Book 4 Chapter 21.1

Book 4 Chapter 21.1 - Devour

Su’s brain felt like it was being cut by countless knives, the traces of twitching pain spreading throughout his entire body. This was the repercussions of using his brain excessively, which had already brought his nervous system quite some damage. Repairing damage to the nervous system would take several times the energy of normal injuries, and after giving a large amount of blood to Madeline, Su’s body reached a critically weak point. Su could turn the other cells of his body into blood, but he couldn’t create things without sacrificing something else. The amount of energy this required would be inconceivably great. 

Waves of weakness transmitted from inside Su’s body. This was a feeling of extreme hunger. 

Su held Madeline close to him, the depths of his left eye’s pupil silently producing a concentrated mesh of crystals. This was the sight mode he had just created: biological energy view. Under this new mode of vision, all living creatures would be surrounded by all types of colors, the spectrum of radiance representing the strength of energy within that creature. 

Su suddenly took a step forward, and then the instant the tip of his toes landed on the ground, his entire body froze like a statue. The strange beasts’ combat instincts were quite terrifying, immediately able to sense their target’s movement trajectory and take action. However, it was precisely because of this that they all came to misjudgments, smashing into a wall in front of Su! These strange beasts, in that moment of chaos, were scattered by a tremendous amount of power. When they smashed against the walls, several strange beasts with above average perception prowess vaguely saw Su leave this place while dragging afterimages behind him. In addition, in his hand was a continuously struggling strange beast. 

Su’s pace fluctuated irregularly as he walked. If one observed from above, they would see that his steps formed a complex and winded path through the strange beasts’ encirclement. As soon as he broke out from this encirclement, he turned into a vacant room, stopped for an entire second, and then left once again.

In this second of time, Su tore apart this strange beast’s throat with his teeth. His left hand continuously released fluctuations, urging the small amount of blood within its body to spray out from that injury. In that second, Su already sucked away most of its blood!

After flinging this strange beast that had already turned into a dried corpse away, Su walked out from the vacant room, passing through a narrow passageway and several strange beasts. Following a momentary clash, the abnormally vicious strange beasts smashed about in all directions, while Su disappeared through the other end of the passage with a new strange beast in hand. 

Then, Su infiltrated the underground second floor once again through the emergency stairs. After walking a small circle around this second floor, he then returned through a different exit back to the first floor. 

During this short process, the strange beasts he carried in his hand had already been switched three times, most of their blood becoming food for Su. Su’s body temperature continued to climb. The surface of his body was already reaching a boiling point, while the temperature inside his body exceeded three hundred degrees! Nearly all of his bodily fluids were boiling, as well as, through this method, operate several times faster. Meanwhile, the blood of these strange creatures that were sucked in immediately boiled as soon as it entered his stomach, continuously being broken down into the simplest proteins and other nutrients to be absorbed by Su’s body. All of the organs that still existed in Su’s body were frantically releasing blood to replenish what he had lost. 

The blood of these strange beasts, aside from the organic matter, wasn’t suited for the consumption of humans or most creatures on earth. Their blood possessed large amount of inorganic poison, as well as powerful corrosion properties once activated. For humans, the blood of these strange creatures was undoubtedly a type of powerful acid.

However, Su was an exception. 

He discovered with surprise that the digestion of this blood went quite smoothly. The blood smoothly entered his body, and the small amount Su’s body could not process was so slight it was nearly negligible. Meanwhile, these strange creatures’ blood was decomposed and absorbed extremely thoroughly, moreover releasing large amounts of blood in a short amount of time, with almost none wasted. It was almost as if the blood of these creatures was food that was naturally prepared for him. 

Su was instinctively operating as well, adjusting his digestion process of this food in ways he himself didn’t even understand. In just a few minutes, the digestion and absorption process was shortened to a third of its original time. 

If Su was completely clear-headed and with full rationality, he would definitely also feel a sense of fear towards his own instinctive actions! It was as if an ancient prehistoric beast was hiding within him, one that was currently awakening. However, right now, Su didn’t even seem to have noticed any of this, his attention half concentrated on searching for General’s traces, half monitoring the state of Madeline’s body. 

Meanwhile, under the ear-splitting alarm and dark red lightning, Su’s afterimages seemed to be everywhere. Wherever he traveled through, there would inevitably be endless blue blood that splashed about! He frantically pursued and devoured these strange creatures, and then poured the newly produced blood into Madeline’s injuries, turning it into nutrients for her recovery. In front of these terrifying strange creatures, Su had become a hundred percent predator. 

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