Book 4 Chapter 2.3

Book 4 Chapter 2.3 - Dark Night

Pounding sounds could be heard from culture cylinders one after another. The men’s struggling became even more violent, and more and more cylinders became suffused with blood. However, there were still a few people whose bodies began to develop faint golden patterns, and then the bodies of these people began to crack apart alone these patterns, producing small crystals within those gaps. These crystals were even growing at a visible speed!

Pandora waited patiently. An hour later, only a third of the culture cylinders opened, and the survivors walked out. A total of 76 entered, but only 20 came out. The surface of the bodies all more or less had energy crystals. Even though the largest crystal didn’t reach a cubic centimeter in size, the power it represented was entirely different from its outwards appearance. 

A beam of light shot down above down onto the control region, and inside the light was the entire body image of a young male. His light blonde scattered hair, green left eye, and rather neutral beauty immediately drew the attention of all of these men. Their desires were strong to begin with, and it had never been suppressed, so many people’s eyes immediately began to burn passionately. However, these men who were mostly controlled through their desires didn’t have the slightest thought of disrespect towards Pandora. Pandora, for any chosen, always killed whenever she felt like killing, killing for whatever reason she wanted that reason to be. If she did find a reason for doing so, then how could there be any exceptions? The only one she treated favorably was that large framed Martham. 

“This is Su. What you all have to do is find him and then kill him.” Pandora paused for a few seconds to let these people remember Su’s appearance. Then, she pointed towards one of the men. “You are in charge of the operation this time.”

That male immediately revealed a look of ecstasy. He immediately went down on one knee and loudly expressed his agreement. There were three other men who stared deathly at him, their eyes containing great malice. However, when they saw that this male clearly had more pieces of crystals on his body than themselves, they wisely chose to remain silent. Only, these three men gave each other a look, seemingly reaching some type of tacit understanding. 

The chosen all had numbers based on their strength, and this numbering represented their strength. Those three men’s numbering were all originally much higher than the chosen Pandora selected as the leader, so they naturally didn’t want someone they used to boss around to now be above them. After this reconstruction, the body of the selected individual clearly had a few more crystals than themselves, but it wasn’t that much more, so they were naturally not willing to yield just like that. Meanwhile, Pandora turned a blind eye to things that happened under the table and only cared about completing the mission the apostle gave her. As for conflicts and infighting between chosen, it was like internal strife between ants, not even worth her paying the slightest bit of attention towards. 

These chosen would do whatever had to be done afterwards on their own. Pandora returned to the area that belonged to herself. She looked at the black liquid inside the crystal bottle, and then a complicated expression suddenly appeared in her eyes. She thought for a long time, and then she slowly sent that drop of black liquid into her mouth. 

All of the lights in the room slowly went out. Darkness surrounded everything, including Pandora. 


As one headed south from Dragon City, the terrain would gradually begin to rise and fall before reaching a fjord sandwiched between a mountain and a sea. Inside of this fjord were several islands that were extremely close, and the place where the Blood Parliament was located at was precisely the island named Rhodes. Scattered on this island spanning several hundred square kilometers were several small towns and a single city that wasn’t that large. The small towns and city housed most of the Blood Parliament’s staff members, as well as the troops that defended the parliament. 

To the southern extremity of the islet was a vast and imposing castle built at the top of the precipitous ocean cliff. The castle made of black rock was lofty and imposing, full of a sense of great changes. It towered majestically within the low hanging thick clouds and roaring sea. 

This castle was precisely the Blood Parliament’s chairman, Bevulas’ residence!

At the top floor of this castle was a spacious office primarily decorated with a wine red color. The office was nine meters tall, so the few candles lit inside the room were completely unable to illuminate the ceiling, resulting in most of the room being submerged in darkness. The office had a total of seven long and narrow french windows, and outside the windows were precisely the surging waves of the great sea. 

Under the dim candlelight, an old man was currently sitting on the couch, his attention fully concentrated on the light screen in front of him. On top of the light screen was surprisingly Su and Henry’s battle from back then. However, all of the images were produced by faint green radiation and not real, identical to the scene the elder saw that day at that location. 

This was already the third time he watched the battle record from that day. He reached his hand out, turned off the light screen, and then buried his body inside the couch. He then slowly closed his eyes, using his left hand’s middle finger to gently rub his temples. From the flickering candlelight, one could see that the old man’s alternating gray and white hair was as bit disorderly. 

After resting for a bit, the old man tugged on a short rope next to the couch. A minute later, the office’s large doors quietly opened and a young beauty around twenty years of age walked in. Her entire body was wrapped within dark black skintight leather clothes, and as her reddish brown long hair scattered down, it gave off a rather distinctive yet seductive appearance. Her face was extremely beautiful, but undisguisable killing intent could be seen from the tip of her brow and the corner of her eyes. Her scarlet lips were so thin they were like sharp blades. This killing intent seemed to decrease a bit of her beauty. Meanwhile, she only had half of her reddish brown hair; the other half of her head was completely bald. As a result, depending on whether one looked at her from the right or left side, the appearance she displayed was completely different. 

She silently walked to the old man’s side. She then went down on one knee, her hanging hair already brushing the tips of the elder’s shoes. 

“Your esteemed self Lord Bevulas, may I ask what orders you have for me?” She asked respectfully. 

“How are things on Josh’s side?” Bevulas asked without opening his eyes. Right now, he was like an extremely beaten old man without any sign of strength. However, due to occupying a high position for a long time, he naturally exuded a type of awe. 

“General Morgan’s intent is that this incident mainly arose due to young master Henry’s provocations, and that Colonel Su acted in self-defense, and as such should not have to bear responsibility,” the woman replied. Bevulas could call Josh Morgan by his first name, but she could not. 

Bevulas released a snort. He slowly opened his eyes, a trace of sinister redness flashing past his light blue pupils. He softly tapped the armrest, and then slowly said, “Regardless of what the cause was, Henry was, after all, my son, and my only son. Even though it was indeed him who was in the wrong this time, he is dead. As a father, I cannot just sit back and watch. This simple reasoning isn’t something Josh can understand. Seems like he wants to stand on that spider’s side.”

The woman lowered her head and said, “Standing by the Spider Empress’ side definitely won’t be as beneficial as standing by your distinguished self’s side. Moreover, the Spider Empress is a woman! Perhaps General Morgan has some other things to consider. I heard that he had been secretly keeping quite the eye out for Colonel Su.”

Bevulas stood up. He paced a few circles around the office, and then he suddenly stopped in front of a french window. While gazing into the deep great sea, he spoke, one word at a time, “Inform the members of the legislative body that an emergency meeting will be held in one week. The topic of the meeting will be the recalling of Su and Persephone’s military ranks, as well as Su’s immediate arrest! Since Josh isn’t willing to help me with this matter, then I will deal with it through the parliament.”

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