Book 4 Chapter 21.6

Book 4 Chapter 21.6 - Devour

Madeline’s entire body was weak without a bit of energy, resting weakly against Su’ chest. However, even if she had her peak nine levels of strength, she still definitely wouldn’t be willing to move right now. 

As she looked at nucleus, she didn’t even want to raise her hands. Her silver hair, however, drifted up on its own, moving towards the intensely pulsing nucleus. When her silver hair made contact with nucleus, the nucleus immediately released a slight sound, and all of the crystals began to release a hazy radiance, as if all of its functions were completely aroused. The unending stream of combat cells flowing into Su’s body thus slowed down, and then their attacks completely stopped. 

Madeline’s gray hair, like ten fine fingers, began to stroke this nucleus, carefully sensing it. Then, she said, “I can feel that this is what I’ve always been lacking.”

When he saw how this nucleus and Madeline resonated, after a moment of hesitation, he still loosened his hand. The nucleus was propped up by Madeline’s gray hair and brought before her face. The moment it left Su’s hand, the nucleus immediately calmed down, entering Madeline’s hair in an extremely docile manner. Without any hesitation, Madeline’s small mouth opened, and then nucleus entered like a streak of lightning, so fast that Su had no time to stop it. 

Madeline raised her head to look at Su. As soon as she wanted to say something, her face suddenly changed. She stared rigidly at Su, crying out involuntarily, “You… what happened to you?!”

Su revealed a slight smile, and as if nothing was wrong, he said, “It’s nothing. This General was a bit troublesome, so I ended up exhausting myself a bit more. I’ll be fine after a bit of rest. I am not as weak as humans.” 

Madeline’s azure eyes seemed like they were going to see through Su. She stared into Su’s eye, the slight smile on her face gradually disappearing. Her eyes flickered, but in the end, she didn’t say anything. Only, her long gray hair moved upwards, and like a pair of hands, they lightly touched Su’s face.  

Su laughed, his left arm that was wrapped around her tightening. He then raised his head towards the enormous hole that penetrated through several floors, about to rise up and leave this base.

However, after rising up a meter, Su then slowly descended again. 

A loud bang sounded. The place where Su’s feet landed on completely caved in. From the map of the research base Conier provided, this should have originally been the base’s lowest floor. However, when the floor caved in, an enormous space of over ten meters appeared!

Under the support of the energy field his shoulder’s crystals produced, Su slowly descended, and then he safely arrived on the ground, stepping onto the thick cushion of flesh. This was an enormous space that stretched several hundred meters, its size even greater than the entire underground base. On the surrounding stone walls, biological lights that were equipped with illumination functions lit up one after another, eventually lighting up this enormous space as bright as day. 

At the edge of the floor after it caved in, troops of people who had already been occupied by this strange life form began to appear. Most of them wore researcher uniforms, but there were quite a few administrative personnel, guards, and other staff members. These irregular humanoids gathered at the edge of the floor, stooping down to look over, several hundred pairs of eyes of varying colors and shapes converging on Su’s body. The air was filled with a noiseless fluctuation. Even though Su didn’t understand its contents, he knew that this was how these irregular humanoids communicated. 

By the edge of the floor, the irregular humanoids that were looking at Su numbered over several hundred! Most of them had around five levels of ability, while a third of them had sixth level ability, and several dozen of them with around seven levels of ability. Even in Dragon City, this was a terrifying amount of power! 

At the center of these several hundred irregular humans’ attention was Su with only one arm, and that arm was carrying Madeline who had already lost the ability to fight, yet he completely calmed down. Su raised his head, his green left eye coldly observing these restless irregular humanoids. A biting cold and formless aura slowly spread out. 

Wherever his eye passed, the fluctuations these strange humanoids used to converse with each other disappeared. All of these individuals who had been been swept through by Su’s eye trembled, their bodies immediately entering a battle stance. In these strange humanoids’ perception, Su had completely become their natural predator!

After looking around him, the entire room became miracuously quiet. Su revealed a cold laugh, and then he suddenly walked forward. The moment he took this step, this space suddenly became filled with fluctuations, powerful and ferocious like a summer night storm over a great sea! All of those strange humanoids stirred restlessly, crying out with everything they had, pushing and shoving each other, as well as brandishing their sharp claws or teeth towards Su! A few especially robust irregular humanoids already began to jump in their original locations, ready to throw themselves over at any moment. 

Su stood there calmly like a sculpture, the lifeless crystal lattice once again appearing in his left eye, the dark, overflowing aura slowly but steadily spreading all around him, devouring all heat, energy and fluctuations they passed through. Wherever it went, that place would become an icy cold and deathly still world controlled by darkness. It was like a black hole that spread with Su at the center, slowly spreading outwards.

At the center of the black hole was an expanse of nothingness. The irregular humanoids could see that Su was standing right there, yet they couldn’t sense Su’s existence. At the center of that black hole, nothing could be sensed. However, it was precisely this tremendous feeling of nothingness that made their souls tremble!

However, these irregular humanoids still stirred restlessly, instead finding it more and more difficult to remain calm. Almost all of their eyes were gathered at the foot Su stepped forward with. Underneath Su’s feet was the only irregular humanoid that reached nine levels of ability, General. 

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