Book 4 Chapter 19.5

Book 4 Chapter 19.5 - General

Su didn’t move out of the way, instead taking a step forward. A metal pipe was resting perfectly where his foot descended, and with a kick of the tip of his toes, it suddenly shot out diagonally as if it possessed its own life, the sharp, oblique point aiming straight for the strange beast’s chest!

With a light pu sound, the strange creature was impaled by the metal pole without any suspense, the pain making it roar crazily as it continuously used its claws to fruitlessly swipe at Su. However, Su had long backed up, not giving it any opportunity to retaliate.

A third strange beast rushed over. Its body was much smaller, and its speed much greater, moreover, it was moving via the ceiling. It shot towards Su like an arrow. One could vaguely see eight wings that were currently moving rapidly,...

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