Book 4 Chapter 21.4

Book 4 Chapter 21.4 - Devour

Su floated in midair, the energy crystals behind his back continuously providing him with energy, allowing him to stay afloat in midair. Madeline who was being carried in his arms rested extremely peacefully, her silver long hair scattering down on Su’s chest, covering most of that ‘eye’. The crystal eye was closed to a slit, appearing extremely fatigued, a bit annoyed by the hair’s disturbance, but not displaying the slightest bit of impatience. Meanwhile, Su’s left eye that was staring at General displayed an entirely different coldness, the clear crystal lattice covering it displaying a coldness that didn’t belong to living creatures. It was as if Su’s eye and the crystal eye on his chest belonged to two different consciousness. 

General, who was facing him, was in an extremely sorry state. Injuries covered her body, and all of those injuries were pouring out blue colored blood. The tentacles rested limply behind...

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