Book 4 Chapter 19.4

Book 4 Chapter 19.4 - General

For the current Su, this type of attack that had no technique to speak of and was purely an instinctive charge, even if its speed was faster and its power greater, it still wouldn’t pose him any threat. Su’s body easily moved out of the way, at the same time sending his foot towards the manager’s calf, making him lose balance and fall onto the ground. 

The last thing this manager reflected from his eyes was the edge of the heavy sword. The heavy sword in Madeline’s hand was raised, slicing up in reverse, directly cutting the manager diagonally in half. Following a thump sound, the two rigid halfs of his body fell onto the ground. The manager was still saying something with an unclear voice, his four limbs aimlessly moving about. Even though he was already no longer a threat, Su...

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