Book 4 Chapter 20.4

Book 4 Chapter 20.4 - Penetrating Deeply

Madeline released a cough, spitting out a blast of bloody mist. When she lowered her head to look at her own chest, she saw that a tentacle the width of a fist was stretching out from it, its tip currently brandishing about in a sinister manner. The tip of this tentacle was covered in layers of cutin scales, every corner extremely sharp, the point even dyed with her blood! It was precisely this tentacle that suddenly attacked her back, piercing through Madeline’s body! 

Madeline’s expression suddenly became pale. As this tentacle moved, her entire body was raised into the sky!

Bang! An oppressive gunshot suddenly sounded from within the laboratory, and then a large blast of blue blood violently erupted from the tentacle that pierced through Madeline’s body, having a large and deep hole blasted open. 

Su stood at the entrance of the laboratory, his hands that were holding the pistol as steady as a boulder. The muzzle continuously fired, pouring twenty rounds out from the magazine. The ferocious explosions and blast waves not only tore apart the tentacle’s sturdy flesh, it also shook the adjacent Madeline until her face turned pale, nose and mouth continuously releasing bloody wisps. Su hardened his heart, the green light in his eye becoming cold to the extreme. His right hand moved slightly, and then the empty magazine fell out, replaced with another. Then, another twenty rounds crazily blasted out!

Under the continuous sounds of explosions, the tentacle was finally broken in midair, and light groans of pain sounded from within the laboratory as well. 

This pistol made with a fusion of the Black Dragonriders’ most advanced weapons technology, apart from the various ammunition it could use, it also had a firing rate of 1500 rounds per minute. In close range, this was completely a massacring machine! Only, if one wanted to display the full power of this pistol, one had to have at least six levels of power and five levels of defense, or else if one tried to fire it at its maximum rate, the recoil would directly shatter the arms of the one firing it. 

Su caught Madeline’s body, and then he backed up towards the wall. He tossed the pistol that he didn’t have any more ammunition for to the side, switching to throwing knives. His green eyes stared tightly at the figure that gradually appeared at the other end of the laboratory. 

This was a young lady, her blue skin that flickered with a metallic luster appearing mysterious and strange. However, an elegant and attractive appearance could still be made out. She didn’t wear any clothes, instead forming a layer of skin around the surface of her body similar to armor. The biological armor flickered with radiance, and it also made her figure rather indistinct. It seemed like this type of radiance played a crucial part in her invisibility. The young lady’s chest had a striking image, a heart that was currently flowing with blood. Meanwhile, from her back, six long tentacles were slowly moving about in the air. One of them already had a small part broken, the injured flesh currently wriggling about as it regenerated. It seemed like it would regrow in a few minutes of time, but for it to completely recover, it would need at least an hour of time. 

Su placed Madeline’s body flat against the ground while staring at this blue skinned young lady. The young lady’s skin continuously flickered between bright and dark, already no longer in an invisible state. In addition, her energy and aura were fluctuating greatly, so it seemed like having one of the tentacles behind her broken was quite a serious injury, far from being as light as it seemed on the surface. 

The tentacle part left in Madeline’s body continuously squirmed about, continuously worsening her injury, Madeline coughed again and again, blood flowing out insuppressible from the corner of her mouth. Her injuries this time were extremely serious, because after all, her defense abilities were still only at five levels. When fighting against the enemy, she could make up for the difference in power with technique, but when it was her turn to take damage, the difference became apparent. Madeline’s five levels of defense were equivalent to the normal seven levels, but the damage she took was definitely not something seven levels of defense could resist. 

When he saw that broken tentacle continue to frantically move about, Su’s face became incomparably gloomy. He clenched his teeth, ferociously tore apart the clothes covering Madeline’s chest, and then grabbed the tentacle’s tip in one go!

The tentacle continued to wriggle about, the extremely sharp edges tearing at Su’s palm until it was badly mangled. As the sharp edges made contact with the fine crystals hidden under his skin, scraping sounds that made one’s teeth sore occasionally sounded. Su’s face became colder and colder, the blood in his left hand continuously flowing down into Madeline’s injury. All of the skin around his body suddenly swelled, and then his left hand exploded with power. Clear crack crack sounds rang through the air. Even though the scales on the tentacle’s tip didn’t break, the tentacle was crushed until they grinded against each other, revealing a few badly mangled injuries. Meanwhile, more than ten bony thorns extended from Su’s palm, deeply penetrating the injuries exposed on the tentacle. Blood then frantically surged from the injury into the tentacle!

The expression of the young lady on the other side suddenly changed. Her energy rapidly surged, entering an invisible state again, directly disappearing from before Su’s face. The tentacle that had separated from her body was actually still under her control, but she felt that something had entered the tentacle. Soon after, a numb feeling began to spread through the tentacle with vigorous vitality, and then the tentacle’s life force began to rapidly flow away. 

The moment General went invisible again, Su suddenly stood up. His right arm moved at flying speed, drawing out afterimages. The short blade’s edge immediately erupted with large amounts of sparks, the indestructible edge unexpectedly producing a few small nicks! The powerful force that transmitted back from the short blade in that instant immediately made half of Su’s body numb, his right arm seemingly losing all feeling. 

Several dancing tentacles vaguely appeared in the void, quickly retracting backwards. General reappeared at the other end of the laboratory, only, two of the tentacles behind her now falling limp on the ground, no longer exuding their previous vitality. She breathed in and out rapidly, but her breathing wasn’t through her nose, but rather through the organs at both sides of her neck. 

Su retreated to Madeline’s side. As soon as he extended his left hand out towards the tentacle, General’s eyes flashed with radiance, once again concealing herself!

Su immediately leapt up, both hands gripping short blades in reverse. Void images were drawn out in his surroundings, sparks covering the surroundings of his body! In that instant, it was unknown just how many times the short blades and the tentacles exchanged blows!

The ferocious battle ended in an instant. Su released a groan. The clothes around his heart suddenly exploded, and a teacup sized injury appeared, almost piercing through his body! After quickly retreating, he leaned against the wall, using his left hand to press down on this chest injury as he coldly stared at General who had withdrawn from an invisible state. General was in a much sorrier state as well, with one more tentacle laying on the ground, as well as a gaping wound on one side of her neck. Blue blood continuously poured out from this clean cut. 

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