruler’s blood that flowed through the flesh tubes. With Ruler’s death, they reached the end of their lives as well. 

As far as the eye could see, all of the transport flesh tubes and base padding began to collapse, the viscous fluid flowing everywhere quickly gathering before flowing downwards with gurgling sounds. The blue water in this underground space was already almost a meter deep, but it was still slowly rising. 

The heart of darkness floated above this blue liquid. It regained the size of a heart, and through the holes along its walls, it continuously absorbed this blue liquid rich with energy and nutrients, as well as spraying out waves of clear water. What it released was true pure water without any impurities. All components of the blue liquid were absorbed by it and turned into nutrients for its growth. The intruder cells that had entered through Ruler’s bloodstream had already been eradicated. 

As he watched this quickly growing heart, Su obviously wouldn’t allow it to grow as it pleased. He reached out his hand, grabbing towards it, and then through a force field, it was already brought over from the air and held in his hand. As if it sensed danger, the heart suddenly sped up its heart beat, sending destructive energy fluctuations in all directions. 

Su already saw how Ruler used his body to seal the heart of darkness, and he had also absorbed a portion of Ruler’s genes, so he already had confidence in dealing with this heart of darkness. However, when he truly grasped this heart of darkness in his hands, Su’s body seemed to have suddenly opened up a gate, and then countless strands of lights and shadows surged outwards. In that instant, it was as if a thousand years had passed! In the very depths of Su’s consciousness, and irresistable cry sounded. A powerful instinct completely seized control of his actions, as well as controlling his consciousness. Su sensed an unprecedented hunger!

Meanwhile, the heart of darkness in his hand was precisely the best nourishment for satisfying this craving of the soul. This instinctive desire already controlled everything. Without any hesitation or possibility of reconsideration, a bright red imprint appeared on Su’s chest, and then it split apart. As if he now had an enormous bloody red mouth there, it devoured the endlessly struggling heart in one go, and then it quickly closed. The flesh merged together, and in the blink of an eye, all traces disappeared, as if nothing had happened at all. 

Su suddenly felt as if a sun had just been implanted into his chest! The burning sensation brought him incomparable pain, to the extent where he almost had the misconception that his entire chest had been burned through by raging flames! 

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