Book 4 Chapter 19.5

Book 4 Chapter 19.5 - General

Su didn’t move out of the way, instead taking a step forward. A metal pipe was resting perfectly where his foot descended, and with a kick of the tip of his toes, it suddenly shot out diagonally as if it possessed its own life, the sharp, oblique point aiming straight for the strange beast’s chest!

With a light pu sound, the strange creature was impaled by the metal pole without any suspense, the pain making it roar crazily as it continuously used its claws to fruitlessly swipe at Su. However, Su had long backed up, not giving it any opportunity to retaliate.

A third strange beast rushed over. Its body was much smaller, and its speed much greater, moreover, it was moving via the ceiling. It shot towards Su like an arrow. One could vaguely see eight wings that were currently moving rapidly, its sinister insect-like mouthparts opened to their limit before spewing out a thin stream of poison!

The moment the stream of poison shot out, Su’s skin already felt a vague numb sensation, an instinctive feeling towards danger. He immediately knew that this poison wasn’t easy to deal with, that even being contaminated by the slightest amount was no laughing matter. Su moved out several meters to the side, already moving away from the poison shot’s trajectory. 

When the poisonous creature was about to fire out a second mouthful of poison, a flat piece of alloy steel suddenly appeared in front of it! This poisonous insect that didn’t have any time to take defensive action smashed straight into it, the damage this high speed collision brought it terrifying beyond belief. Its head entirely caved in, every last bit of the poisonous liquid it had just spat out shoved back into its mouth. 

Following a thunk sound, the poisonous insect flew back out like an artillery shell, only stopping after bouncing a few times off the ceiling, walls, and floor. In this short period of time, most of its completely deformed skull had already disappeared, and large amounts of fine bubbles seeped out from its body, as well as thick green smoke. From the smoke, one could see that its internal organs and even its sturdy exoskeleton were quickly melting away, clearly due to the effects of the poison. Meanwhile, the poison that missed landed on the wall, these seemingly negligible drops of poison eating through the wall that had alloy plating in just a few seconds of time. 

“Corrosive liquid, it seems like it will only activate after making contact with air. It will be troublesome if a group of these creatures came!” Su said with a rather grave expression. 

The strength of the poison was great to the point where not even Su dared to touch it. No matter how great his regenerative prowess was, it still wouldn’t exceed the speed of the poison’s corrosion. Even though the size of poison released each time wasn’t great, it still stretched more than a meter in length. In this narrow underground base, if ten of these poisonous bugs came, then it would cram up this place, and the splattering poison would be difficult to avoid. Once the poison left their bodies, it would be greatly destructive against even themselves. However, Su who had obtained general knowledge from Black Dragonrider general headquarters knew that strange creatures like these or biochemical weapons did not fear death.

“These types of creatures will always exist in groups, because their individual strength is not enough.” Madeline brandished her heavy sword; just now it was precisely this weapon that served as a roadblock. However, the losses were quite serious as well. Due to the excessive power of the collision, the alloy heavy sword even became a bit crooked. The space between her hands’ thumbs and forefingers was also split apart, releasing wisps of blood. The poison that contaminated the blade was still corroding the sword’s body, releasing fizzing sounds. Not even this special anti-corrosive designed heavy sword could stop the poison, damaged until it was bumpy and full of holes. However, when she spoke, the young lady’s expression was relaxed and cheerful, as if her mood was quite good. 

When he saw the young lady’s face that was radiating brilliance, Su couldn’t help but feel speechless. A horde of those poisonous insects posed a great threat to him, and for the current Madeline, they were also a deadly threat, so why was she so happy?

After changing from a girl into a young lady, Madeline’s mind had clearly become more complex. Many times, Su had no idea what she was thinking. 

After giving this poisonous insect that was still struggling a look, Su gestured towards Madeline and said, “Let’s go, we should clean up this floor first. These things that crawled out from who knows where are quite difficult to deal with. It looks like we have to go all out.”

The all out battle Su spoke about was not to exchange flesh and blood with these strange creatures, as that was the final measure when facing an enemy with power too great to withstand. Powerful regenerative prowess did not make one invincible, at the very least, Madeline’s vibrating blade was a murderous weapon for dealing with it. 

The true all out battle was using all advantages they could take from the terrain and other methods to fight the enemy. The flesh membranes and tubes that covered the base greatly disturbed and hindered Su’s perception abilities. The range of his panoramic view continuously decreased as well, reaching less than five hundred meters. Currently, it only reached the third underground floor, and what he could perceive down there was extremely blurry, only able to roughly make out the layout of the structures. 

However, for Su, this was already completely enough. As long as he had access to the first floor’s infrastructure and all of the passages that connected the first to the second floor, Su could turn this region into his own home ground!

Su led Madeline around the research base in a smooth and fluid manner, using everything that could serve some use. Regardless of whether it was a steel wire, metal sheet, or even a wooden club, they would all be turned into extremely simple yet effective traps in under a second. They didn’t need to possess great destructive force, their only purpose serving to restrict or delay the movements of various abnormal creatures. As long as their movements became just a bit sluggish, these abnormal creatures would immediately lose their lives. Su’s short blades and powerful pistol were all weapons that could easily take their lives, but they still paled in comparison to the efficiency of Madeline’s heavy sword. Every movement the young lady made was clear and concise, only moving it horizontally, hacking it vertically, directly piercing, or other simple movements, not exhausting the slightest bit of unnecessary energy. It was to the extent where a moment before the abnormal creature stepped into the trap, Madeline was already aware of all of their movements, her heavy sword already waiting where it should be waiting. This was a terrifying battle intuition and foresight ability, completely different from the omnipresent perception and instantaneous reaction method of killing his enemies. If Su was said to only be able to see a step ahead of the opponent, then Madeline could be said to have seen three to four. 

Soon after, all of the abnormal creatures of the first floor were swept clean through Su and Madeline’s all out operation. After pouring out the poisonous insect’s blood to wipe out a group of abnormal creatures rushing out from the underground second floor, there was finally a brief period of peace and quiet on the first floor. 

In the depths of the underground base, within a place completely shrouded within darkness, Ruler seemed to have sensed something. He slowly awoke, but then he gradually closed his eyes again. 

“I will bring them to you.” In the deep darkness, a voice that was as soft and gentle as water sounded. 

Upon hearing this voice, Ruler seemed to have immediately calmed down. He said with soft voice, “Go then, my general.”

After the brief exchange, peace and darkness returned to these underground depths. 

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