Book 4 Chapter 21.2

Book 4 Chapter 21.2 - Devour

In a corner of the underground third floor, Su lowered Madeline’s body. He gently undid the emergency gauze covering her chest, and then the injury on his right wrist opened again, blood pouring out like a spring into Madeline’s already shrinking injury, filling it in an instant. 

The skinny irregular life form young lady appeared not too far out. Where her breasts should have been, there were instead two oval crystal organs. In addition, these crystal organs already gathered shocking amounts of energy, the center gradually shining with scorching radiance. Immediately afterwards, two beams of energy radiance already roared outwards with power comparable to high energy lasers!

Only, these two beams of light fired upwards diagonally, instantly melting through several sturdy alloy layers, reaching into the first floor, and then only stopping after carving out two deep gashes on the ceiling before exhausting all of their energy. 

Su appeared behind this strange young lady. His knee against her waist, his left arm wrapped around her neck, and just like that, her upper body was forced back, and as such, the two beams of energy radiance naturally shot upwards. Like General, this strange young lady’s neck region was actually covered with extremely thick flexible armor, but her body was far less powerful than General’s. Following a full force knee to her lower back, half of her body’s bone structure seemed to have been completely fractured. The intense pain made her orange eyes momentarily lose luster, and streaks of blue blood sprayed out from the sides of her neck. 

“Call out to your Ruler, ask him to come save you!” Su said by this young lady’s ears with a low voice.

The young lady’s voice was intermittent, but it contained a clear hatred and unquestionable resolution. “You invaded our home, killed our companions, Ruler… will destroy you!”

Su laughed coldly. “This is the world of humans, it doesn’t belong to your strange life form species. Call out to Ruler, or else I will kill you right now!” 

“We… will not surrender.” The young lady’s eyes began to turn despondent. 

The corners of Su’s eyes jumped slightly. With a soft voice, he said, “I know that you all are aggregates of microorganisms. As long as a tiny portion is left, you all can be regrown. However, if you are hoping that I don’t have any way of completely destroying you human occupying parasites, then you’ll be terribly disappointed!”

Su’s right hand ferociously exerted force, completely entering the middle of this young lady’s back! His hand immediately released countless fine thorns. Holes opened up at their tips, absorbing her body’s fluids while releasing intruder cells. 

The young lady’s body twitched, breathing violently, her gradually vacant eyes helplessly looking upwards, her orange pupils reflecting the emergency lights that were dark red like blood. 

“... let her go…” A voice that was hoarse and out of practice sounded. It was General. 

“General…” The eyes of the young lady whose vitality was quickly flowing out from her lit up, crying out with difficulty. 

Upon seeing General’s appearance, Su smiled again. When he smiled, the corners of his lips were pointed downwards, completely shattering all aesthetic perceptions. His light blonde hair slowly danced about, a crystal lattice clearly appearing within his green left pupil. Then, one word at a time, one sentence at a time, he said, “In reality, all of you are just small parts of Ruler’s body that were separated, so why is there a need to copy humans and distinguish between yourselves?” 

General’s delicate and pretty face displayed clear anger. The tentacles behind her brandished intensely. However, perhaps because of the young lady in Su’s hands, she forcefully suppressed her anger, not rushing at Su and instead speaking with a strange voice, “We are still people! Our… bodies changed, but still have… human souls. We have peacefully lived here… not disturbing the outside world. Why… you have to invade our… home?”

“Humans? Even things assembled from poison dare to call themselves humans? You all merely stole the body’s original memories, yet you all call these souls?” Su sneered, removing his right hand.

The young lady’s body had most of her blood sucked out. It had already completely lost its life force, slowly falling onto the ground. 

General’s body trembled as she angrily berated. “You... murderer! Also, you… aren’t human either!”

Su stared at the space between General’s brows. There was an extremely striking scar there, clearly not recovered fully yet. Even though these strange life forms that were made of microorganisms possessed recovery force far greater than an ordinary creature, even among these strange life forms, General’s recovery force could be said to be extremely great. 

When he heard General’s hateful words, Su laughed, and with a low voice, said, “You are called General? No matter, regardless of what you are, no matter what you say, you will still end up as my food.”

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