Book 4 Chapter 20.5

Book 4 Chapter 20.5 - Penetrating Deeply 

This second clash could be said to be a tie. General’s tentacle penetrated Su’s chest, only to discover that he didn’t have a heart at all. Meanwhile, Su grasped a good chance to hack open her neck, yet unexpectedly discovered that her neck that wasn’t protected by armor was shockingly sturdy, to the extent where it was much sturdier than even the armor around her body! If Su’s blade wasn’t aimed at her neck and instead pierced towards her chest, General’s injuries should be much more severe. 

General’s eyes also stared at Su. Even though they were of different species, Su could still clearly sense the rage and pain within those eyes! That was an unspeakable, unforgettable hatred!

After a second of deadlocked situation, the space between General’s brows suddenly split open, and a lump of soft flesh swelled out, its surface embedded with several dozen spherical crystals. As soon as the crystals appeared, they began to vibrate, waves of a special frequency scattering throughout this entire laboratory. 

The moment the crystals appeared, Su immediately felt an extreme sense of uneasiness! As soon as he was going to release a cry of warning, he suddenly saw the feeler on Madeline’s body crazily distort, frantically tearing at her body! After being infected by large amounts of Su’s intruder cells, the tentacle was already on the brink of death. However, when the remaining cells were stimulated by the sound waves, the remaining cells unexpectedly had their last bit of potential fired up, causing it to once again frantically dance about!

When he saw blood fly everywhere from Madeline’s chest as well as the rapidly worsening injury, Su’s entire body went ice cold, his mind becoming completely blank! He didn’t know what to do!

The broken tentacle was like a low level creature. Even though it had no intelligence, its vitality was incomparably tenacious. Right now, he could only wait for the intruder cells to completely slaughter the tentacle’s cells.

However, would Madeline last until then?

After a practically negligible moment of time, Su’s consciousness resumed from its blankness. At this moment, he was completely controlled by his instincts. He grabbed the tentacle with a single grip, and then with a loud shout, he actually tore it out completely from Madeline’s body!

The tentacle was covered with scales, and all of these scales had sharp thorns and curved hooks. After rigidly pulling it out, it was to the extent where he could see many pieces of flesh and internal organs hanging from them. 

Su stood up, flung the tentacle far into the distance, and then he walked towards General. All of the radiance in that green eye already condensed. No fluctuations could be seen, no flickering, not the slightest bit of emotion. Just like that, Su calmly walked towards General. 

He walked in a calm and steady manner, but every movement drew out large amounts of afterimages. In reality, he was actually fast to an inconceivable level! With just two steps, Su already appeared before General’s face, and reached out his blood covered left hand towards the crystals that appeared between her brows. 

General displayed a hatred that seemed to be carved in her bones and engraved in her heart. Meanwhile, Su used his actions to display his similarly unforgettable hatred.

General’s movements weren’t much slower than Su’s. She took a step back, and then the three tentacles that could still move quickly flew before her body, fiercely stabbing towards Su’s brain, throat, and genitalia! Su didn’t have a heart, but she didn’t believe that these parts weren’t weak points either. 

Su suddenly stopped in midair, and then slid back a few meters. These movements that completely defied physics caused an error in General’s judgment. The tentacles made contact in front of Su’s body, and then they all bounced away. While sliding backwards, Su stepped lightly on the ground, and then the pistol that was originally tossed onto the ground suddenly bounced up, floating in front of Su’s body. Su reached out his hand, grabbed the pistol, and then the pistol that should have been out of ammunition released a blast of blue flame. Two bullets flew towards General’s head in a straight line. 

The two gunshots were too abrupt. General didn’t even have time to process in her mind why the pistol that should have been completely empty still had bullets when a rain of blood already exploded from the space between her brows, and the crystals were also blasted to pieces by the bullets. 

General released a howl of pain. A tentacle lashed out towards the pistol with lightning speed. Meanwhile, she herself, while holding her forehead, smashed apart the wall behind her before quickly leaving into the distance. 

The pistol had two rounds left to begin with. Su threw it onto the ground precisely in preparation for this unexpected fatal blow. 

Watching General leave, Su resisted the urge to chase her, instead returning to Madeline’s side. Even though he seriously injured General, strange creatures were currently swarming over in this direction, so he couldn’t leave Madeline who had lost the ability to protect herself here. Su squatted by Madeline’s side, quickly producing a med kit to spray the hemostatic drug, as well as deliver a top-notch emergency treatment injection. 

Su’s left hand held the short dagger, the blade continuously dripping with blood during this entire treatment process. All strange beasts that approached within a distance of three meters were instantly slaughtered, but as long as it was beyond those three meters, Su couldn’t care less how many strange beasts gathered. 

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