Book 4 Chapter 20.3

Book 4 Chapter 20.3 - Penetrating Deeply

Su’s figure suddenly became clear, his entire body sticking to a security door. Behind this door were Hasbel and the General. The security door’s security system was still in effect, and Su definitely didn’t have the skill to decode it. However, in the half a second of time his body froze, Su’s body had already completed its fine tuning, and then terrifying power that wasn’t inferior to eight levels erupted. A tremendous bang sounded, blasting the entire security door flying, bringing forth a powerful gust of wind as it smashed into the laboratory!

Su’s face flushed with a layer of striking redness. He staggered backwards a few steps, and then he leaned against the passageway wall without moving. The sudden eruption of power that exceeded the limits of his own abilities, as well as the powerful recoil force brought him injuries that weren’t light. Currently, there were countless fine injuries within Su’s body, and countless blood vessels had burst. The powerless feeling of numbness already extended over his entire body, causing Su to momentarily lose all combat strength. It would take about two seconds for him to recover basic combat ability. 

When the heavy alloy security door was smashed apart, concentrated sounds of metal distorting and shattering sounded. There was also a sound similar to a bubble popping, as well as a roar of pain. The several hundred square meter laboratory was already a mess, the security door perfectly smashing into the flesh control platform, smashing it apart right at the center. The lower half of Hasbel’s body was crushed under the alloy door, the intense pain causing his body to frantically twist about, doing everything he could to push away the alloy door. 

The moment Su blasted away the alloy door, Madeline’s figure already flashed into the laboratory, now standing tall on top of the alloy door, observing her surroundings. 

The young lady’s attitude was calm and unruffled, but the alloy door suddenly pressed downwards, causing Hasbel who was crushed underneath to cry out even louder. After the third transformation, along with the advancement of her abilities, the internal composition of Madeline’s body was also continuously changing. Even though her physical appearance didn’t change much, in reality, her weight already exceeded two hundred kilograms. Together with that hundred kilogram heavy sword and armor that exceeded a hundred kilograms, the young lady was already half a ton in weight. Moreover, standing on this alloy door after rushing in with high speed, forget about Hasbel, even an abnormal beast with an exoskeleton would be completely crushed. 

As soon as Madeline stood properly, a light wind blew through the laboratory. She suddenly change stances, raising her heavy sword to guard her side!

Only a muffled sound could be heard and then the heavy sword suddenly became bent. Meanwhile, Madeline bounced out like an artillery shell, smashing into the laboratory wall! Meanwhile, in Madeline’s original position, a faintly discernible fist could be seen, but it immediately faded soon after. 

Madeline’s body curled up into a ball as she shot towards the wall. The instant she made contact, she suddenly unfolded her body, assuming a half kneeling stance against the wall. The tremendous force and inertia made it seem as if she was standing perpendicularly against the wall. However, beneath her feet, cracks extended in all directions, and the entire wall was releasing a groan, about to collapse. 

A soft exclaim of surprise sounded from within the laboratory, the invisible General seemingly expressing surprise towards Madeline’s ability to adapt. It originally expected Madeline to smash through the wall and her body to be seriously injured. How could this girl whose body was nothing more than a mature strange beast block its own full force strike? 

As soon as Madeline stabilized herself on the wall, her beautiful azure eyes closed again. Even though she couldn’t see the enemy, she could sense the tremendous energy of the incoming attack. Her left arm reached forward, using the armor covering it to greet the incoming energy! The moment both sides collided, within the enormous storm of energy, an arm could finally be seen! Madeline’s left arm pulled back and then returned forward, dispelling the ferocious and chaotic energy stream, and then with a flip of her hand, she grabbed this arm. The young lady then immediately rushed forward, sending pretty much her entire body into this invisible enemy’s bosom. Immediately afterwards, this enemy that had already done everything it could to conceal itself was already sent flying out by Madeline, continuously smashing apart two walls before finally stopping. 

Even though the other party couldn't be seen, from the energy fluctuations, Madeline still knew that her attack brought the other party some damage. A hint of a smile appeared on her lips. The hidden enemy before her had close to nine levels of power, as well as defenses and speed that weren’t weak. Together with its Complete Invisibility ability, it could be said that its strength was far greater than an ordinary ninth level ability user, to the extent where, in theory, it shouldn’t lose to Pandora who had ten levels of power. However, Pandora’s body possessed an almost invincible freakish defensive power. If they were truly comparing combat strength, she was obviously not someone this hidden fella could compare with. 

Due to the disparity in ability levels, if this battle was prolonged, Madeline would still lose. However, she wasn’t fighting alone. There was also Su, and he was going to recover soon. 

As soon as a smile appeared on the corner of Madeline’s lips, the invisible General already rushed in front of her again, and Madeline once against used her armguard to face this assault. Another round began in a similar fashion, and it concluded in a similar manner as well. General was ferociously sent flying out, this time, apart from smashing through two walls, even a few shelves of experimental instruments were destroyed as well. However, as soon as Madeline wanted to pursue and carry out a follow up attack, a wave of chilliness suddenly filled her mind! Before she had time to react, it was as if an enormous hammer smashed down on her back, and then everything before her eyes went dark! Soon afterwards, a type of sharp feeling penetrated her back, and then it pierced out through her chest!

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