Book 4 Chapter 22.3

Book 4 Chapter 22.3 - Heart of Darkness

Even if Ruler didn’t tear open his chest, Su still already sensed the tremendous aura of the black heart. However, when Ruler’s chest was tore open, energy began to flood outwards like a dam, rushing out with mountainous might. In that instant, Su almost had the illusion of being in outer space, and he was currently being smashed into head on by a heavenly body!

The illusion disappeared in an instant, but Su’s face was already as pale as paper. Just now, it was not only an illusion. The powerful flood of energy was real, not fake. 

The surroundings became silent. All of the irregular humanoids’ faces revealed extreme pain. Most of them slowly collapsed onto the ground, blue colored blood continuously flowing out from their eyes and nose, and then dying just like that. Only a few of the more robust ones continued to struggle about in defiance. However, the energy composition within them had long been destroyed, the berserk energy currently unendingly destroying all organs and tissues within their bodies. They were only a step away from complete destruction. 

Ruler’s handsome face distorted from extreme pain, but his crazy smile became more and more apparent. Scarlet tears of blood already covered his face, his bloodshot pupils burning with a raging black flame. He forcefully pulled at the injury in front of his chest, forcefully tearing the injury a bit greater. Many blood vessels snapped from above the heart, and each time one snapped, even if it was the most narrow capillary, it would increase the heart’s power a bit. 

The heart was beating, and with each pulse, it would send a crazy energy wave through this entire space.

Apart from those who had seven levels of ability, all of the other irregular humanoids already collapsed. The tentacles under Ruler’s control exploded one after another, and then injuries of varying sizes began to appear on the flesh covering the floor, thick blue colored paste and flesh fragments continuously seeping out from them. 

When this heart of darkness beat, the wave of energy that was released did not directly attack the surrounding creatures, instead arousing the energy within those creatures. Then, with their internal energy composition in complete chaos, they would become chaotic and destructive streams of energy. If there was no way to resist the heart of darkness’ energy waves, then those with more powerful strength would only have their deaths further set in stone. They might be able to hold on longer than those with lower strength, but their fate of death was already decided, while those with lower levels of energy might be able to survive. If it was someone without any abilities at all, even if they were facing this heart of darkness, they still wouldn’t receive much damage. 

In the instant it took for sparks to fly off a piece of flint, Su already understood Ruler’s intention. Since even General died under his hands, then with all of his power, he should have no chance of surviving this direct confrontation with the heart of darkness.

Even though doing this would be burying all of these irregular humanoids with Su, if he didn’t do this, all of those irregular humanoids would still die under Su’s hands, as long as Su wished it to be so. 

The heart continued to beat powerfully, the deep sound like a war drum on a battlefield, every pulse striking at the weakest point of one’s consciousness. 

Under the rhythm of the heart’s beating, Madeline seemed to instead sleep even more deeply. Her body, her energy was similarly beating in response, but their structure didn’t collapse, instead only resonating with the heart, also increasing the speed at which she merged with the nucleus. Meanwhile, with each heartbeat, Su’s body, from its organization down to the most fundamental genetic fragments, would produce a ripple. However, the ripple would quickly calm down until the next heartbeat arrived. From a genetic standpoint, Su’s body was powerful to the extreme. 

As time slowly flowed on, the smile on Ruler’s face gradually disappeared as well. His body was trembling, and it was to the extent where just standing was extremely difficult. His hand that gripped the injury on his chest were also starting to become rigid, almost unable to steadily hold open those torn ribs. The dark black heart had clearly become even stronger, still beating with a constant rhythm, but now, each time it beat, a few of the blood vessels attaching it to his body would be ripped off, not waiting for Ruler to do so. It seemed like this heart already couldn’t wait any longer. 

Su continued to stand there, calmly watching Ruler without any sign of being affected by the black heart. 

“Turns out you were using your own body to seal this heart.” Su said. He now developed some new understandings towards the dark inside story of Project Frozen Throne. 

“Correct! My body is the devil’s cage! Even though Rochestor, Conier, and the others are despicable, none of them are stupid. They know that once the devil awoke, if they didn’t have enough methods to constrain it, then it would destroy the entire world. That was why they chose me and Ansuna, using our bodies as prisons, methods to restrict the devil. This is all to buy them time to find a method of controlling the devil!” Ruler was gnashing his teeth in anger as he spoke these words. 

“Then?” Su continued asking. As his heart beat, his legs unwittingly sank into the flesh on the ground again. 

“Then? You think there is still a ‘then’?” Ruler began to laugh maniacally again, using a shrill voice to scream out, “What happens afterwards is the death of everyone, everyone! I know that a war has happened on the surface and many people died, but Conier still wants to continue his ambitions, turning Ansuna into someone like me! However, his ambitions ultimately resulted in his own destruction. I was also able to reawaken Ansuna. However, she didn’t allow me to leave, not wishing for the devil that has already started to wake to grow out of control. That is why I’ve always hid here with her, hiding here for several decades already. We originally only wished to continue living peacefully like this, and after another few decades, or maybe even a century, me and Ansuna would reach the end of our lives and find another human to continue imprisoning the devil, but…”

Ruler’s voice suddenly became deep and serious, filled with a feeling of passed time. “However, humans, your ambitions know no bounds. You all seek everything that has power, all for the sake of ruling those like you. None of you would care in the slightest about the harm that power might bring. Now, Ansuna already left my side, and I am going to follow her. The devil has already completely awoken. Even if you are fine now, you will still be destroyed by the devil. Human! Since you want to obtain the devil, then you should pay the price for your ambitions!”

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