Book 4 Chapter 2.1

Book 4 Chapter 2.1 - Dark Night

Pure darkness. 

In that darkness, a beam of light emerged from nowhere, illuminating a black haired Pandora as she walked over. 

In front of her, another beam of light shone. It was a beam of holy light that connected heaven and earth, seemingly reaching endlessly above and below. Even though it was comparatively further away, one could see see that it was at least a hundred times thicker than the light illuminating Pandora’s body. Meanwhile, below Pandora’s feet appeared a shining path that led straight to the enormous pillar of light towering at the end of this world. 

On the shining path, a single one of Pandora’s steps took her a great distance, and in the blink of an eye, she was already in front of that pillar of light. The sacred pillar that looked horrifyingly wide even from the distance at this moment completely became a sea of brilliance, vast and limitless. This entire world was brimming with holy radiance that stretched as far as the eye could see!

Pandora knelt down on one knee, and then with a distinctive mechanical voice, she said, “Great Apostle, I have already brought that sheep back.”

The apostle’s imposing voice sounded from the sea of brilliance. “Why were you gone for so long?”

Faced with this sea of pressure from the apostle, Pandora didn’t feel the slightest bit of fear. She was just like a machine, not revealing the slightest emotion humans should have. Her erotic lips opened, and then a few drops of blood slowly drifted out from her lips, floating towards the sea of light. One could see that a brilliantly red drop of blood was currently frantically squirming about, continuously changing its shape as it attacked at every direction. However, there seemed to be some type of incorporeal restriction in the air that firmly bound this drop of blood, forcing it to fly towards the sea of light. 

“Great apostle, I need time to understand and suppress its power, and only then can I bring your distinguished self a living sheep. This will take a lot of time, because this sheep’s power exceeded my original predictions.” Pandora said calmly. 

The apostle’s voice sounded again, this time becoming a bit gentler, expressing acknowledgment towards Pandora’s reason, “This is an acceptable reason. Let me see what level of power this sheep has reached…”

The drop of blood struggled about, but in the end, it was still pushed along by the spatial force and sent into the sea of brilliance. The instant it entered the sea of light, rows of white waves of light rushed high into the air!

In the enormous waves formed from holy light, a thunderous roar sounded! The apostle’s voice was full of great excitement. A resounding roar continued for ten whole minutes before gradually calming down. 

“Great apostle, is this sheep suitable for your distinguished self’s plans?” Pandora asked respectfully. 

“Very good! No, extremely good! This sheep’s strength is even a bit higher than what I had anticipated, actually raising my percent of completion by 2%! Pandora, you’ve done well on this mission, so this is your reward. Meanwhile, this can improve the chosen’s strength substantially. You should go and take care of this matter then.” 

Following the apostle’s words, two small and exquisite crystal bottles flew out. Their bottlenecks had six-winged angels engraved. One crystal bottle had a drop of black liquid, the reward for Pandora, while the other crystal bottle had a drop of faint golden liquid, a tonic prepared for the chosen. 

“Great apostle, what other orders does your distinguished self have? Do you need me to continue pursuing Su?” Pandora asked. 

“No, there is no need. That sheep’s power is at its limit. To raise 2% of completion degree is already too great of a pleasant surprise. It is impossible for him to have any more potential. You should pay the north a visit. I feel that the sheep there has experienced intense changes, and perhaps the similarity between him and the experimental body will quickly reach 1%.”

While speaking, the apostle’s voice seemed to be a bit disjointed, as if in deep thought, or hesitating over something. 

“I will obey your distinguished self’s orders.” Pandora replied. 

The sea of sacred light calmed and dimmed, representing the conclusion of this meeting. Just as Pandora was quietly waiting for the sea of light to disappear, the apostle’s voice unexpectedly sounded again, “Pandora, you need to be careful when you head north. I can sense a boundless darkness in an extremely distant place that is blocking off my perception. It is not a naturally formed darkness. Even though the existence hidden in the darkness has not exposed any hostility yet, to the extent where it didn’t even display any clues of being aware of my existence, anyone that can release such a great amount of darkness is not a person you can currently face. As for that Su… he is already of no value. You should just select a few chosen to eliminate him.”

“I will obey your distinguished self’s orders.” Pandora repeated this line.

The sea of light dimmed. Darkness returned to this place, and Pandora’s figure became indistinct, slowly disappearing as well. 

This space ruled by darkness retreated like a tide. The black haired young lady’s figure appeared again. She was kneeling at the center of a circular room, and in front of her floated a small and exquisite altar. There were now two crystal bottles in her hands, precisely the reward and drug the apostle bestowed upon her. 

The circular room was extremely large, over 50 meters in diameter. It could simply be considered a main hall. The curved walls had enormous slabs of glass embedded within, and behind the glass was green culture fluid. All types of bizarre creatures floated within. There were some with humanoid forms, but they all carried various beast-like traits. 

In this great hall, Pandora was like an isolated island in a green sea, one that was unspeakably lonely. 

Perhaps this ice cold young lady was incapable of understanding loneliness, as the expression on her face remained completely the same. She stood up, and then walked towards the door, and then she stood still in front of the door. Two faint beams of light landed on her eyes, and a moment later, they scattered. As a result, the two meter thick door slowly slid to the side. 

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