Book 4 Chapter 18.5

Book 4 Chapter 18.5 - Breaking and Entering

With Conier as the base’s previous manager, Su already had a general understanding of the research base’s layout. The base originally had a complete security system, but after all these years, the system should have long been damaged. In addition, the abnormal creatures that invaded host bodies through a special virus seized all of the host’s chances of survival, clearly belonging to the category of biochemical species, and as such, their grasp of human science and technology should be quite lacking. 

Su was still wearing the Black Dragonriders’ field lightweight combat suit. At the very least, until now, its light weight and outstanding defensive strength made it far superior to the alternatives. In addition, it quite suited Su’s esthetic taste as well. There was a scabbard on each of Su’s legs, each of them similarly holding Black Dragonrider composite material military blades. Meanwhile, in the weapon braces in his right underarm was a dragonrider pistol. At close range, this new era pistol’s power was close to an olden era 20mm caliber heavy machine gun, but its shortcoming was that its tremendous recoil made it unusable by anyone without three levels of power or five levels of weapon mastery. The other weak point was that the ammunition was extremely precious. With Su’s original financial situation, it was a cost he couldn’t take on. This pistol was also seized from the Blood Parliament’s prince, which was why he only had the standard fifty rounds for it. 

Apart from this, Su didn’t have any other weapons on him. When fighting against strange and unknown creatures under an enclosed space within the base, it would be difficult for firepower weapons to display most of their power. With his current combat style, it was still the two short blades that were more simple and effective. Madeline had Conier make  a temporary alloy square bladed greatsword. Because they were working against the clock, the greatsword’s workmanship was rather rough, but Madeline didn’t seem to mind that much. The only request she made was that it was a hundred kilograms in weight. 

Su made his way through the messy barracks, arriving before a rather large three story warehouse before walking inside. The large warehouse was absolutely empty and covered in dust, not a thing stored inside, nor anyone watching it. There was only an old-fashioned metal door on the opposing wall. Su’s hands pressed against the metal door, his Transparent Surveillance detecting a staircase that led deeply underground. The metal door had an old-fashioned electromagnetic absorption lock, but due to how much time had passed since its creation, the lock had long lost effectiveness, already rusting together with that metal door. 

Su took a step back, and then he gestured towards Madeline. Madeline walked over, placing her hands flat against the metal door. Without seeing her make any movements, the metal door suddenly released a low buzzing sound, and then the dust and rust that had accumulated for so many years began to continuously crumble. Madeline’s hands were actually currently vibrating at an extremely high frequency, causing this metal door to tremble at a similar frequency. Approximately a dozen or so seconds later, the four frames around the door continuously released the sound of metal breaking. Madeline’s hands retreated, and then the heavy metal door fell forward. She stepped on the half collapsed metal gate, and like a dancing spirit, she leapt into the tunnel. Then, she stuck out her foot beneath the metal door, making the metal door that was originally rumbling downwards steadily stop above the tip of her toes release only a negligible sound. 

Su inwardly nodded upon seeing this. The level of Extreme Frequency Madeline displayed could already be considered an art. Regardless of whether it was physical struggle or brandishing the heavy sword, upon adding this Extreme Frequency, its power would be greatly increased. Su had been imitating and learning this type of ability this entire time, but even now, the frequency he could produce was nothing more than a third of what Madeline could achieve. 

Su also entered the passage. He only used a single step to cross several meters of distance, standing by Madeline’s side. It looked like he only took a simple step, but the entire process was divided into two clear stages. Su raised his leg, stepped outwards, and then when his foot made it halfway, his body suddenly disappeared from his original location. Almost at the same time, he appeared by Madeline’s side, bringing faint afterimages with him as he calmly finished this step. 

Su always had his own way of fighting. After successfully producing Extreme Assault, now that he had both speed and power, his ever-changing and unpredictable combat style was starting to show its embryonic form. 

With a raise of Madeline’s foot, the several hundred kilogram metal gate flew back to its original spot with a hu sound, once again entering the door frame.

“Let’s go.” Su looked at the bottomless staircase, taking the initiative to walk downwards. 

This was a maintenance tunnel. Thick layers of dust covered everything, the paint covering the walls already peeling off, the metal staircase feeling a bit loose and unsteady when stepped upon. Everything pointed at the fact that this passageway had already been abandoned for many years. The passage was full of muddled air, an environment that was fatal for normal people. Su didn’t mind the oxygen levels of this place, but this wasn’t true for Madeline. However, as long as she walked a bit slower, the amount of stamina she used was restricted to a minimal level, then moving through this environment that lacked oxygen wouldn’t be an issue. 

Su was extremely patient. No one knew how many abnormal creatures there were in the enormous research base exactly, nor did anyone know exactly what kind of state it was in now. 

Based on Conier’s information, this maintenance passage was connected to the first floor of the research base, linked up to the evacuation region that doubled as an emergency escape path. This passage wasn’t all that convenient, because the core research regions were all located at the lowest underground third floor. Choosing this path meant that they were going to have to pass through the entire research base. However, Su still decided to take this path, the most important reason being that this was a primitive staircase. Many times, elevators would only become imprisoning cages. 

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