Book 4 Chapter 22.2

Book 4 Chapter 22.2 - Heart of Darkness

Ruler was not good at combat. When he saw how Ruler was unable to grab General’s falling left hand, this was the ice cold conclusion Su reached. 

In fact, Su already noticed this from how Ruler controlled those tentacles. Ruler seemed to be more of a spiritual leader, or the conscious representative of the irregular humanoids, and not a combat type creature. Those tentacles looked sinister and terrifying, but with Su’s deep understanding towards combat creatures, just a rough look was all he needed to know that their true uses didn’t lay in combat, but rather construction and transport. 

A brilliant smile suddenly appeared on General’s face. She didn’t use the voice waves of irregular humanoids, but rather human speech. “I… cannot stay with you anymore. Sorry… I couldn’t protect you... even though I had the nucleus… I… never tried my hardest…”

“Don’t speak anymore and sleep. I will join you soon.” Ruler wrapped one arm around General, his other arm holding her broken arm as he spoke gently. 

General’s chest began to flicker with a crystalline luster. Concentrated crystal granules continuously extended upwards. Perhaps because she knew that these were her final moments, General's face suddenly erupted with brilliant radiance, and her voice became clear and fluid, just like that of an ordinary human girl, without any more shakiness or mechanical awkwardness. 

“No! You still have to protect it! Promise me that you will do your best! You cannot let it lose control and leak into the outside world! Once you’ve done your best, come look for me then.” 

“I will.” Ruler said.

“Then, I’ll be waiting for you.” The radiance on Ansuna’s face gradually retreated, but the afterglow that was gentle like the setting sun gave her an astonishing beauty. She gave Ruler the most beautiful smile, and then she spoke her last words. “I love you, big brother.”

The afterglow finally died out.

Ruler became silent, silent in the darkness after the afterglow faded. 

In that moment, Ruler and General became the lead figures, while Su was completely forgotten in the corner. 

The darkness was momentary. Meanwhile, General turned into a statue, releasing countless fine and resplendent crystal granules in the light breeze. Within Ruler’s embrace, it was as if he carried a river of stars. 

Ruler suddenly raised his head, his dark red eyes seemingly dripping blood as he stared at Su. One word after another, he said, “You killed Ansuna!”

Su remained silent, calmly looking at Ruler without refuting his words. Ansuna almost killed Madeline, and she also had the nucleus, so even if he were to repeat everything again, Su would still choose to kill her. Ansuna attacked Madeline because Su and Madeline invaded the underground base. However, the nucleus clearly resonated with Madeline, to the extent where it could be said that the nucleus should have belonged to her. However, the reality was that Ansuna was the one with the nucleus. Su was willing to flatten this entire research base for the sake of obtaining that nucleus. 

In this era, even if Su wasn’t the one that did this, there would be others who would come and do the same. 

This world was not one with a simple right or wrong to begin with, and Su never thought of himself as a savior. He just wanted to take care of those at his side, that was all. Su was always an extremely simple person, as well as someone who spent most of his time perplexed and at a loss. 

At this moment, Su, now that he was facing Ruler, felt even more clearly a familiar aura from within Ruler’s body. In other words, it was a type of calling, a calling towards Su. When Pandora mentioned Frozen Throne to Su, Su already vaguely sensed this calling. And now, the calling became incomparably clear. 

What the apostle wanted was precisely the thing inside Ruler’s body.

Su released a light breath of air, and then he said to Ruler, “Hand over what’s inside your body, and then I will leave.” 

Hahahaha!!” Ruler suddenly laughed as if he had gone mad. He pointed at Su while laughing crazily and shouting, “You want that thing? Do you even know what it is, yet you want to obtain it?! That is the body of the devil, a devil that definitely does not belong to this world! The so-called Frozen Throne is precisely this devil’s throne. They were all researching the body of a devil, trying to awaken it, and then control it so they could rule the entire world! Rochester, Douglas, Conier, Clemergan, they were all madmen who only believed in science. However, they had even crazier ambitions, all of them hypocritical, filthy, selfish, and egotistical! None of them understood anything about the devil, yet they wanted to control it! Ahahahaha! War, all because of the damn war! If it wasn’t because of the war, they would’ve almost succeeded in awakening the devil, and then they would discover that the world isn’t as simple as their narrow minded hearts could imagine! The devil will completely destroy the world, but before that, it will first destroy those fellas that should be thrown into hell!”

Two streaks of tears mixed with blood slid down the corners of Ruler’s eyes, but his lips were still red like blood. Ruler’s voice suddenly increased an octave, and with a shrill voice that could shatter glass, he screamed out, “I am telling you, the devil has already awakened! Don’t you want it? Then come and take it. It is right here!!!”

Ruler suddenly tore open his own chest, and within that red thoracic cavity was a shocking dark black-colored heart, currently beating with a deep, low, and forceful pulse!

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