Book 4 Chapter 19.2

Book 4 Chapter 19.2 - General

Even though Madeline's true fighting strength wasn't low, in the end, she still only had around five levels of abilities. In this era where level of strength decided heroes, it would always make others underestimate her strength. Moreover, in Su’s heart, she would still always be the little girl from back then. Even if she had a hundred percent power, it would never exceed seventy percent in Su’s heart. 

This time, Madeline didn’t argue with him, nor did she express obedience. Only, a faint smile rested on the corners of her lips, this time a bit more obvious. 

After less than a minute of peace, the sliding doors that sealed up this passage slowly opened, revealing the large and spacious lounge connected to this place. Several rows of warped and distorted lofty shelves could be seen; it seemed like in the past, this was the warehouse’s transfer region. Currently, in the warehouse, there were already several strange and irregular creatures hiding low, their over a hundred soybean sized eyes added together staring deathly at Su and Madeline. Chilly killing intent pervaded the air. 

With a hu sound, the a strong wind blew through the originally suffocatingly calm storehouse. Several strange beasts leapt up one after another, unexpectedly launching themselves at Su and Madeline with a speed not inferior to six levels! 

The moment these strange beasts moved out, the green radiance within Su’s green eye suddenly shone. His body that was originally standing without moving immediately moved, his gun now aimed forward. Meanwhile, the moment the pistol flashed into his hand, the muzzle already fired with a faint dark blue fiery radiance. 

Bang! Bang! Powerful gunshots rang through this entire storehouse. The bodies of the strange creatures that threw themselves at Su became momentarily still, and then half their bodies were blasted into a rain of blood. However, Su only had time to fire two shots before the other two strange beasts already reached him. Su’s body suddenly swooped down, almost sticking to the ground. His left hand reached out like lightning, already piercing through the body of a strange snake like creature. Then, his five fingers unfolded, directly tearing its long and durable body into two pieces. At the same time, Su’s right arm rose, allowing another strange creature that looked just like a wolf to bite down. 

After Su dealt with the strange creature on the ground, his left hand displaying force, his body then sprung up like a spring. However, under the continuous tearing of that wolf like beast’s mouth, his right arm unexpectedly transmitted back a slight feeling of pain! This meant that Su’s right arm was already bitten through by that strange creature! However, injuring Su’s arm was definitely not as easy as it was several months ago. This strange creature not only had six levels of speed, its biting strength reached at least six levels of power as well, and only then was it able to injure Su’s right arm. 

Su’s left arm reached out, grabbing this creature by the neck. Then, his right hand flipped over forcefully, grabbing its lower jaw and forcefully tearing at it, already ripping it open. Its lower jaw was now only connected to its body by a tiny bit of flesh. Su flung its body far into the distance to prevent the powerful corrosive blood from infecting his body. The Black Dragonrider combat suit, despite being equipped with many defensive abilities, still couldn’t resist the damage of the powerful corrosive liquid for an extensive amount of time. 

There were two strange creatures that pounced towards Madeline. The girl’s movements were simple, a completely different style from Su’s strange and ever-changing movements. She only abruptly raised the heavenly sword in front of her, and then the creature sprinting over along the ground with its eight limbs released a cry of alarm. Its eight legs frantically inserted into the ground, the jointed limbs’ sharp claws drawing out a large expanse of sparks! However, it had long reached extreme speed, and its body was extremely heavy as well, so under this tremendous inertia, it could only watch as its enormous body smashed into the heavy sword’s edge! At the final moment, it managed to change its directions slightly with great difficulty, moving its head away from the blade’s edge, but its body still smashed fiercely into the blade’s edge, a small half of its body and three limbs directly being hacked off as a result, causing black blood to surge like a spring. It cried out with shriek shriek sounds, its remaining five limbs frantically moving about like a housefly without a head, continuously smashing itself against the walls again and again. 

The other creature that threw itself at Madeline was a miniature Tyrannosaurus rex. The girl’s body moved to the side, avoiding the dinosaur’s large mouth, making it only bite down on empty air. At the same time, her left elbow flew outwards, making contact with the dinosaur’s abdomen, immediately disturbing its center of balance. It swam through the air, flying upwards and smashing heavily against the ceiling before falling straight down. At this moment, the heavy sword that had just hacked through the other strange creature gracefully flew over, and with a horizontal movement, the miniature Tyrannosaurus rex was bisected. 

The six strange creatures that threw themselves over were completely wiped out. In reality, with their speed and power, as well as a joint attack in this type of restricted space, even a seventh level ability user would likely die. However, against Su and Madeline ,who were proficient in small-scale combat as well as in tacit understanding, they weren’t even a threat. 

At this time, the wolf that had its mouth torn apart by Su unexpectedly stood up again. This injury that was fatal for any normal wolf species was closing at a visible speed. It seemed like if it was given even a few minutes of time, it would completely recover from its injuries. 

Su frowned. “Such powerful regenerative abilities? A bit troublesome.”

The girl walked over with large steps, and then she brandished the heavy sword in her hands. The abnormal wolf immediately leapt into the air, wishing to dodge Madeline’s attack. Only, it never expected the heavy sword to slightly change its direction before drawing out an arc, perfectly passing through its neck. 

The wolf head separated from its body without any suspense. However, the wound wasn’t a normal smooth cut, but rather erupted with blasts of bloody mist, the muscle tissues completely smashed apart from the sword edge’s high frequency vibration, turning into a bloody mist. No matter how great its regenerative prowess was, it was still useless. 

“See? There is still a way.” Madeline clasped her hands behind her back and spoke while smiling, looking rather proud of her achievement. 

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