Book 4 Chapter 19.3

Book 4 Chapter 19.3 - General

Su laughed, and then reached out his hand to pat her head out of habit. However, the young lady’s slightly curved lips suddenly revealed a row of white teeth, reminding him of something, and as a result, he retracted his hand rather awkwardly. The young lady’s smile was even more sweet, giving off a hint of victorious feeling. 

There was no way Su would underestimate these strange creatures because of what Madeline said, instead becoming even more cautious and prudent. If it was any other seventh level ability user, just this wave of strange creatures would have sent them into the next life. The creatures that died under Su and Madeline’s hands had clearly just hatched from cocoons. Even though these types of strange creatures were basically already equipped with a standard level of combat prowess upon birth, there were definitely powerful creatures who became much stronger after undergoing mutation. 

In the storehouse, regardless of whether it was the ceiling or floor, there were more and more flesh tubes. In the places that were especially concentrated with them, these flesh tubes were separated by a layer of membrane, completely covering the ground. All of these flesh tubes were pulsating rhythmically. Under Su’s perception, they were all releasing auras of life!

In fact, under the panoramic view, the entire research base was releasing an aura of life, one that was throbbing, breathing like an incomparably large living body! When he fully extended the panoramic view to its limit, Su felt as if he was facing an unimaginable ancient beast, the tremendous pressure immediately turning his face pale. However, Su made some adjustments, filtering a portion of the invisible pressure, finally returning to normal. 

However, as he familiarized himself with the surroundings, from within the strong aura of life, Su also discovered many irregular locations. He suddenly raised his hand and fired, blasting half of a strange beast that leapt out from a corner to pieces. Then, he led Madeline towards the right side of the storehouse. A layer of flesh membrane uniformly covered the wall. The five fingers of Su’s right hand inserted into the flesh membrane, and with a forceful tear, he ripped the entire flesh membrane off, revealing the small metal door hidden beneath. The door didn’t have an inbuilt lock, only having some simple devices. Su grabbed the doorknob, and with a forceful twist, the completely rusted padlock was wrenched apart. He pushed open the metal door. 

Behind the metal door was a small room that was only a dozen or so square meters, the layout extremely simple. A file cabinet leaned vertically against the wall, and on the other wall was a weapons rack. There was an office table inside the room as well, a chair, as well as a bed; it seemed like this was the work room of the past warehouse manager. The fabric of the bed had long become unbearably tattered from all these years, but one could still tell that it was put together quite neatly, unknown just how many decades it had been since it was last used. On the wall above the office table were a few sticky notes. The ventilator near the ceiling continuously released air into this place, and the ceiling fluorescent light was releasing a faint white light. 

What was strange was that there was actually a person in this work room! 

The original color of his uniform was already long unrecognizable, and sparse, dry hair hung from the sides of his head. He sat in front of the office table, continuously scribbling something with his pen; however, the pen in his hand only had a metal stick part left over, and there was no notebook to write in on the table at all. The writing part of the pen had long disappeared, and even the hard rubber cushion, after who knew how many years of writing, only had a frame left. 

When he heard the door move, that person didn’t even raise his head, only ambiguously speaking a few sentences. Su vaguely made out that what he said was, “Wait a moment… let me… finish filling out this form… this batch of goods… many…”

Su gently sucked in a breath of air, feeling shaken inwardly. Time seemed to have flowed back several decades and froze there. 

From the flesh membrane covering the door, this place should have been sealed for a long time. Moreover, there wasn’t any food to be seen in this room, so how did this person survive all this time?

As if sensing the one who came didn’t have any intention of leaving, the male who had been writing with the pen rod finally stood up, raising his head to look towards the entrance. 

A strange purple color appeared on his face. His eye sockets were deeply sunken, his skin due to a lack of water shrunk, almost sticking to his bones. His lips had already completely rotted, revealing two rows of yellow teeth. His eyes were white expanses, no pupils to be seen at all. This was pretty much a living corpse, no, even living corpses would have much more flesh than this creature. This male’s body didn’t seem to have any water content, so if it wasn’t for the fact that it could move and even speak, it could completely be called a mummy. 

Even though his eyes clearly couldn’t see anything, he still, through some unknown method, sensed Su and Madeline’s existence.

“There are… intruders… warning…” He cried out clumsily with a hoarse voice, throwing himself towards the alarm device. 

After all these years, the alarm device at the entrance had long lost its effects. It was clear that this manager’s memory was still frozen in the past era, throwing his body at the warning device. However, when he threw himself outwards, the power he exerted was unusually great, his entire body shooting out like an artillery shell. Su and Madeline respectively shifted to the side, avoiding the manager’s assault, watching him collapse a large part of the wall and fall into the storeroom. 

The manager was completely unaware that he already possessed inhuman stamina and strength. After smashing through the concrete wall, following a bit of staggering, he stood up again. From his mouth that wasn’t covered by any lips, an ambiguous roar sounded. 

“Intruders… die…” Then, he threw himself over with power and speed surpassing that of those previous abnormal creatures!

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