Book 4 Chapter 18.6

Book 4 Chapter 18.6 - Breaking and Entering

After walking silently for a few minutes, they finally reached the end of the staircase, and another metal gate appeared before Su. There was a monitoring camera above the metal door, only, the outer shell was covered in rust, and the lens also blurry. It had clearly lost its functionality. 

Madeline stood in front of the metal door again, causing this metal door to continuously vibrate. As the frequency climbed higher and higher, the electromagnetic lock that was long beyond repair began to crack apart. Just like the first metal door, it also collapsed inward.

When the metal door opened, a gloomy and cold humidity immediately assailed their faces. The air was full of a thick fishy smell, as well as an indescribable strong smell; it was like the smell of a large pile of fish that had started to rot. 

The emergency evacuation region that could hold over a hundred people was a mess, with more than ten supply cases piled up in the corner. For as far as the eye could see, scattered about on the ground were damaged metal components, collapsed cabinets, as well as several piles of dark black, unknown mounds. The evacuation region was dark, only two dark red lights providing a slight bit of light for this place. However, for normal people, the existence of this lighting was negligible.

Su and Madeline walked shoulder to shoulder as they inspected the entire evacuation region. It looked like there were no enemies in this region, to the extent where there weren’t even any living creatures, but others still coudn’t help but feel a great pressure. Madeline’s line of sight suddenly landed on the ground several meters out. There was a large expanse of darkness there, looking extremely thick. This young girl who had spent several years in the Trials Division immediately knew that that black matter was actually dried blood, and it had already been extremely long since it had been in this type of state. 

However, just how much blood was there before that it actually covered most of this evacuation region?

The floor and walls were all made from alloy as a base, their exterior covered in a layer of composite material padding, making it quite sturdy. However, several deep claw marks could be seen on the floor, walls, and even ceiling. Some of these claw marks reached ten centimeters deep, meaning that even though the creature that left behind these claw marks couldn’t defeat a main battle tank, tearing through the thin armor of an infantry transport vehicle shouldn’t be an issue. 

Across from Su was the main entrance that connected to the inside of the base. A beam of light passed through a gap in the entrance, illuminating this dark evacuation region. Accompanying this blinding radiance were the vague roars of wild beasts. 

Dividing the evacuation region and other regions were two large doors. This entrance was already a bit deformed, but they weren’t all that thick or heavy, quite easy to break through. In the olden era, the research base had a clear division of use. The first floor served as a storehouse, the center for transferring of goods, as well as security inspection area. The second floor was the base’s higher level office region, as well as the living quarters. The underground third floor was the experiment region. The fourth and fifth levels were used for cultivating, locking up, and preserving all types of biological experimental specimens. There were all types of animal within these samples, as well as a large quantity of humans, to the extent where there were many insects as well. Of course, the overwhelming majority was made up of creatures pieced together through irregular methods, most of them couldn’t even be considered animals, just living chunks of flesh. The level of technology of the past era was not able to crack through the gene lock of the mysterious organ at all, and that was why these researchers were left with no choice but to carry out the most foolish methods, testing their luck. However, Conier’s luck was clearly not just good, unexpectedly deciphering a complete gene fragment. 

At the lowest floor of the base was a backup miniature nuclear power plant that, if the base were to operate on minimal power, would last 100 years. 

Su was not very interested in the history of the base, his goal was only that mysterious organ of unknown origins. Originally, Su didn’t feel that obtaining it was essential, but he never expected that after they entered this sealed country, Madeline’s reaction was unexpectedly even greater than his. Even though the girl was quite calm and hid it quite well, Su, who had raised her from when she was small, still noticed that instinctive powerful desire. This was the most powerful desire any living creature would display towards evolution. 

He was sure that this base had something Madeline needed. 

Su and Madeline walked to the two sides of the door, and then simultaneously pulled at it. The light alloy doors, under their crude guidance, began to move with difficulty, releasing creak creak sounds. The world behind this entrance was slowly displayed. 

Behind the doors was a spacious and long corridor. A strange flesh matter grew on the ceiling, extending from the entrance on the other end all the way to this entrance. It was only ten or so centimeters in diameter, but it continuously swelled and contracted rhythmically, as if it was pulsing along with some enormous heart. On this long growth of flesh that stuck tightly to the ceiling were two large bubble like things that contained over ten vesicles within them. They were also opening and closing rhythmically, as well as releasing a dark red radiance that illuminated this entire passageway. 

On the other end of the corridor, one could see several thick flesh tubes winding about on the ground, connected to two meter tall flesh cocoon clusters. Some of these cocoon clusters were like round internal organs, but others like random piles of flesh, these nasty clusters only covered by a thin layer of skin. Meanwhile, between these within two cocoon clusters was what seemed to be a creature similar to a tyrannosaurus rex, only several tens of times smaller. At this moment, it turned around, its eight glowing red eyes staring at Su!

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