Book 4 Chapter 2.6

Book 4 Chapter 2.6 - Dark Night

When it was very late into the night, a lone off-road vehicle approached the northern base and stopped in front of the doors of a small building. This was originally a residence only a general could use, yet now, there wasn’t even a single person standing guard. 

Persephone got off the vehicle. She gave the dark and cold villa a look, sighing inwardly before walking towards the entrance. 

Without her rank of general, on one hand, it meant that she lost her authority and income, but on the other, the relationship she had with the subordinates under her was no longer guaranteed either. After being informed that she was to be stripped of her military rank, Persephone immediately released this information to her subordinates, allowing them to choose whether they wished to stay behind or leave. Unsurprisingly, most of her subordinates immediately dispersed, with only a few subordinates from her family that accompanied her since she was little choosing to stay behind. Persephone arranged for them to look for Su and then stay at his side. Su and Madeline needed help. When faced against Bevulas, their strength was still too weak. 

Persephone knew that they needed time, and time will forever be on Su and Madeline’s side. That was why she disbanded her subordinates and didn’t choose to look for Su, instead choosing to stay behind, remaining in the north she was familiar with to restrict Bevulas’ forces. Bevulas couldn’t do what he pleased within the Black Dragonriders’ territory, but he would definitely try to do a few things under the table. 

What Persephone needed to do was wait, wait for Bevulas’ people to come, and then exterminate his wings bit by bit, weakening his strength until it was more than he could bear, until he completely flipped out. When that day came, she believed that Bevulas would definitely infuriate Josh Morgan, and from there on have even more of his power restrained, thus greatly reducing the number of people that could chase after Su and Madeline. 

Ever since she received Su’s message, Persephone thought about many, many things. However, what she had never thought about was what facing the rage of the Blood Parliament’s chairman alone signified. This was already the same as directly declaring war against Bevulas, something not even the Spider Empress had the resolve to do. Persephone had never thought of herself as having strength comparable to that of the Spider Empress, but she had sorrowfully and unknowingly made a choice even Lanaxis hesitated to make. 

The only thing she was somewhat regretful of was that if she had obtained this information earlier, she wouldn’t have wasted that precious sea of evolutionary points into the Mysterious Fields and instead strengthened the offensive and defensive mastery that would be clearly more suitable to her current situation. Even though the ability she finally decided on forming was not an ordinary ninth level strengthened luck and instead the rare ability true luck, for her who currently needed combat abilities badly, it didn’t help her much. No matter how true the luck was, it was still luck. If it produced the best results every time, then it wouldn’t be called luck. 

The key entered the keyhole, but Persephone didn’t rotate it. Her thoughts had long drifted to a who knew how distant place, and countless thoughts flashed past her mind. In the end, she simply laughed, quietly and helplessly thinking, “Turns out when you take something from someone else, you still have to give it back in the end! Sigh, if I had a chance to do things over…”

If she could redo things, if she could return to that moment when she first met Su, she, Persephone, a Black Dragonrider General, a new generation genius of the Blood Parliament, would still make the same choices. At the very least, she did not feel any regret or complaints about each day and night that had passed during the last year. 

Meanwhile, she would pay the price for this past year in her own way. 

A light clack sounded. Persephone opened the the door lock and pushed open the main entrance of the villa. 

Two snow white beams of light lit up, landing on Persephone’s body. Her entire body was enveloped within the tall beams of light. An off-road vehicle drove around the corner of the street towards the villa’s entrance. The roaring of the engine woke up everyone in this entire block, and those two beams of light continued to aim arrogantly and disrespectfully on Persephone’s body. 

Following an ear-splitting braking sound, a tall and thin male jumped off the vehicle. He wore a set of manually tailored casual clothes, and his thick beard was trimmed in a tidy manner. His entire body exuded a thick smell of alcohol, and his passionate gaze wandered about Persephone’s body. Even though he got off the vehicle, he still didn’t turn off the vehicle’s lights and had even less of an intention of changing the vehicle light’s angle, allowing the two beams of light to shine extremely rudely on Persephone. 

This extremely audacious man didn’t have many abilities. In this northern front where tigers and wolves ran amok, his two or three levels of Combat Domain ability made him not much different from a newly hatched chick.

However, this man did something that not even those valiant soldiers and generals of the northern front dared to do. He staggered towards Persephone and even reached his hand towards the inside of Persephone’s short skirt!

In this entire northern base, perhaps Persephone was the only one who knew why he dared to do something like this. It was because he was named Roy, currently Persephone’s greatest private creditor. 

Persephone didn’t make any movements, but this half drunken male still flew out in reverse, falling heavily onto the ground. She gave Roy a cold look, not even feeling the slightest urge to say a word to him. 

“You… you!” Roy staggered to his feet, blood already falling from the corner of his lips. His body was trembling as he pointed at Persephone, and then with a hysterical voice, he roared, “You are already no longer a general! There is no way you can have any income, so what will you use to pay me back? What about your dignity, your promise? Are you even less than dogshit?!”

Persephone was immediately stupefied. Her face slowly became unsightly.

Roy seemed to have noticed that things were taking a turn for the better. He immediately threw himself over, and like a wild beast, he roared, “As long as you let me play with you for a night, then five hundred thousand of the debt can be written off! However, you have to satisfy all of my requests!”

Roy’s hands grab fiercely towards Persephone’s chest. He could almost picture in his mind the soul-shaking feeling when he made contact. 

Unfortunately, what he grabbed was not the massive and perky chest, but instead the scalding car lights. What was shaking was not his soul, but rather his brain. Roy staggered to his feet once again, supporting himself with the engine cover that had a large dent created by his own head before looking towards Persephone with difficulty. He was still rather clear-headed. A screaming ringing tore through his ears, and only with great difficulty was he able to make out Persephone’s rather calm face. 

“I will defend my own dignity, but only through my own way!” Persephone coldly tossed out this sentence, and then she shut Roy and his car outside her door. 

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