Book 4 Chapter 18.4

Book 4 Chapter 18.4 - Breaking and Entering

Outside the door was an extremely peaceful world. Warm blood was silently trickling along the floor, quietly converging. The four senior military officers who left the room previously were calmly laying on the ground, their expressions so peaceful they looked like they were asleep, however, their pale faces and the blood continuously flowing out from below their bodies made it clear that they were already dead. Meanwhile, the secretary Greyhawk trusted and was most fond of, a twenty-five year old blonde young woman, was currently laying in another person’s embrace. Her blonde hair helplessly fell, her large eyes expressionless as they stared at the ceiling. Her healthy and powerful body was already soft and powerless, her arms freely hanging by her sides, continuing to sway slightly. 

The world outside of that door wasn’t completely lifeless, at the very least, the one holding the blonde woman was alive. That was an extremely young man, his light blonde hair drifting about in the wind, his left eye a green so deep it was as if it was a portal into a dreamland. There seemed to be a faint layer of mist around his body, making his appearance a bit difficult to see clearly. Even though he wore a dark colored eye-patch, it didn’t affect his mysterious and beautiful figure. 

This youngster had an appearance that was even more outstanding than Ruler’s. He wasn’t sinisterly beautiful like Ruler, but instead more like a neutral perfection. 

Air seemed to have frozen, binding up Greyhawk’s body, making it so that he almost couldn’t make a single movement. His throat was dry, as if he was a traveler that had walked for many days through the desert, even a single drop of water enough to make him praise god. However, Greyhawk couldn’t do anything, only able to stand there in a stupor, watch in a daze as the youngster slowly lowered the blonde woman’s corpse onto the ground. 

His movements were so smooth it was as if he was placing a sleeping loved one onto a bed. However, as soon as the blonde woman made contact with the ground, large amounts of blood began to erupt from beneath her body, gathering into the pool of blood on the ground. Only after completing these things did the young man straighten his body, raise his head, and ask with a smile, “Greyhawk?”

Greyhawk seemed to have used up all of the strength he had just to nod. He actually knew that he wasn’t truly being restricted, but that this was the effect of fear! This tremendous instinctive fear already completely controlled him, even the slightest movement so difficult it felt like he was fighting a war!

The youth nodded and said, “I am Su. You can now die.” After speaking, he reached out his hand towards Greyhawk’s throat. The fingers reaching out from his dark-colored tactical glove were long and white, untainted by a drop of blood or any other stains. However, it was this hand that didn’t have a bit of power that made Greyhawk smell a strong aura of death!

The pressure of death finally allowed Greyhawk to free himself from the shackles of fear. He roared out in fury, and then his arms crossed in front of his chest, his thighs suddenly becoming a size thicker, completely tearing his sturdy combat trousers to pieces! Greyhawk’s body bent down, and then his legs erupted with enormous power, already surpassing the momentum of a charging rhinoceros, smashing himself towards that young man!

Greyhawk was indeed in fear, but he knew that if he summoned all of his courage and attacked at full force, there might still be a sliver of hope for life. If he tried to escape from the fear, then what was waiting for him was immediate death.

Su took a step back, withdrawing his right hand, clenched his fist, and then smashed outwards, striking Greyhawk who was frantically charging at him like a rhinoceros!

A formless seismic wave suddenly diffused outwards, immediately covering the walls and ceiling with cracks, the two olden era oil paintings immediately turning into strips of cloth. Even the heavy corpses flew out in all directions, smashing against the walls. 

Greyhawk flew out even faster than when he rushed forward, causing a small part of a wall to cave in, and only then did he fall back into the office. Su’s body slid back a few meters, his feet drawing out two deep gorges into the ground.

Su revealed a smile, seemingly admiring Greyhawk’s strength. He stretched out his four fingers, and then nonchalantly walked into Greyhawk’s office.

Greyhawk struggled to his feet, his arms softly hanging at his sides, his forearms even more so distorted at a strange angle. The strike just now already completely shattered his arms, to the extent where even most of his chest bones were fractured. 

Greyhawk stared hatefully at Su with his completely red eyes, continuously breathing in and out heavily.His neck suddenly swelled, and then he suddenly opened his mouth. In that instant, his mouth unexpectedly became even larger than his head! More than ten twenty centimeter long sharp stingers the thickness of a finger continuously fired out from his mouth, flying at Su’s body  like the most powerful crossbow arrows!

Su lowered his body, moved forward, and then stood up again, these three movements completed in an instant, but every single action was discontinuous, as if after completing the movement, his figure immediately disappeared, with a flash carrying out the next movement, as if he was teleporting. After continuously dodging three times, Su had already avoided all of the continuously firing crossbow thorns, now almost sticking to Greyhawk’s side. His left hand gripped Greyhawk’s neck, the tremendous force it erupted with crushing his swelled neck flat. The sharp thorns that were continuously released piercing right into his own organs, the intense pain immediately making Greyhawk’s eyes pop out so far they were about to fall out from their sockets. Meanwhile, Su’s right hand was already like the sharpest blade as it deeply embedded itself into Greyhawk’s abdominal cavity, grabbing the biochemical organ that produced and fired sharp thorns, forcibly tearing it out. 

Su loosened his hands, and then Greyhawk immediately fell powerlessly onto the ground. His body concealed at least seven or eight other deadly biochemical organs, but the severity of his injuries already made all of these organs lose their effects. 

As he watched the struggling Greyhawk who would never crawl up again, Su weighed the bloody biochemical organ in his hands before saying, “Do you know why you couldn’t move just now? It is because they feared me.”

Along with the unfolding of his five fingers, that biochemical organ dropped onto the ground, rolling to Greyhawk’s side. Greyhawk’s trembling hand reached out, stroked it, wishing to place it back into the hole in its chest, but he didn’t have the power left to do so at all. 

Su turned around and looked towards the office table’s screen. On the screen, that sinisterly beautiful Ruler watched everything with a cold expression. Su smiled slightly and walked up to the screen, smashing apart the screen with a single fist.

In that instant, Ruler’s face seemed to have shattered along with that screen, moreover shattering into hundreds to thousands of pieces.

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