Book 4 Chapter 20.7

Book 4 Chapter 20.7 - Penetrating Deeply

An expanse of afterimages suddenly appeared between Su and the young lady. In that instant, Su already rushed in front of the young lady, almost making contact with her face as he stood there! Meanwhile, at this moment, the young lady’s mouth had just opened, revealing the concentrated crystals in her throat. Meanwhile, her right hand equipped with sharp talons had only been raised halfway.

The spinning short blades suddenly stopped, both of them embedding themselves into the young lady’s chest! It was as if time stopped. The young lady’s movements also thus froze. She looked at Su, struggling to say something, yet not a word came out. 

The short blades were silently extracted from the young lady’s body, and then like a ghost, Su returned to his original position, catching Madeline’s falling body.

Right at this moment, Madeline’s body trembled slightly, already opening her eyes. Almost the instant she woke up, her line of sight landed on Su’s shoulder. Then, she struggled to reach out her hand, grabbing a piece of flesh that had appeared unknowingly when on Su’s shoulder. 

Madeline carefully looked at the flesh at the tip of her fingers, and then she placed it into her mouth, closed her eyes, and carefully appreciated the taste. In Su’s perception, as soon as this unremarkable piece of flesh entered Madeline’s body, it quickly dissolved, entering her body. Almost the instant it entered her body, Madeline was like a torch that was ignited, her entire body overflowing with dazzling fiery radiance, almost as if erupting with tremendous vitality through igniting herself!

This sudden eruption of flames immediately exhausted Madeline’s stamina that wasn’t much to begin with, and the blood Su infused into her body was even nearly depleted, quickly dimming. Su already noticed that even though these energy flames didn’t help the state of her injuries in the slightest, to the extent where it even brought some harm due to the consumption of energy, her body that had been refined by the flames had already undergone a slight change. 

“What is this?” Su asked.

 Madeline’s face was worryingly pale. When she heard Su’s question, she weakly smiled and said, “There was a bit of ‘nucleus’ inside of it. In the past, the Empress had given me a small piece of something that had this nucleus, and that's why I remembered its taste. The Empress said that this nucleus can allow me to evolve.”


Madeline shook her head and said, “I have never seen what the nucleus looks like. The nucleus fragment the Empress gave me was completely different from this one. However, it really did have the nucleus components.”

After speaking these things with difficulty, Madeline who was close to being entirely drained slowly closed her eyes. She buried her head into Su’s chest, once again going fast asleep. 

Su calmly stood there, a sea of data instantly flowing through his brain. In his consciousness, everything that happened since Madeline woke up began to play in reverse, to the extent where every drop of blood of those strange beasts released was reconstructed! This was a tremendous and inconceivable amount of information. Su, who had the panoramic view, could already recall everything, reconstruct everything, and analyze everything!

However, even with Su’s powerful data processing speed, this sea of data still far exceeded the limits of what he could handle. As a result, intense pain transmitted all over his entire body, causing him to involuntarily twitch. However, Su clenched his teeth and endured it, because the amount of information his memory could store was limited. After a while, what he wanted to know might already be forgotten. 

Finally, his memories froze on a scene, and then it repeated played back and forth.

In that moment, Su’s hands were on the pistol, firing it at the space between General’s brows. Then among the scattering flesh and blood, a piece landed on Su’s shoulder.


Su suddenly opened his eyes!

Right at that moment, an ear-piercing alarm suddenly sounded in the base. The flickering red lights added a sense of urgency to this place. All of the elevators began to shine with an emergency stop signal, and then all of the emergency passageways leading to the surface exploded violently, the falling earth and rocks immediately plugging up these routes completely. Even more irregular humanoids woke up from the darkness, covering towards the first floor. The flesh tubes everywhere frantically squirmed about, summoning embryo eggs one after another. From time to time, these eggs would split open, and these newly born strange beasts, while completely ignoring their bodies that were dripping with fluids, would join the beast horde towards the predetermined destination. 

Su, while carrying Madeline, raised his head. He looked at the cracked ceiling, as well as the flickering red emergency lights, and listened to the loud and shrill alarm, the corners of his lips revealing a hint of a sinister smile. He muttered to himself, saying, “Perfect. I didn’t feel like leaving anymore either!”

In Su’s surroundings, there were already several dozen strange beasts, yet he turned a blind eye to them. 

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