Book 4 Chapter 21.3

Book 4 Chapter 21.3 - Devour

Su suddenly walked forward.

This step, from start to finish, was practically no different from a flash. Where his foot left the ground and where it landed, two separate Sus appeared. Meanwhile, between those two figures were endless afterimages!

Two tentacles appeared out of thin air, striking at Su’s figures, but they were completely fruitless. 

Su immediately appeared behind General’s back, the two short blades viciously hacking towards the tentacles’ base! General’s six tentacles already regenerated. Two of them failed to hit anything, but two more instantly intertwined, using their scale covered tips to block Su’s short blades. The last two tentacles attacked at Su’s body like poisonous dragons! 

General and Su momentarily tangled about each other, and then they suddenly separated. In that nearly indistinguishable moment, both sides already had more than ten wounds on them, blood splashing out and countless beads of blood interweaving in midair. Three of General’s tentacles broke off, while Su’s right arm was almost completely severed from the elbow up!

Only when the heavenly injured Su and General mutually glared at each other did the shockwaves of the battle from just now start spreading. Wherever they passed, everything would silently shatter. With these two as the center, an empty domain of several tens of meters instantly appeared!

Madeline slept right at the center of the energy storm, miraculously not suffering any injuries. General's tentacles released countless destructive attacks, yet Su would always block them with his body. She slept extremely peacefully, her injuries currently stabilizing. The new tissues within her wound had already regenerated a large half of the terrifying hole. However, for some reason, Madeline’s life force was currently disappearing bit by bit!

Su gave Madelin who was still sleeping a deep look. He suddenly stood up, unexpectedly tearing his right arm that was hanging by threads straight off, tossing it onto the ground. He then looked at General before saying calmly, “You still aren’t running?”

“Run? ...why need to… run?” General couldn’t understand Su’s logic. In her perspective, Su’s fighting strength and her own were about the same, while that unconscious woman would soon lose her life. 

This was Ruler’s domain. As long as she was within her domain, Madeline’s life force would continuously flow away. It seemed like Su wasn’t affected by Ruler’s influence, and General couldn’t understand why this was, but Ruler already explained the following battle process to her with his unparalleled wisdom. Su was going to die, while she would obtain a rebirth. 

Su suddenly used his remaining left arm to tear off his tattered combat suit, exposing his entire upper body! The muscles of his chest continued to wriggle about, moreover splitting towards both sides. From below his muscles, an enormous rhomboid crystal appeared! The crystal was an amber color, the center adorned with a dark colored pattern. As the radiance swirled, an enormous eye was added to Su’s chest! 

General’s mind trembled all of a sudden, almost believing the eye in Su’s chest was real. However, along with the movement of the amber crystal’s radiance, this thing that looked alike a wild beast’s pupil moved, staring deathly at her! In that instant, General discovered that Su’s left eye was actually closed! In that instant, and indescribable fear seized her entire consciousness. 

A small crystal surfaced on each of Su’s shoulders, and milky white radiance shone resplendently. Then, those two crystals shone, and Su’s body slowly rose into the air, thus levitating there!

Su took a deep breath, and then he released a silent roar towards General!

General immediately felt as if she was facing a storm, and then she was suddenly flung backwards! Behind her, layers of walls were being silently disintegrated under the energy storm, turning into ashes. The armor covering the surface of her body began to deconstruct, falling off flake by flake. Then, under the devastating energy storm, they began to burn, turning into ashes. The brandishing tentacles continuously produced bubbles, and then they ruptured one after another, releasing large blasts of steam. Like smelted metal, the tips of the tentacles released flames, continuously distorting and vaporizing.

When General slammed heavily into the base’s outer wall, her entire body was caved in inside of the several meter thick concrete wall. Then, all of the concrete within a few meters of her body was instantly covered in cracks, crushed into countless small pieces; only then did she fall onto the ground.

General’s hands supported  her onthe ground, struggling to get up. She looked towards Su’s direction, and then like a wild beast, she leapt to an escape passage beside her, quickly fleeing. 

At the heart of the energy storm, Su continued to float in midair, using his remaining left arm to carry Madeline. The enormous eye in his chest already became a narrow slit, looking like it wished to sleep due to excessive fatigue. Meanwhile, his green left pupil opened once again.

When he saw General run, an indescribable smile appeared. With a soft voice, he said to himself, “Will you be able to run, nucleus?”

The energy crystals behind his shoulder began to flicker with radiance. Just like that, Su flew through the air, chasing in the direction General disappeared to. When he flew halfway there, Su suddenly shot downwards, directly blasting through the floor, descending a floor.

Meanwhile, General had just ran out from the passage’s corner, appearing in front of Su’s face!

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