Book 4 Chapter 2.4

Book 4 Chapter 2.4 - Dark Night

The woman was extremely shocked. She couldn’t help but asked, “Great one, if you do this, you might be forcing General Morgan to side with the Spider Empress! Moreover, calling a meeting now might very well cause a direct conflict with the Spider Empress! We still haven’t completed our preparations!”

“Don’t look down on Josh. Whether he stands on one side, or relies on neither, it is his own decision. Whether it is with me or with Lanaxis, both are fine, and it won’t affect his will too much. His unwillingness to arrest Su, on one hand tells me how he thinks and his willpower, but on the other it is simply buying a bit of time for Su. As for the conflict with Lanaxis… don’t worry. If it truly breaks out, then let nature take its course. Even if we haven’t completed our preparations, it should be the same for her as well!”

Bevulas’ figure that stood in front of the french window wasn’t all that tall and sturdy, yet right now, it gave off a mountainous pressure. His calm and collected voice echoed through the office without scattering for a long time just like thunder in early summer. 

“I will obey your distinguished self’s orders!” The woman’s head was bowed even deeper, her forehead now almost touching the scarlet carpet! Her body was trembling slightly, feeling excitement for the upcoming battle. 

“Claudia!” Bevulas’ voice became even deeper and colder!

“Yes!” The trembling in the woman’s voice became even more distinct. 

“Even though Josh wishes to buy Su a week of time, I do not want to give him this time! You should go. Find Su, and then kill him!” Bevulas said. 

“I will obey your instructions!” Claudia stood up and walked towards the door. In the blink of an eye, she disappeared into the ancient castle’s dark shadows. 

After Claudia left, Bevulas was still standing in his original spot without moving, calmly watching the surging great sea. 

A soft laughter suddenly sounded from deep within the office. Then, a gentle and lovely voice sounded. “What about Persephone then? Do you need me to go deal with her? Oh, right, I heard she has quite a good friend named Helen. Even though this woman doesn’t have any abilities, just a numbers and technology lunatic, she gives me quite the uncomfortable feeling. She might even be more annoying to deal with than Persephone! I can kill her first. If she isn’t killed, that lunatic might bring us extremely great problems!”

Bevulas didn’t pay this voice’s suggestion much attention and instead asked, “What do you think Claudia’s chances of success are?”

The charming voice said, “If it is strictly based on data, then Claudia’s success rate is at least over 90%. Based on the analysis of the data we have, Su’s eighth level Perception Domain is likely the panoramic view enabling ‘space probe’. Even though panoramic viewing is a rather amazing ability, its weakness is quite clear, and it is that its 50 meter range is just too limited. Claudia can launch a comprehensive attack from a distance of 500 meters, so Su’s eighth level ability is practically useless. However, if data can decide everything, then this world is too simple. Teacher Lagerfeld’s favorite quote is that data is just a drawing, and only after luck is added would that drawing develop a soul. That is why the unexpected will always exist, and we have no means of calculating the unexpected.”

“I remember Lagerfeld. It’s been a while already, when is Westwood going to return?” Bevulas cut off the charming voice and asked a rather strange question. 

An extremely beautiful woman quietly appeared behind Bevulas. She wore a black suit that had a bowtie fastened to the collar, and a drooping bowler hat covered a small half of her face. However, the clear chin and supple lips that were revealed exposed an ever present seduction. Her height of over 180 centimeters made it so that regardless of where she was, she would always be the center of attention. 

She walked behind Bevulas, and then she gently massaged the shoulders of this elder who was quite a bit shorter. With a light laugh, she said, “I still like teacher Lagerfeld, as for Westwood… that’s an extremely tedious psychopath. Based on his normal behavior, it should be another week before he’ll reappear. However, I can feel that teacher Lagerfeld is extremely happy and does not wish to come back at all. Perhaps Westwood might delay his return by another week!”

Bevulas’ face became a bit downcast. It was clear that this wasn’t a piece of news that made him happy. 

The black clothed woman revealed an enchanting smile, as if she got her desired outcome. She increased her efforts on Bevulas’ shoulder, and then, with her lips almost touching his ear, she said, “Why don’t I kill Persephone in your distinguished self’s place? Or if it’s Helen, that’s fine as well. Please, please let me out! As long as you let me out, anything is fine!”

Even though this woman was making an all-out move, Bevulas’ voice remained dignified, not being moved by her in the slightest. “Helen cannot be killed, we cannot kill anyone in Dragon City. Perhaps someone else can do it, but you cannot! If you kill someone in Dragon City, then it is equivalent to directly challenging Josh. At that point, regardless of what type of attitude Lanaxis holds, Josh will definitely declare war against me! Eileen, are you trying to make things even more difficult because you feel like my current situation is too great?”

Eileen stuck out her tongue, reluctantly expressing a bit of fear. However, she immediately began to nag again, asking, “Then what about Persephone? It should be fine if I kill her, right?”

Bevulas’ voice was cold. “Can you even kill her?”

“If her luck is good enough, then I only have half certainty. However, if I don’t give it a try, who will know if her luck is good or not?” Eileen sounded as if she was talking about a completely insignificant matter. 

Bevulas shook his head and said, “Persephone isn’t important, so it isn’t your turn to do anything yet. The emergency meeting will be held in a week, and you need to stay behind. There might be some trouble at that time. 

Eileen was clearly unhappy. "Trouble? What kind of trouble can there be?! The parliament is just a group of cowards! Even if your distinguished self stood there alone, I doubt anyone would make a move. What is the point in me staying behind? There’s not even anyone to kill!”

Eileen suddenly thought of something, and even her breathing became a bit hurried. “Why don’t I go kill Su? What if Claudia fails?”

Finally, not even the chairman of the Blood Parliament could handle her nagging. He softly rubbed his forehead, and then with a sigh, said, “Eileen, do you think I don’t know? Without you, Claudia will definitely succeed, while if you joined in, she will definitely fail! Isn’t the one you want to kill the most Claudia?”

Eileen released a cry of alarm, and then she couldn’t help but shout out, “Ah! How does your distinguished self even know about this? You really are too brilliant!”

However, forget about Bevulas, even if it was just a child, they would be able to hear the sarcasm in her words. 

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