Book 4 Chapter 19.1

Book 4 Chapter 19.1 - General

Su stood quietly in the passage. The little creature on the side was clearly feeling some hesitation. Its eight eyes continuously flickered as it stared fixedly at Su. Even though it could see him, its other senses didn’t detect Su’s existence at all. 

With Su’s current perception abilities, he could notice that this miniature dinosaur was currently releasing probing waves from its forehead towards him. Towards this type of detection that was similar to primitive waves, Su long had his own way of dealing with it. His body slightly tensed up, and then the waves that reflected back would be greatly changed, the reaction completely different from that of a human being. With his perception abilities already high to the extent where he could clearly see the wave frequencies and wave form, Su could even easily control the waves that were reflected back, thus imitating any other type of object. 

After hesitating for a few seconds, the miniature dinosaur still released a low roar. Its hind legs exerted force, rushing at Su with a speed far greater than that of a hound! Its steps were powerful, its sturdy claws piercing deeply into the ground surface, drawing out a string of sparks. Each time its foot descended, the entire corridor would tremble slightly; it seemed like its weight was definitely not as simple as what its small body displayed. 

Hiss! It released a strange cry, and with a few jumps, crossed over ten meters of distance. It then soared into the air, its large mouth covered with sharp teeth biting horizontally towards Su’s throat. 

Faint afterimages appeared around Su’s surroundings. He suddenly leaned over, his upper body becoming almost flat with the ground. The military blade on his right leg had unknowingly when already appeared in his hands, drawing out a streak of dark light, passing by the miniature dinosaur’s body.

This miniature dinosaur’s momentum didn’t decrease, continuing until it smashed into the evacuation region and falling onto the ground. Due to its body’s inertia, its body continuously slid against the ground, only stopping when it smashed into a wall. From the moment it landed on the ground to when it reached the wall, a thick streak of blood was dragged out. Only, this blood was a dark purple color, completely different from that of ordinary creatures. After it fell, it would never crawl up again. 

Su’s body flickered, and then he was already standing up straight and looking at the military blade in his hands. The military blade’s edge was contaminated with some dark blood, and it was currently releasing fine bubbles; it seemed like it possessed quite powerful corrosive properties. The military blade created from composite material was impervious to any type of blood, yet it couldn’t get rid of the blood from this creature. Su’s wrist lightly shook, and then the blade’s edge vibrated, sending the blood sputtering out, returning the blade to normal. Fortunately, even though the corrosive properties of this creature’s blood were strong, it still couldn’t damage the military blade made of composite materials. 

Su returned the military blade to the scabbard, and then he lightly stretched his right arm. Just now, he had hacked open the stomach of that miniature dinosaur with a single cut, but the tremendous force still made his arm a bit numb. When this blade descended, Su already discovered that this miniature dinosaur that was about the size of a dog weighed close to 150 kilograms, so one could well imagine the power of this type of high speed charge. In addition, its outer skin was extremely sturdy, its defensive strength similar to several millimeter thick iron sheets, making Su’s cut feel a bit strenuous. 

Madeline quietly appeared, walking over to the other end of the corridor. There was a flesh cocoon that had just been torn apart, its thick and unknown yellow liquid flowing onto the ground. 

“It seems to have just been born.” Madeline said. Her eyes landed on the other two intact flesh cocoons. The two flesh cocoons were also pulsing rhythmically, matching the flesh tubes winding about on the ground. It seemed like these two flesh cocoons also contained life, and the flesh tubes were nutrient transport channels, some like biological blood vessels. Of course, this was definitely not the only use of the flesh tubes, because at the very least, the glowing follicles on it proved that it had energy transport capabilities. 

The flesh cocoon’s composition was rather amazing, actually able to stop Su’s transparent surveillance. As such, Su no longer acted polite, pulling out a military dagger and making a deep horizontal cut all around it until it almost broke apart. With just a slight movement, the flesh cocoon’s upper half fell off. The flesh cocoon was full of dark yellow nutrient fluid, at the center floating a basketball sized embryo, several dozen membranes attached to the flesh cocoon’s walls. It was clearly still in the early stages of growth, so one could only vaguely make out what it would eventually grow up to look like. However, its six limbs and long abdomen still made it clearly different from the miniature Tyrannosaurus rex Su had just dealt with. 

Madeline raised the heavy sword, and with a casual slice, the other flesh cocoon was already hacked into two. When the nutrient liquid finished flowing out, the embryo within appeared. It was much larger than the first embryo, its body long and slender like a coiling eel. Only, there were many sharp barbed tips on its back, as well as a large mouth covered with sharp teeth. Its head had three eyes on each side, but due to not being fully developed, they were all currently closed. Meanwhile, its mouth was opening and closing, fruitlessly tearing at empty air. 

Three flesh cocoons, all of them unexpectedly nurturing completely different creatures. 

Su then discovered that the nutrient fluid flowing along the ground was gathering by the flesh tubes’ sides, slowly being reabsorbed. It seemed like these flesh tubes had recycling functions. 

Right at this moment, a cold, gloomy, and formless spiritual fluctuation silently surrounded the entire passage, brushing over Su and Madeline’s bodies. The temperature in the passage suddenly dropped more than ten degrees, and white mists rose. Everything became blurry. 

Su looked towards the ground, his eyes seemingly able to pass through layers of concrete and locking onto a certain location deep beneath the ground. “It seems like Ruler has found us. What should we do now?”

Madeline followed Su’s eyes, and after thinking for a bit, said, “Clean up the first floor for now, and then directly launch an assault on Ruler.”

Su nodded, and then he warned repeatedly, “I will attack Ruler. During that time, it is enough if you stay on this floor.”

Madeline lowered her head slightly, revealing a faint smile. Then with a soft voice, she said, “But my strength now isn’t that bad either…”

Su frowned, and then with an undefiable tone said, “No! You are not allowed to go!”

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