Book 4 Chapter 20.4

Book 4 Chapter 20.4 - Penetrating Deeply

Madeline released a cough, spitting out a blast of bloody mist. When she lowered her head to look at her own chest, she saw that a tentacle the width of a fist was stretching out from it, its tip currently brandishing about in a sinister manner. The tip of this tentacle was covered in layers of cutin scales, every corner extremely sharp, the point even dyed with her blood! It was precisely this tentacle that suddenly attacked her back, piercing through Madeline’s body! 

Madeline’s expression suddenly became pale. As this tentacle moved, her entire body was raised into the sky!

Bang! An oppressive gunshot suddenly sounded from within the laboratory, and then a large blast of blue blood violently erupted from the tentacle that pierced...

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