Book 4 Chapter 2.3

Book 4 Chapter 2.3 - Dark Night

Pounding sounds could be heard from culture cylinders one after another. The men’s struggling became even more violent, and more and more cylinders became suffused with blood. However, there were still a few people whose bodies began to develop faint golden patterns, and then the bodies of these people began to crack apart alone these patterns, producing small crystals within those gaps. These crystals were even growing at a visible speed!

Pandora waited patiently. An hour later, only a third of the culture cylinders opened, and the survivors walked out. A total of 76 entered, but only 20 came out. The surface of the bodies all more or less had energy crystals. Even though the largest crystal didn’t reach a cubic centimeter in size, the power it represented was entirely different from its outwards appearance. 

A beam of light shot down...

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