Book 4 Chapter 21.4

Book 4 Chapter 21.4 - Devour

Su floated in midair, the energy crystals behind his back continuously providing him with energy, allowing him to stay afloat in midair. Madeline who was being carried in his arms rested extremely peacefully, her silver long hair scattering down on Su’s chest, covering most of that ‘eye’. The crystal eye was closed to a slit, appearing extremely fatigued, a bit annoyed by the hair’s disturbance, but not displaying the slightest bit of impatience. Meanwhile, Su’s left eye that was staring at General displayed an entirely different coldness, the clear crystal lattice covering it displaying a coldness that didn’t belong to living creatures. It was as if Su’s eye and the crystal eye on his chest belonged to two different consciousness. 

General, who was facing him, was in an extremely sorry state. Injuries covered her body, and all of those injuries were pouring out blue colored blood. The tentacles rested limply behind her, half liquid tissues continuously flowing and dripping outwards. However, in Su’s energy view, General’s energy radiance was still brilliant, only losing about 20% of her peak state, definitely not as haggard as she looked on the surface. Moreover, energy was currently entering General’s body from the flesh tubes on the ground. 

Su gave General’s lower body a look, seeing that her legs had entered the flesh tubes, currently absorbing energy to repair her body’s injuries. 

The density of General’s body was several tens of times that of ordinary strange beasts, and it was even more the sort that was suitable for Su’s absorption. The poison characteristics and explosive power were even greater. From this point, she was a biological weapon that was produced purely for combat. In Su’s energy view, because of her injuries, her energy continuously dispersed into her surroundings, but the energy that leaked out didn’t vanish into the air, instead drifting down to the flesh tubes around them through a mysterious power, and then be reabsorbed. 

Su’s eye narrowed slightly. He already sensed that there seemed to be a formless pressure and restriction inside this base, but regardless of whether it was the energy or panoramic view, everything appeared normal. General’s leaking of energy proved the existence of this formless field. 

Su gently flung Madeline upwards, and like an illusory spirit, she drifted into the air. Meanwhile, the crystals behind Su’s shoulders stopped shining, and his body, as if it weighed a thousand pounds, released a muffled tonk sound when it landed on the ground, seemingly making the entire base tremble. The sturdy flesh tubes and membranes were all easily trampled through, and two pits appeared in the alloy floor. Under the great weight, even Su’s sturdy military boots split into pieces. 

Su raised his right leg, and then he took a large step forward. When his foot descended, a large depression was created by the great power. He currently didn’t have the high speed that dragged out afterimages behind him, and his body seemed to have several tens or even over a hundred tons of weight. Every step seemed extremely strenuous, and each time his feet descended, a deep depression would be left behind. In addition, the walls and ceiling around him would tremble, sending dust falling down. The two energy crystals that had restrained their energy began to operate in reverse, using the most basic gravitational force to add a tremendous energy force field to Su’s body. The most intuitive result of this was that Su’ body’s weight already exceeded a hundred tons. Moving this heavy body, even with Su’s improved power, was an extremely strenuous task. 

However, when faced with this sluggish and clumsy Su, General instead felt an unprecedented graveness, as well as an unprecedented true fear. Su was like a roaring volcano as he walked over towards her step by step. As long as she was in the research base, General could use the ever present flesh tubes and membranes to replenish nutrients and energy, and Ruler could also amplify her energy. It could be said that in this type of environment, even when facing an enemy with power greater than hers, General would still be in an invincible position. In addition, from start to finish, the power Su displayed was merely at a similar level as her own. 

However, the left fist Su slowly raised contained a terrifying energy storm. General understood clearly that this energy storm definitely possessed the power to destroy her!

General’s pupils rapidly contracted, and then she suddenly ran into the wall beside her. However, as soon as she moved, she discovered that her body had unknowingly when also become several tens of tons in weight. This mistake in perception and sudden increase in weight made her knees buckle, causing her to kneel onto the ground. The tremendous force directly blasted through the surface of the ground. General’s body collapsed, falling a layer down. 

With a single step, Su already appeared above General. His body that was now extremely heavy, together with his left fist that had finished gathering power slammed ferociously against General’s stomach!

The blast wave of this collision of energy instantly destroyed everything within several meters around the two of them. A large hole was once again opened up in the alloy floor below them, and so they once again fell down, entering the fourth floor! General who had received serious injuries again and again displayed an unexpected persistent vitality. With a scream, her arms, as if completely lacking bones, stretched out in reverse, their fingers that suddenly lengthened stabbing deeply into Su’s ribs! When her hands impaled his body, General’s ten fingers expanded, and within the burning hot chest, clawed towards a predetermined location. Soon after, she made contact with what she wanted, a massive, glossy, and blazing crystal; the crystal eye that appeared in Su’s chest. 

Without needing to think any further, General’s ten fingers turned into ten tentacles, wrapped around this crystal eye, and then forcefully tore at it! The power her hands released was great, enough to twist steel! As soon as she exerted force, General could clearly sense the crystal eye release a crack sound! She immediately increased her power to the limit, going all out to completely crush this crystal eye to pieces! 

General not only knew that those on the surface would develop all types of powerful abilities, she even knew that some of them would create mysterious energy crystals, as well as develop all types of inconceivably powerful abilities through them. However, if one obtained abilities through these energy crystals, then these crystals would become those ability users’ unique weak points. Once shattered, the ability users would suffer life threatening damage. 

Su almost seemed to have not sensed that General’s hands were currently inserted into his chest. He simply raised his left fist, condensed enough power, and then slammed it down on General’s abdomen again! However, from Su’s twitching cheeks, it was clear that the pain General inflicted was already reaching the limits of what he could endure. 

However, Su looked like he was completely unaware of his crystal eyes’ destruction, only slamming his fist again and again down on General. However, General discovered that the damage Su’s fists delivered was unexpectedly small. The energy that entered her body didn’t gather at her weak points, but instead spread outwards, with the damage mainly coming from shaking her body, and even the harm was concentrated on movement systems. The energy each fist carried seemed to be equivalent to everything his body could take, but by attacking like this, the damage it inflicted was only a third of what it should have been. 

General didn’t understand why this was, but she instinctively seized this opportunity for a counterattack. As such, she changed her intention of detonating her hands in Su’s chest, instead attacking Su’s crystal eye. The results were clear. 

Su’s persistent attacks were still effective. General felt all of her body’s energy leaking away, and all perception disappearing as well. Even Ruler’s domain seemed to have been cut off. However, the moment before her body became completely numb, with the last bit of energy in General’s body, she finally delivered a final attack!

When she heard the clear shattering sound that seemed to have fulfilled her final wishes, general suddenly felt as if her dream had been achieved. Even though Su’s left hand was already inserted into her forehead, General’s face was still smiling, and only then did the expression in her eyes fade away. 

A loud rumbling sound rang through the air. Su and General who were tangled with each other fell heavily onto the deepest floor of the research base. Su’s face was deathly pale, and his green eye even more so released a streak of ghastly red line. 

When he saw General whose face still had a smile frozen on it, Su also smiled. His smile was similarly one of satisfaction. Both him and General obtained what they wanted, and they both paid the corresponding price. 

He struggled to his feet, raising his left hand to his face. At the center of his palm was a satiny piece of flesh, embedded within over ten rhombus crystals. This fist sized piece of flesh was still throbbing continuously, just like a pulsing heart.

This was nucleus, the nucleus that would enable Madeline’s evolution. 

A perfect nucleus. 

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