Book 4 Chapter 20.2

Book 4 Chapter 20.2 - Penetrating Deeply

Just as Su was about to pull his left hand out from the flesh tube, a small region suddenly lit up at the border of his panoramic view! This area that seemed to have previously been a laboratory was filled with interweaving flesh tubes, forming a platform of flesh. A single person stood on this platform, currently inserting its hands into the flesh control platform. It wore the uniform of a research worker, its head already close to becoming completely bald, a pair of old-fashioned spectacles resting on the bridge of its nose. He looked just like a surviving researcher. However, the research uniform on his body was already unbearably tattered, the corners all greatly worn, the original color not visible at all. As for the old-fashioned glasses, one side didn’t have any glass within it, and the other was covered in cracks. It was clear that these glasses were only there for display. In addition, under Su’s perception, under his research uniform, a blue radiance that should belong to those abnormal creatures was being released. The level of intensity of this radiance displayed the strength of the energy contained. Those strange beasts only released slight amounts of blue color, while the blue radiance released from this researcher’s body was extremely powerful! 

A sphere of blue radiance continuously spun about between the researcher’s hands, and in the surroundings of Su’s left hand, a faint sphere of light also appeared, spinning at a similar rhythm. Within the area the blue radiance surrounded, the various cells within the viscous liquid increased several times faster, and they continuously changed into phagocytes that possessed powerful offensive ability before surrounding Su’s left hand. 

It seems like this researcher already discovered Su’s existence, and was also able to control the cells in the viscous liquid to attack; this was what Su thought. This was the first researcher Su saw that had been abnormally biochemically modified, as well as the first strange creature that had a unique ability. Its ability to control the cells wasn’t that great, but it was extremely discreet. Moreover, under certain environments, it could display tremendous power, for example, spreading a plague within a certain city. 

Su’s left hand tightened, and then all of the flesh wisps returned. Then, under his orders, all abnormal creature cells that entered Su’s body were slaughtered! The blue colored abnormal energy sphere was also shattered as a result. 

At this moment, the door behind the researcher was opened, yet what rested behind the door was a vacant expanse. Even though no one could be seen, a gentle voice sounded within the laboratory, “Hasbel, how is the current situation looking?”

Hasbel who was high above on the flesh control platform rapidly gasped for air, and with a bellowing voice, replied, “Relax, General! I have already invaded one of their bodies. No matter how powerful his abilities are, there is no way the inside of his body is my match!”

However, before Hasbel finished speaking, his body suddenly twitched, shrunk into a ball, and then suddenly bounced out, falling from the control platform! When his body landed on the ground again, it unexpectedly produced a hole in the alloy forged floor! His body weighed at least several hundred kilograms, so he was far sturdier than what his frail appearance displayed. 

From when the blue light was shattered on Su’s side to Hasbel falling from the sky, there was approximately half a second of delay. Su immediately understood that the viscous liquid flowing through the flesh tubes and membrane not only transported nutrients and energy, but also had similar uses as a nervous system. Meanwhile, at Hasbel’s side, even though that General was close to being completely invisible, its energy reaction couldn’t escape the panoramic view’s detection. However, Su could still only sense a lump of dark blue energy sphere that seemed to possess substance floating by Hasbel’s side. 

Su suddenly stood up. He called over to Madeline who was fighting a group of strange beasts in high spirits, and then he pointed towards Hasbel’s direction. “Let’s go. Our target is over there!”

Upon hearing Su’s words, the heavy sword in Madeline’s hands suddenly lost weight, and its speed suddenly doubled, gracefully moving past the strange beasts’ bodies who had she had been tangled with in combat for a while. Then, she dragged the heavy sword behind her out of habit before following Su towards the flight of stairs on the side. 

Behind her, several strange beasts who were previously abnormally vicious suddenly appeared lifeless. They then fell onto the ground one after another, never to climb up again. 

The stairs Su selected was an emergency route. After several decades of time, the emergency lights continued to release a faint radiance, fully displaying the outstanding quality of military installations. 

After entering the passageway, Su leapt out, his body smashing towards the inclined wall on the other side! However, when he was still in midair, he reached out his hand towards the staircase’s handrail, and with a single turn, he arrived before the underground second floor’s door. His hands pressed down on the heavy fireproof door, his body almost entirely sticking to the door, and then with a sudden burst of power and a loud rumbling sound, the fireproof door broke free from the hinges and flew backwards. Meanwhile, Su had long infiltrated the underground second floor through this entrance, his speed fast to the extreme as he rushed towards his target. 

Speed and difference in timing were methods that had always allowed Su to prevail over his enemies, and not everyone had a deadly battlefield tool like panoramic view. This meant that it would always be Su who launched surprise assaults on his enemies, while others could forget about ever sneakily attacking him. Even though the flesh tubes and membranes covering the entire research base were similar to these abnormal creatures’ range of perception, forget about the fact that Su had stealth abilities, the delay in this biological infrastructure’s information transmission was already enough to prove fatal. 

Behind Su, Madeline also flashed out from behind the staircase, following him closely. Her figure was clear and stable, her movements fluid and natural, not like Su who would always drag afterimages behind him with every movement. Every movement the young lady made was perfect as it reflected off the ground, walls, and ceiling, using every part of the terrain to her advantage and not wasting the slightest bit of energy. Even though in terms of abilities, Su’s speed was two whole levels greater, Madeline didn’t lag too far behind him. 

Not only were there vicious abnormal beasts in the underground second floor, there were also more than ten wandering abnormal humanoid creatures. They were clearly the researchers that had been infected by the virus, but survived to this day. Apart from their humanoid shells, it could be said that they already had no relationship to humans. Their organs, physiology, as well as thought process and movements made them a completely different species, a species that had never appeared before on the face of the earth. 

They were already aware of Su and Madeline’s assault through the ever present flesh tubes and membranes, and as such, they gathered from all directions. These researchers that had already completely become abnormal creatures clearly had intelligence levels far greater than those strange beasts. Some attacked from the rear, others flanking from the sides, and some even tried to cut them off ahead; it was obvious that they had some type of tacit understanding. In addition, from the speed and energy radiance released from their bodies, Su knew that these abnormal humanoids all possessed power greater than those strange beasts, already close to that of an ordinary soldier with six levels of abilities. 

However, regardless of whether it was the strange beasts or abnormal humanoids, they clearly misjudged Su and Madeline’s speeds. When their encirclement converged slightly, the two of them had already rushed out like a gust of wind. 

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