Book 4 Chapter 20.6

Book 4 Chapter 20.6 - Penetrating Deeply

During the treatment process, Su’s eyes were resolute and steady, but his hands were uncontrollably trembling slightly. However, eventually, Su still used his right hand to complete an entire rescue surgery in the shortest amount of time, as well as used his left hand to kill all strange beasts who crossed the red line in his heart. 

After the rescue treatment was completed, Su's right hand rested flatly on Madeline’s chest. With a light tremble, her heart began to beat again, and then a powerful vitality was stimulated. All types of systems began to operate at ten times their normal speeds. Within those injuries, he could see new flesh buds growing, starting to repair the damage. Madeline possessed a nearly perfect body, and her recovery ability was also great. However, the great injuries and excessive energy consumption still made her fall into a deep slumber. 

The short blade in Su’s left hand moved, slicing open his right wrist. Blood poured out like a fountain, entering the various injuries by Madeline’s chest. Only when blood was overflowing from her injuries did the injury on his wrist close on its own. Su used the battlefield first aid gauze to carefully seal Madeline’s injuries, and only then did he release a breath of air. He then gave his surroundings a look. 

Four or five strange beasts occupied the corners of the room, using their compound eyes to stare deathly at Su. They were releasing low growls, but they were careful not to cross that red line, not daring to take even a single step beyond it. With Su and Madeline as the center, everything within a ring of three meters was filled with the corpses of strange beasts, as well as corpses of irregular humanoids who wore researcher uniforms. All of the corpses were covered in blade wounds. Meanwhile, the ground was long covered in these strange creatures’ unique blue colored blood, and it was still continuously flowing out in all directions. 

Perhaps out of fear towards the crazy slaughter, when they saw Su stand up, those strange beasts all retreated backwards. 

Su released a cold laugh. Turns out these fellas also understood fear. However, right now, he didn’t have the time or energy to kill these creatures. Su struggled to suppress the crazy killing intent within his mind. Right now, every bit of his stamina was precious. As long as these strange beasts didn’t provoke him, he didn’t mind letting them live a bit longer. He leaned over to carry the sleeping Madeline, and then he walked towards the first floor’s passageway. He was going to withdraw from the base and wait for Madeline’s injuries to recover. 

The large amount of blood loss made Su a bit dizzy, and his body felt weak as well. However, he didn’t walk too quickly. After all this was a nest of strange creatures, and since he managed to intimidate these strange beasts with such difficulty, he only wanted to use this rare chance to escape. Once these strange beasts or General who had fled noticed his current weak state, he might very well be surrounded and attacked from all sides again. After his fight against General, Su already had an understanding towards these strange creatures’ combat strength, so he didn’t mind a life and death fight. However, what he feared was that the battle would affect Madeline. 

As soon as he reached the first floor without too many mishaps, a silent and familiar fluctuation suddenly filled this place! This was precisely the fluctuation released by General when she commanded the separated tentacle to attack!

Su’s heart immediately sank. 

Sure enough, several dozen strange beasts began to move, gathering over. Meanwhile, not too far behind Su, a door suddenly opened, and an irregular humanoid walked out, a young lady. It seemed like before her body was occupied by the strange creatures, she still hadn’t matured yet, and as such, she still maintained a bit of her past tenderness and pureness. However, the pale blue skin and orange eyes displayed that she was not human. 

More than ten irregular humanoids already died under Su’s hands, and as such, he was deeply aware that the combat strength of these irregular humanoids was definitely unrelated to their age prior to transformation. This calm young lady who looked like she had just turned ten gave off an energy radiance that was more powerful than the other irregular humanoid creatures. That was an energy radiance that was already close to seven levels of ability!

Su slowly turned around, gazed into the young lady’s gemstone-like orange eyes, and then he suddenly revealed a smile. He was completely unaware that this smile completely lacked the aesthetic of killing, only leaving behind a sinister and warped expression!

“Your leader only knows how to send you all to your deaths?” Su slowly said. 

The young lady walked over with rather unsteady steps while saying, “... intruders… must all die… this is… home…” Her voice was indistinct, and her grammar was a mess. It seemed like it had been a few decades since she had last spoken words. However, her meaning was clear. In addition, behind her were more than ten strange beasts. These strange beasts all bared their fangs, gradually closing in with this young lady just like a group of hunting dogs that she had raised. 

“Die?” Su’s smile was already extremely distorted. 

A light crack sounded, simultaneously sounding from the depths of his body as well as the depths of his consciousness. It was as if there was some type of shackles that had, at that moment, completely shattered. 

Su took a deep breath. His arms moved, and then Madeline’s sleeping body seemed to have lost weight as it slowly floated upwards. Two short blades immediately appeared in Su’s hands, spinning at inconceivable degrees and releasing mournful whimpering sounds!

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