Book 4 Chapter 2.2

Book 4 Chapter 2.2 - Dark Night

Outside the hall was a long passageway, and ahead was an intersection. After crossing this intersection, one could see that there were similarly two long passages at each side. Security doors rested at both sides of the passageways. The passages were slightly curved, looking like a  part of a giant circle. Pandora was currently moving through the outer rings and heading towards the center of the circle. 

After passing through another thick pair of doors, an incomparably vast space suddenly appeared before her! This was a cylindrical room with its diameter alone being a kilometer wide. Several dozen brilliant beams of light shone down from several hundred meters above, and together with the tens of thousands of lights that shone from the walls, this several thousand meter squared space was lit up absolutely brilliantly. 

This cave seemed to be the belly of some great mountain. A faint sulfuric smell was wafting through the air. Waves of heat continuously rose from below, and then they were expelled from the air vent at the top of the cave. 

Rings of metal passageways were constructed in the cavern walls. If one looked past the passageway railings and gazed downwards, one would find at least a hundred passages. 

There were more people on these passageways. When Pandora headed forward along the passageway, there would be people hurriedly rushing past from time to time. They would all kneel down on one knee without exception and respectfully, as well a bit fearfully say, “Distinguished self Pandora!”

Pandora didn’t pay these respectfully kneeling people any attention and instead directly headed towards the distant elevator. Behind her, the kneeling staff members didn’t dare move in the slightest. Only when she entered in the elevator did they crawl up and frantically wipe away the sweat on their foreheads. This was already the best result they could have asked for. Many people would for unknown reasons be kicked into a cave, and then after falling several thousand meters, be smashed into a bloody paste. In front of Pandora, even the most arrogant and daring chosen would be as docile as sheep. No one knew when or why she would act out, nor did they know what the reason for the slaughter would be. 

The elevator headed downwards, and soon after, it closed in on the bottom of the cave. The security here was extremely strict. Apart from the mandatory eye scan, there were also an armed mechas standing guard at each side of the heavy gate. 

Behind these heavy doors was an extremely enormous space that was divided into close to a hundred semi-independent spaces. Roughly a thousand girls were currently lined up, entering those small spaces one after another. Pandora walked directly into the central control region. When there were still a few dozen meters between them, she raised her hand and pointed forward. A beam of faint dark light shot out, shining on a control switch. In that instant, an alarm sounded through this place, and then naked men jumped out from those independent spaces one after another, quickly rushing towards the control room. When they saw Pandora, these men immediately revealed both horror and fear on their faces. 

Pandora’s finger pointed towards the control region. These men immediately looked like rabbits that were being chased as they flooded towards the control region. Along the walls of the control region rested culture cylinders, one after another. The men all rushed into their own culture cylinders and immediately laid down before closing the lids. 

Pandora stood in her original location for 30 seconds, and then she suddenly walked to the side of one of the independent rooms. With a kick, the alloy isolation door was shattered! Powerful music immediately spilled outwards. Inside the isolated room stood a male with a black cloth over his eyes who roared in a hoarse voice along with the music. His waist and bottom moved at high speeds, pounding against the body of the female crawling on the ground in front of him until she screamed out loudly. There were five or six other women that were lined up in a row, currently waiting on the side. This process normally didn’t take more than a minute before the male would climax. He would then have the next woman come up. 

The moment the alarm sounded, this man had just entered a climax. Together with the loud music, he didn’t hear the alarm sound at all. However, the deafening sound of the isolated door being shattered still woke him up from his euphoria. When he turned around, it was just in time to see Pandora who was walking straight towards him!

The man’s face immediately distorted, and with the highest pitch he could make, he squealed, “No! Don't kill me, I am chosen number 9! No…”

A long miserable cry rang through this place. A throbbing heart already appeared in Pandora’s palm. Meanwhile, that chosen number nine kneeled on the ground, his arms frantically trying to plug up the hole in his chest. Pandora casually flung this heart onto the ground before walking towards the control region, not giving that chosen who was carrying out his final struggle another look. 

The women continued to quietly stand there, a blank smile on their faces. They did not show the slightest bit of reaction towards this bloody scene. 

When Pandora walked into the control region. All of the chosen already laid down in their culture cylinders. She brought out the crystal bottle, and then she poured that drop of faint golden liquid into a small pipe on the wall. A moment later, a faint golden color dispersed into all of the culture cylinders. The men soaked in the culture cylinders all began to shake violently. Their mental awareness were still active, but their bodies were already numb. Their current movements were completely their bodies’ instinctive struggling!

Under Pandora’s ice-cold gaze, after only a minute had passed, a man’s body began to unnaturally distort. He widened his eyes with shock. He was unexpectedly still able to pound on the cover to try and free himself from the culture cylinder. Unfortunately, immediately after, a large eruption of blood blossomed in the culture cylinder, and the blood continuously seeped out from his mouth, ears, and even eyes. In the blink of an eye, this man stopped moving, turning into a floating corpse inside of the culture fluid. 

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